Story: Nineteen -year -old girl dreamed of an accidental pregnancy in a beautiful wedding, but he disappeared when he wanted to get rid of the child.

My name is Su Zi. I have a dream for two consecutive months. I have the same dream for two consecutive months. I appeared in front of a strange spiritual hall and married the man in the coffin.

Tonight, I had such a dream again.

The difference is that it is not the dreams in the dream.

I stood in the lobby of an old house. Outside the hall was a patio, and the full moon in the sky was cold.

Under the moon, the black lacquer coffin has been painted. The two ends of the coffin are written with "laying" with gold paint. The lid on the coffin was not nailed to death, but slightly tilted on the coffin.

The cold night wind was blowing into the hall, and the white curtain fluttered in the wind.

I was cold, shrinking my body, a step back, but hitting the Lingtang behind me. There was a tablet written in a golden hall on the spirit hall. On both sides of the tablet, there were two thick white candles with two arms.

The flames on the white candle are struggling everywhere by the wind and wind, as if they will go out at any time.

In this spiritual hall, the beating candlelight was dark and dark.

I was so scared, and I didn’t even look at the name on the card. I looked at the coffin. What I thought in my heart was that the person sleeping in the coffin would be a marriage with me in my dreams in the past two months.bridegroom.

With the sound of the sound of the wooden sounds sounded, the person in the coffin sat slowly, and his body was a little stiff, and his long black hair was hanging behind him.

His side face was pale like a layer of wall gray, and only one layer of leather on his face evaporated on his face was stuck on the skeleton on his face.

Moreover, there seems to be no eyes in the eye socket, just empty.

My heart seemed to have a half -shot, and there was a layer of white hair on my back. I really walked back today, and I actually had this dream again.

Although I knew it was a dream, I ran to the inner hall when I opened my girl. After moved, I found that I was barefoot, and the masonry on the ground was cold and bitter.

I stepped on it, and I felt a kind of chill drill into the bottom of my feet from the ground, and then pierced my heart through the bottom of the feet.

Somehow, I was caught in a boundless darkness in front of my eyes. There seemed to be someone in my neck. Someone was blowing cold. The cold feeling made me goosebumps.

My body stopped in place like I was ordered. After the people behind me picked me up, the darkness in front of me was gone. It was a door with a white "hi".

He opened the door and hugged me in. In his cold arms, the whole person was crazy, and his head was full of his zombie face.

I was put on the bed gently, and I looked at the person who hugged me subconsciously.

A glance, I covered my lips.

The teenager stood across, and his facial features seemed to be coming in the painting. Although the eyebrows were gloomy.However, under the light of the moonlight outside the window, this seemingly melancholy face is just like the cold moonhua.

Will he be a dead man who has just got up from the coffin?

He will not be!

How can such a handsome and beautiful teenager be the stiff corpse.

"Want to run? You are already my wife, don’t want to get rid of me in this life!" The words are extremely vicious, but spit out from his thin lips, the sound is so clear and moving, how can it be so clear and listening to it, how can it be so clear and listening.Can’t hear the maliciousness in words.

At this time, Wuyun covered the moonlight.

He extended his slim fingers like jade to my placket, slowly fading the quaint white clothing on my body, revealing my white collarbone, breast, lower abdomen …

Subsequently, my body was suppressed by a cold body.

My mind was deep, and I wanted to run away, but my neck was strangled by a pair of cold long nails.

The bitter cold pierced my skin from those hands, and I felt that I couldn’t breathe.

One cold kiss, kissed my body, I was played by a strange man like a puppet in a dream …

I woke up, and I had a cold sweat, and everything happened in my dream was too real.

Fortunately, in the past two months after this dream, