Story: My husband was seriously injured in a car accident. After I learned the news, I couldn’t help showing a smile.

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I killed my husband 107 times in my head, and now he is going to die like this.

Late at night, I woke up from the nightmare and could not help but grab the pillows at hand.

The snoring sounded in my ears, I endured and endured, and finally couldn’t bear it. I picked up the pillow and covered her husband’s mouth and nose, and held it down.

Suddenly, a thunderbolt bombed, and I was surprised, it turned out to be a dream.

This is the 108th time I dreamed of killing my husband.

The heavy rain outside was like a waterfall, the electric flashing thunder was thunder, and the rain bumped in the Miqiu glass window in the lightning. The loud noise made me unable to distinguish whether it was a dream or a reality.

I turned my rigid neck to look at the other side of the bed, and I no longer had familiar outlines and snoring every day … It’s good. In this life, I won’t see him again.


This morning, when I was still annoying the shrimp line, I received a call from Dr. Chen Shun’s friends. Chen Shun had a major traffic accident on the way to work. The hospital asked me to sign the operation.

When I arrived, the insurance claimer showed me the photos on the scene. His car was severely deformed and the front of the car was sunken.I do n’t know where the car coming out of it is like a life of life without warning. His car collides with all -recognition. I ca n’t imagine what he is now.

I was a little blank, and I killed him 107 times in my head, and now he is going to die like this.


"Ah? What’s wrong?"

"Do you want to save Chen Shun?" Feng Liang sighed and said heavy tone: "Although Brother Chen is now rescued, the opportunity to wake up is minimal, nothing more than hanging his life with an instrument."

I suddenly didn’t have to think about how to kill him to get rid of his sin. I just need to say "pull it" gently, and he will disappear.

"I need to discuss with his parents."

I think it should still be better before he died, anyway, just two days of work.

Standing in front of the emergency room, I couldn’t help laughing, and weird eyes came around, as if looking at a lunatic.

My husband was seriously injured in a car accident. When I learned the news, I couldn’t help showing a smile.

It was night when I went home. The shrimp in the water bucket had stink. I threw them into the trash bin. I no longer had to wait for these shrimp.I don’t like to eat shrimp at all. I feel very fishy, and I am allergic, but Chen Shun loves to eat, and is particularly picky. Each shrimp line requires cleanliness.

Today, I can finally not touch the shrimp for a lifetime.


The night was deep. After I woke up, I couldn’t sleep anymore, how long I calculated how long it was from the sunrise.

How long will I say goodbye to Chen Shun forever.

It is now at 1 am.

The lightning flashed thunder, "bell bell–", the sudden ringtone sounded suddenly in the middle of the night.

I hurriedly picked up, is this point that Chen Shun can do it?

"Lin Youyou, is it you?"

I jumped up from the bed, how could it be Chen Shun?He woke up?

"Chen Shun, are you awake?" I said difficultly, thinking about how to explain the matter of not taking care of him.

"Lin Youyou, what’s what are you? Are you there in the morning now? Haven’t you wake up yet? Don’t be so bad." Chen Shun said that there was no funny joke.He is very different in his usual.

I’m a little confused, "Chen Shun, where are you?"

"I’m in Gxian G! I call you in the small shop in front of the school!"

County G?I haven’t gone back for more than ten years.It was where my parents worked. I read the second year of high school. It is said that the high school had been demolished.

I’m even more confused.

"Chen Shun, when are you there?"

"Lin Youyou, have you become humorous, can I still use ancient times? Hear it, now it is 9:25 am on May 1, 2004."

"2004?" It has been eighteen years since I was in the year of my college entrance examination.

I looked at the rain outside the window, as if falling from another world.

"Lin Youyou? Are you still there? Actually, I just want to ask you, which university are you going to fill in?" The young Chen Shun spongedly said, and I couldn’t see the domineering of President Chen today.

Yes, I have received such a phone call, and my phone number has never changed.

How did I answer at that time?


Before the second year of high school, I lived with my parents in the small western county in the wind and sand, because there was a space launch site, and my parents were astronauts.

Later, in order to make my college entrance examination easier, my father went to S City in the way of talent introduction.

When I received this call, Chen Shun and I had never contacted it for a year.

At that time, the mobile phone was still rare, he didn’t, and I just had it.

I thought we had lost each other.

I want to come now, if I lost it at that time, how good it would be!

If time stops here, he will still be the young man who has been entangled in the top two in the first rank of the grade. I will have a hazy affection for him. After many years, I think he can smile slightly.

However, at that time, we didn’t understand, thinking that the first place in the list of back -and -forth switching was the whole world of each other.

As soon as the student days ended, the rest of the world rushed, we were instantly dispersed, and we found that the first standard was so complicated, and the cost of competing for each other was so expensive.

At that time, when I heard Chen Shun’s phrase "Lin Youyou, which university you filled", my heart was instantly leaked, as if being granted that he could have his authority.

I replied: "City F is large."

Later, we really met in the F.He reads a computer and I read the Chinese department.

Today, I heard him ask me again, is he going to come back?

My palm is soaked, "I want to take the city of city B."

Chen Shun, if everything has not started, I decided to let you go.

I don’t remember how the phone was hung up, I was waiting.

The rain was still underneath, and it was hitting the glass window, slipping like a stream, falling into the gap of time.

It was two o’clock in the morning, and everything has not changed. The wall on the wall is still my wedding photo with Chen Shun.

Why?Is that call is a prank?


"Ling Ling Bell-" The phone rang again.

I quickly picked up, "Chen Shun, are you playing with me?"

I suspect that Chen Shun had a conspiracy, he didn’t actually have a car accident at all, because I didn’t see him at all today, he has been in the ICU.

"Lin Youyou, what are you talking about? Do you sleep? Do you know how happy I am today? Thank you, willing to be my girlfriend."

Be his girlfriend?This is the fourth grade of college, when we are about to graduate.

I used to wait for a long time. When he asked me "Lin Youyou, which university do you fill in", I thought it was some kind of

At that time, when I was young, I was a little frura, and often lost three or four, but I never worried, because Chen Shun was always there, "What can you do without me?", This is his mantra, meI thought it was his sweetest promise.

However, after a long time, what kind of promise I think is what I think of, and I started to be discouraged.

When I pulled left and right, I gradually lost my patience. I started to contact other suitors, that is, at this time, Chen Shun confessed to me.

I still remember that it was the early summer. The photography community organized us to camping. I greedy the scenery and gradually fell into the team.

In front of it was the cool little stream water. I squatted down and poked the water surface with my fingers, which penetrated people’s hearts coolly. When I thought about whether this water could drink, I suddenly saw Chen Shun’s reflection on the water.

I was taken aback, I ignored him recently, and he didn’t come to disturb me. I thought we were over. Why did he follow me?

I was in a hurry and wanted to stand up quickly. Who knew that squatting was numb, slipped under my feet, half of my body fell into the pond, and the cold touch and overwhelming grievances came up at the same time. "Why do you follow me?"

"I think you didn’t bring a water cup, I’m afraid you will have a stream of storage and stomach pain."

"If you want you, who are you mine?" I wanted to push him away, but didn’t think he stood still, but I fell into the stream again.

"Ah, it’s all you, it’s all wet, what should I do?" In order to save effort, I only brought to wash underwear, but the jacket was only this set.

"It doesn’t matter, I brought a hair dryer."

"What are you doing with a hair dryer?"

"Didn’t you wash your hair every night?"

I watched the huge climbing bag behind him and asked, "What are you bringing?"

"Wash, small mirrors, snacks …"

He was a big man, and he took these, but he just took it for me. For a moment, I felt tears surging, grievances and happiness came up at the same time.

Why doesn’t he always confess?Or is it my own affection?

I bypassed Chen Shun, "If you don’t think about it, who I am yours, I won’t use your things. I am going to graduate, and we may be one of them in the future, Chen Shun, think about it."

This is the last chance I gave him.

Suddenly, Chen Shun pulled my hand, "Lin Youyou, be my girlfriend, okay?"

I nodded at him, and I didn’t let him see the tears I waited for a long time.


"Lin Youyou, thank you, willing to be my girlfriend."

Today, I received a confession again, and we described each other’s sincere call.

Is the phone crossing the time and space jumping?Is it a chance to give me again in every node of destiny?

What did I say at that time?Probably there is no nutritional love words, right?

"Chen Shun, why didn’t you go to City B University?"

"Oh, you know. At that time, I was lied to you. What I said to transfer to school for the sake of research was convenient. In fact, I found that you were not at the big B of the B.

"Have you turned to school?"

"Yeah, you just discovered that my mind is concerned, I have been staring at you long ago."

"Then why do you confess now?" This is also my question for many years. In the past, I also asked Chen Shun. He always inserted a science and perfunctory. Now this phone call for space and space may be our last chance.I still want to ask again.

Chen Shun was silent for a long time, "Because I am inferior."

Unexpectedly, Chen Shun answered me this time, but it was the answer I didn’t expect.

Is he Chen Shun?The college entrance examination is champion!The star of the whole courtyard!

"You may not know that in the face of you, I am inferior, I should be regarded as a Phoenix man. Living in a distant border city, parents have no culture, and there is a brother. You, living in a big city, parents are intellectuals who are intellectuals.And again a daughter. You said, can I not inferior? "

I was a bit surprised, "I have never thought so."

If Chen Shun could tell me at the beginning, would I care about those realistic considerations and re -consider to be his girlfriend?

I don’t think I should be, I would feel more distressed at the time.

When I was young, I thought he was silent, gentle and patient, and had a demeanor and cultivation. He didn’t confess, but he didn’t love me so much.In middle age, I thought he was deeply interested and targeted everywhere.In fact, this is just two sides of him. He has never changed. He is the kind of character that he is unwilling to say.

When I was young, those I thought of self -righteousness were because they lived on a carefree youth body. When I was middle -aged, after a hammer of life, like the collagen lost in the body, all the advantages were drooping like a flesh.It became a disadvantage.

I don’t hate Chen Shun, who is 22 years old, standing in a middle -aged quagmire, and I have seen once again. If we can, why can’t we retain the most beautiful appearance of each other?It’s better to forget each other.

"Chen Shun, let’s break up!"


I hung up the phone.

The rain was still down, I stared at the wedding photo and waited.

Why?Is it still there?Why do we still get married?Chen Shun, why don’t you let me go?

I cried and lost my voice.

"Ling Ling Bell-", the sudden telephone ring rang again.

I looked up at the clock and three o’clock in the morning.

Do you call a call one by one?What time will Chen Shun this time?

"Hey, Lin Youyou, you come back, don’t be so sensible, I’m really embarrassed." Chen Shun’s voice on the phone was gloomy.

"Why don’t you break up with me? Why do you still marry me?" I said exhaustedly.

Why do you return to the fork of fate, but always go to that wrong road?

"Lin Youyou, do you say something to make a matter of being divorced? After that, my mother did not do it well, but she was so ignorant. She just made most women in the village.I will say her, but can you come back from the hotel, really show people jokes! "

Hehe, I know what happened this time.

It was the third year of our marriage and the fourth year of graduation.

In previous years, the New Year was in my house, because my parents were in S City, but the third year of marriage, Chen Shun’s father and mother called, hoping that we can go back to the New Year.

Looking at Chen Shun’s eloquent eyes, I told him considerate that I bought a ticket to go to G County.

At that time, the transportation was not as smooth as it is now. We took a large bag and small bags, got off the plane to change the train, got off the train to change the minibus, and tossed for a day and finally arrived at his house.

But it was the "test" of my mother -in -law.

"Youyou is here, what do you buy so many things?" My mother -in -law took the gift from me. "Knowing you, I bought a lot of dishes, I don’t know what you like to eat? Or do you go to the kitchen yourselfLook at it, make up? "

I looked at Chen Shun confusedly, is this the horse?

My mother -in -law looked at me with a smile, "It doesn’t matter what we eat!"

"What I eat is related, Youyou will not burn, the meat is not familiar, but it can’t hurt you. It’s rare to come back once. You must respect and respect you, and Youyou gave me a hand." Chen Shun pulled me into itkitchen.

"What do your mother mean?"

"She just like that, old thoughts, don’t mind." Chen Shun moved the chair and let me sit, and started washing the vegetables by herself.

I just wanted to complain a few words, my mother -in -law came in, "What kind of dishes do you wash, do men’s hands use to wash vegetables? I cultivated you to go to college and never come back once a few years. Is it going to be a son -in -law son -in -law?? Come back, can you make you cook? I don’t know if I feel distressed and hurt my man! "

My mother -in -law grabbed the dishes in Chen Shun’s hand, looked at me slashing, pushing us out.

I was holding my breath in my heart. She was actually delicious, but I couldn’t eat it.

After dinner, her mother -in -law said, "Youyou, men’s hands are used to make money, not for housework. You look at these bowls, should you wash it with you?"

I can go to wash the dishes. This can be regarded as a filial piety, but I really don’t like her, so I just joked: "I have never heard of this. I have only heard that the woman’s confinement is not easy to touch the water.At other times, no matter who, isn’t it difficult to wash two bowls? "

The mother -in -law’s face fell in an instant. "For three years, you didn’t get out of an egg. Fortunately, what kind of confinement could not wash the dishes? Are you pregnant?"

My mother -in -law’s vulgar language and the strange attitude made me completely stay.

"Chen Shun, I go to the hotel." After that, I ran out.

The call should be called at this time.


At that time, I was easily coaxed.The reason is also simple.

Although my mother -in -law wants to press my head and old thoughts everywhere, I think that housework should do it, but as Chen Shun said, we may not go back once a few years.What about quarreling?

After Chen Shun’s gambling mantra vowed, she had already said her mother, and after returning to the household affairs of S City in the future, I returned to his house and tried to cooperate with Chen Shun’s performance.

But now I already know how simple marriage is so simple. In a marriage relationship, it is not just that we only live in the two of us. No matter how the geographical location is alienated, the existence will never escape.

At that time, we were too naive that the distance could be separated from contradiction, but I do n’t know that in the eyes of the old man, the existence of marriage is to reproduce offspring. Once the child comes, our marriage will be crowded.

"Your mother told us to come back this time, right?" I asked back.

"You knew already?"

Of course I know, I was pregnant in this Spring Festival, the cause is the hands and feet of my mother -in -law.

Of course, after I gave birth to my daughter, my mother -in -law accidentally said that I missed my lips when I gave me a merit.

"Chen Shun, we mean it, we don’t consider giving birth to children, have you forgotten?"

At that time, I was in the critical period of promotion and was not suitable for pregnancy and child. At that time, we were young, and the economic conditions were not allowed. We agreed to fight for a few years and wait for everything to stabilize.

However, everything was destroyed by her mother -in -law’s ignorance.

The fertility is about God’s biggest eccentricity to men. It only hinders his wife’s career development. All risks and pains make women bullshit all over the body, but it is almost unscathed to her husband.

Men only need to hold their wives’ hands in front of the bed, and change the diapers several times to win the prestige of a good man in the circle of friends. However, the woman was easily thrown out of the workplace competition in the torment day after day.

"Lin Youyou, of course I support you." Only listening to Chen Shundao.

I smiled contempt, of course, you now support me, but when the child really comes, who can we bear it?

In the day after day, can you really be tedious to take care of your children?

You can’t do it at all.


Soon after returning to S City, I found that I was pregnant, but my body was not very good, and I needed to keep the fetus. From the birth of October to the production of confinement, the company could not wait for me.Can resign.

I didn’t think of getting a fetal, but when the little life was in the stomach, how could they come down hard.

I cried and slammed Chen Shun and made this decision.

Since I was unemployed, the economic burden of the family fell on Chen Shun. He became busy and could not take care of me at all.

And my parents are the kind of person who likes to realize self -worth. They struggle on the front line of work and have no time to take care of me.

In the end, her mother -in -law came to S City.

My mother -in -law thinks that even if a woman is pregnant, she can work on the ground. I lie at home all day is confusing.

Although she was taking care of me, she always scolded in her mouth. I was unclear. I wanted to scold back, but I didn’t dare, scolded her back, and did not even take care of me.

When we ask someone to take care of the economic burden, we can’t afford it, I can only choose to forbearance.

The physical uncomfortable, the friction between the mother -in -law, Chen Shun was so busy that he was too busy to the ground, and complained to the past and friends of the past.I often feel wronged, and I always feel that Chen Shun will end like this.

Without him, I would not meet such a mother -in -law.

Without him, I would not be pregnant, and I would still be in the workplace.

From high school, we have been entangled in the top two of the grade rankings. We have been in a prestigious school together. We used to be on the same running line. Now he rides the dust and throws me far behind.

The reason is that I want to have a child for him, and life is completely fair.

It’s all because of Chen Shun.

This idea is magical. Once it is generated, it cannot be eliminated. Anything in life seems to be sacrificing for Chen Shun.I tried to save myself and communicate with Chen Shun.

"Chen Shun, I am at home every day, no job, no friends, only your mother’s chatter, I’m going crazy."

"Youyou is obedient, your body is tight." Chen Shunqiang said two words to me, but his tongue had begun to fight, and he snoring in less than a minute.

I know he is tired. His project is in the tackling stage, but what do I do?

With my body as an excuse, I do n’t know that my heart is about to die. I want to scream, but I am afraid of waking up Chen Shun, awakening my mother -in -law, and causing a new round of quarrels.

I can only cover my nose and let my sobs swallow into my stomach.

Everything seems to be unsolved, only the idea tied me tightly -all because of Chen Shun.

I think the source of everything was buried since then.


Fortunately, it’s too late. When this call came, I was not pregnant, and the most terrible things had not happened.

"Chen Shun, do you know? I only know that you are right now. You can’t match me."

If it is possible, I hope we will not go to the ending of your death. I say the most vicious words with the most compassion.

"Lin Youyou, what are you talking about?" Chen Shun’s voice was very difficult, hesitating with some unbelievable manner.

"You once said that because you are a Phoenix man, you dare not confess to me. I think you are doing it right."

"Lin Youyou? What’s wrong with you? My mother is right, but …"

"Do your parents think that they allow me to marry you, and I should be grateful to Dade. After all, you are a golden phoenix. They are so stupid. Have they seen you struggling to survive in big cities?I still want to show me your face! "

"Lin Youyou, please don’t say you."

"Why can’t I say, do they ask you to ask for money? Want to prepare gift money for the uncle? Did they hit my accompanying marriage?"

"I won’t let such a thing happen!" Chen Shun said on the phone, "You just knew this, but I ran out? You obviously can discuss with me, what kind of person I am, you, you, youDo not you know?"

"What kind of person are you, I know. You won’t discuss with me, you will only secretly get money for them." I shouted.

At that time, of course, I did not know at the time. Later, after many years of marriage, the little uncle came back and repaid.

Of course, Chen Shun did not secretly misappropriated my dowry money, but worked more than earning more overtime and earning more blocks, but those time could have been used to accompany me!How much I needed him at the time!

"Chen Shun, I was too naive at that time, we were not suitable for each other at all. Marriage was not a matter of two people, but a matter of two families. It was two cultures and the fusion of two lifestyles. If there are only two of us,I believe we can live well, but our marriage is too crowded. "

"Lin Youyou, we have only suffered such setbacks today, you have to give up me? Why don’t you believe that I can do well? Do you love me?" Chen Shun’s voice was full of disappointment.This sentence fell in my ears, and I was a little embarrassed. It seemed that a long time ago, he asked me the same thing.

"I don’t think I love you anymore. Or, the campus time I love to spend with you, once I leave the ivory tower, I don’t have the ability to love you anymore."

I said the most cruel and the most authentic words.

I don’t want to listen to Chen Shun’s hard breathing, I dare not think of his face at this time. I just hope that this time, our future can really change.

Chen Shun, please give me up!

Please also forgive me so cruel!

I just want to stop the incident, I want to save myself!

"Lin Youyou, you …"

Suddenly I couldn’t hear what Chen Shun said on the phone. The mobile phone signal of "Zizi" seemed to come from outer space.

I looked up at four in the morning. The phone call was too long. Is it over?

Can I hear it in an hour?So what should I call at four o’clock?

I hurriedly hung up the phone and waited, but the telephone did not sound, the surrounding environment was still not changed, and the smile of the two people on the wedding photo seemed to be extremely ironic now.

Why?Chen Shun, don’t you give up me?

I burst into tears.


The tears were also dried, and I fell asleep in a confused way, and I dreamed of that child again, but unfortunately her face became more and more blurred.

"Bell Bell–" The abrupt ringtone screamed.

I woke up with a psychic and looked at the hanging clock on the wall. At five o’clock in the morning, the wheel was one hour.

Will this time span be lengthened?

Is the ending that I don’t want to see?

I quickly picked up my phone, and my voice trembled unconsciously, "Hey?"

"Lin Youyou, I don’t agree with divorce. At this time, I can’t leave you."

My phone slid my face and left a cold touch, and finally happened.

In the case of my bad health and depression, my daughter was born prematurely, like a weak kitten lying in the cricket.

Looking at her red and sloppy face, I suddenly had a consciousness as a mother, and I must raise her.

Fortunately, although my mother -in -law doesn’t like me, she is still good for my children. However, my confinement hasn’t finished sitting, and my brother -in -law is about to give birth. Since the ancient parents love the mother, my mother -in -law remembers in my heart and wants to go back.

After this, although my body was injured and my daughter was very laborious, I thought that my mother -in -law could go back, and I was ecstatic.

I want to rely on my two high students and Chen Shun, I do n’t believe it ’s a hair.So I asked my mother -in -law back.

But sometimes, reality is those who like to face the face.

That day, my daughter had a fever. During the day, I was going to do housework, cooking, and monitoring the child’s physical condition at all times. I thought that when Chen Shun returned at night, I could rest.

However, after waiting for a long time, he hadn’t returned yet.

Finally, a "slamming" sounded, the door was pushed away gently, "Chen Shun, did you eat?"

"Haven’t you slept yet? Forgot to tell you in the morning, it’s something to come back today." Chen Shun’s mental state is not very good recently, and he is always a little unhappy.

"Oh, go to eat without eating, and wash the bowl after eating." I didn’t have my heart to go to Chen Shun. At this time, I might as well take care of my daughter.

When I came out of my daughter’s room, Chen Shun had fell asleep in front of the desk, and the good rice bowl was spread on the table.

"Chen Shun, I am still having a fever, I am already tired." When I said this, I was calm, but my emotions were as depressed as the deep water, and Chen Shun couldn’t hear it.

My voice was not loud, but Chen Shun awakened suddenly and glanced at the dining table.

After listening to his words, I went to sleep. In the middle of the night, my daughter began to hum. I immediately woke up and was ready to physical cooling in physical fitness. When I was in water in the kitchen, I saw that the tableware was piled in the water bucket.

For a moment, my fire was ignited.

Back to the room, her daughter was twisting painfully, and Chen Shun was still snoring with a happy little.

"You give me up, your daughter has a fever, don’t you know? Who are you going to leave for the tableware in the water bucket? Am I not tired?" I pushed Chen Shun desperately.

He stunned his eyelids, "Good, I get up tomorrow morning. I’m so tired." After that, he lay down again.

I do n’t fight anymore, "Tomorrow? Tomorrow you are gone again in the morning, and you are not left for me. I am not doing housework every day or bringing children, no friends, no family, no career, I also graduate from a prestigious school!Originally, I can be like you, my career is successful! All of this is because of you! "

I slammed Chen Shun crazy.

"Good good, Youyou, you say everything is right, don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I’m so tired recently … I’ll buy you a dishwasher?"

"Is this a dishwasher?" I was so angry that I laughed.

"Then, you just feel tired with children, lonely and boring, then you go to work? Children, let’s take care of a aunt, so it is okay?"

"It’s easy to say, what about money?"

"I add more class."

"Then I can’t even see your figure?"

"This is not, that’s not, what do you say?" Chen Shun was also hot, jumping from the bed, seemed to do something, and I didn’t know what to do.Essence

I sat on the bed and cried straight, and I finally understood the meaning of the phrase "poor couples and wives".

The next day, I woke up with a red glance and saw that the tableware in the kitchen had been washed. It seemed that the source of this quarrel was gone, but I knew that the problem was far from solving.

I called my mother. She supported me to work. She chased me in her career in her dad in her life, and never felt that women should be trapped in the family.She is willing to help me ask for some of her aunt’s money.

After Chen Shun returned, I discussed with him, but he disagreed anyway.

"What are you going crazy at this time, masculine? Why can’t you collect my mother’s money?"

"No, no." Chen Shun cherished the railway.

Chen Shun confiscated my mother’s money, and the younger brother and daughter -in -law hired Yueyue after giving birth to the child.

My arm could not be stubborn. Although I was not assured of my mother -in -law, I thought that my daughter was always her granddaughter, and there should be no big deal. As long as I go home from get off work, I should be able to accompany my daughter more.

Later, I regretted my life for this decision.


I no longer want to recall that day, after I received a call from my mother -in -law, I felt the fear of extinguishing.

"Youyou, just work hard for a while, and you’re gone."

My mother -in -law has always been a small farmer’s economy. After we came to the city of S, the courier box we bought never threw it, and it was saved. The beverage bottles we drank would not be thrown. Stock, wait for a certain amount to sell.

On that day, when her mother -in -law took her shopping in the community, she heard that she had collected waste, so she asked her neighbors to take a look at her and go back to get waste.

Unexpectedly, the children of the neighbor’s house were running around. The neighbors were busy chasing the child.

"I really went for a while." My mother -in -law scratched tears and explained to me in a panic.

"Did I say that I can’t leave a person alone, not for a minute, and one second can’t, why don’t you just listen?" I pushed my mother -in -law and Chen Shun opened me.

"Well, Youyou, Mom is already blame, don’t blame her anymore. When we are in a hurry, we just want to find a gang." Chen Shuntong looked at me with red eyes.

"Yes, you shouldn’t blame her, you should blame you. Do you have done your father’s responsibility? You don’t know what is busy every day, you don’t know what is busy? My mother gives us money to ask us to ask aunt, how about you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, youI rejected it for my ridiculous self -esteem, and I didn’t see it, it’s all because of you. "I stunned my fist and hit Chen Shun’s body, punching punching, using my strength.

"Youyou, after finding ,, I just hit you, now rationally, okay?" Chen Shun hugged me and hugged me. If not, I think I would break him and his mother.

Although we launched all the people around us, we can do it, but after all, we did not find the 囡. I looked like the illegal ball, and all my heart was gone, living like a walking dead.

I only know that I don’t want to see Chen Shun and his mother again.

"Chen Shun, let’s divorce!"

That is, at this time, I received the phone call, "Lin Youyou, I don’t agree with divorce. At this time, I can’t leave you. I don’t worry about you. During this time, I must spend it with you."

I don’t understand what he is talking about at all?

He didn’t seem to know that all my disasters were obviously brought by him. After I got married with him, I had almost never been happy for a second and happy.Now I am a middle -aged woman who has nothing to do with it, swelling, ugly, and my career failure. This is all worshiped by him.

And what is he doing now?Still my savior?

I think he is ridiculous and unreasonable.

I laughed and laughed, "Chen Shun, you are too despicable, do you think you are great? Go to your mother."

I remember that that’s how he returned to him at the time.


However, we failed to divorce after all.Because my spirit collapsed, I lived for a while.

Later, I was unemployed again, and Chen Shun’s project was successful. He successfully started his business and became the envy of everyone.

My mother came to persuade me. Today, I want to find a job to live independently will be very difficult, and when I am giving birth, the doctor said that I am not suitable for pregnancy. Even after divorcing Chen Shun, I can’t guarantee it.Find a suitable person. Since Chen Shun is unwilling to divorce and is willing to take care of me, why should I go to that difficult road?

I thought, yes, after the divorce, Chen Shun will become the five diamond king. How many women will succeed. He will have a new marriage, new child, and me, I have nothing, why do I divorce?

I want to drag him.When he died, I was free.

I asked him in my marriage. I couldn’t cook. I went to study the cooking skills. I couldn’t touch the seafood.Chen Shun’s company was on track, and he started to take a lot of time to accompany me. I bought me countless things that I had wanted but had no money. I also accepted gently.

We are like the most loving couple in the world. Everything in the past has become a cloud of smoke, including my poor daughter.

However, the real situation is that love is only Chen Shun alone. I kill him every day in my head until he had the accident.

Now, I have received a call from Chen Shun again. How can I answer?

I can’t find it. I want to change the ending most. What is Chen Shun related to me?

Do I have to persist in divorce and let him have a good future?There are coquettish wives, children, and career, will they not die in a car accident?What about my sister -in -law?

In countless dreams, I stood in the darkness and reached out to me, crying "Mom save me", but I can only watch her farther and farther away from me …

If I chose to forgive, then I will never forgive me.

"Chen Shun, we will not divorce." Don’t divorce, let everything go back to the original point, and let you pay for my daughter.

"Really? Youyou, thank you! Thank you for understanding me. Do you know how much pressure is? I think all our contradictions are because I have no money. If there is money, my mother will not participate excessivelyLife, I won’t …

I work every day or night, just to be able to financial freedom as soon as possible, so that all our problems can be solved. I did not expect that I haven’t waited for me to succeed, everything is like this.What do I do n’t want her?

I have been looking for these years. I just got the news yesterday. I was able to return to us immediately. I did n’t give up her, and I would never give up you!"

"You, have you been looking for a sister -in -law? Did you find her? Why did you hide it from me?" The strong joy made me unable to say something, a dizziness in my head, and the phone almost fell to the ground.

"I dare not tell you, you don’t know, every time I want to fall in the air, I don’t want you to bear it again … But now I don’t want to hide you anymore, you believe me, Youyou, I love you, love our childrenNo matter what happens, it will not change … "

Chen Shun’s voice gradually choked, and someone seemed to be advised by whispering, but I was immersed in the joy of finding my daughter. After forgetting the phone, I never heard any news in Chen Shun’s mouth.

The rain was getting bigger and bigger, as if pouring from the cracks of time and space, like my tears at the moment.

The mobile phone signal seemed to be blurred by the rain, and I gradually couldn’t hear Chen Shun’s words.

Suddenly, a thunderous sound seemed to be in my ear.

At this moment, I suddenly realized that this may be the last time Chen Shun called me. If I could no longer change each other’s destiny, then he would inevitably go to the established death ending.

Do I really want to kill him?Is he really damn it?

"Chen Shun, Chen Shun, you listen to me, divorce me soon, otherwise, I will definitely kill you! That car accident is not unexpected!" I whispered this sentence.If you are deeply conscious.

"Zizi–" The sound of current echoing in my ear, I looked up at the clock, 6 am, it really exceeded an hour, and the phone was broken.

Did Chen Shun hear me?


According to the previous rules, the timeout will be one hour, so the next time you receive the call at eight o’clock in the morning.

However, in the order of time, the wheels will span a very long timeline.

So, did Chen Shun listen to me?Is he still alive at that time?Can I still receive his phone call?

At this point, I couldn’t sit still, and I picked up the car key and rushed to the hospital.

The front desk nurses were accustomed to the family members of the patient who was inexplicable. I ate breakfast slowly and informed that my doctor had not yet went to work.

I was in a hurry and raised my voice without grace. "Chen Shun, President Chen, is he still alive?"


"The one who had a car accident yesterday, and later I lived in the ICU, and today I will decide to be unplugged!"

"Ah? There was a car accident yesterday, but people wiped off a bit of skin shock, where you said so seriously!"

"Really?" Chen Shun heard me, avoiding a car accident?"Then you checked me if the man was called Chen Shun?"

"What to check, hey, he is behind you!"

"Chen Shun?", I turned around quickly, looked at the man who was eating breakfast.

"Who are you?"

Not Chen Shun.

So, Chen Shun listened to me, divorced me, and he would not die if he had no car accident?Great, great!

I shook out of the hospital like a soul. Since then, Chen Shun will disappear from my life!

The car on the street, the pedestrian, the sound of the whistle, the sound of the brakes, the sound of the hawker, the laughter of the child, the music of the mall in the distance, the world is busy like a lively stage play, but I feelThe sun is dazzling, and in it, I don’t know where to go and what to do.

As if everything had nothing to do with me, I lost Chen Shun. I seemed to have lost the goal of life. Which direction should I go to?And my sister -in -law, in a certain time and space, did she have returned to my side?

"Lin Youyou!"

Is it an illusion?

I turned confusedly to see, and gradually my eyes were focused, it was really Chen Shun.

I saw that he was wrapped in gauze, hanging a bandage with one hand, looking at me focus, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, "I think, shouldn’t you come to pull me up?"

Why did Chen Shun in this time and space know about the pipe tube?

I’m confused.


"Fool, do you really believe in the phone call crossing?"


I opened my mouth blankly and completely confused, "So, are you lying to me?"

"I’m just saving our marriage!"

"You know, I want to kill you?" I glanced at Chen Shun incredible.

How did he achieve a peaceful coexistence with my murderer and murder?

"You didn’t kill me, this is just an accident! Youyou, you are sick. Since our daughter lost, you are sick."

"Sick? No, I’m not sick, I just want to kill you. You hurt me to lose my daughter. It is that you might be better to die!" When he heard him mentioning it, I couldn’t suppress the anger again, and towards it.Chen Shun roared madly.

Chen Shun holds me tightly and stops me from moving. "I know, but you can’t bear to hurt me, so you blame yourself, you can’t help your daughter a revenge, but I am hurt by any injuries.You will think that you can hurt me by yourself so that you can be more at ease. "

What is he saying?Why don’t I understand, but tears flowed down by myself?

"Youyou, think about it, did you really let people kill me? Who is your hired murderer, do you contact by phone? Where is the call record? How old is that person?" How old is it? "

"I …" I tried to remember these details, but failed.I lost my strength, hanging on Chen Shun’s arm, "I am really a coward, you lost my uncle, but I didn’t even give her revenge!"

"Actually, Youyou, why do you have to get revenge? We have been punished. My mother has lost because of her losing. In these years, I have never been better, I have been blaming myself, and my body has been cooked. Before dying, I want to ask you to ask you to ask you.Forgiveness, but you never see her.

And me?Do you really think I am better?I worked hard to let myself go free, because even if I had a minute and a second, I would think of our children in my mind, and he heard her sweetly shouting me ‘dad’ … but I saw you like this.I can’t collapse!Once I fall, what should you do?"

"Ah-" I covered my head and shook my head desperately, and I didn’t know how to accept this fact.

However, Chen Shun was still talking.

"Youyou, I love you! This time I asked Feng Liang to pretend that my car accident was seriously injured. I just wanted to let you see it. I remember our life.Can you forgive me in this life? Can I understand you? If there are tomorrow, can we go hand in hand? "

"What about the answer?" I looked up at Chen Shun blankly.

"If we only have disasters, injuries, and pain together, why do we have been together for so long? Because we still love each other?"

I’m really shocking, really?Is it really?My subconscious is actually like this, so I killed him 108 times in my head, but I never got down.

Even at the last moment, Feng Liangzhi begged me to have a discharge when I needed to be pulled.

"Chen Shun, we are not just our own problems! Our family, our parents, you know that I may never have childbirth, your family …"

"Youyou," Chen Shun interrupted me and helped me up from the ground. "The problem between all families is only a problem between husband and wife. If we are not broken, no one can dismantle us, do you think so?As for the child, I just called to tell you? Let’s pick it up home! "

"Are you really found? Where is she? She lives well, I can’t remember my mother, she …" I trembled, and I couldn’t tell whether it was reality or another illusion for a while.

Chen Shun embraced me into my arms and took it forward. "Don’t worry, I slowly tell you on the road …" I stole Chen Shun’s injured arm and wanted to prove that everything in front of me was not an illusion.

"It hurts, lightly, my wife, my arm still hugs you and children, I don’t want to be disabled!"

"Okay, wait for me to go back, I will go back and give you your favorite shrimp scrambled eggs to make up for you."

This time, I am sincere.

I think those painful pains are real, hate is real, but love is also true. If there is tomorrow, there is love, maybe we can try again!(Original title: "If there are tomorrow")

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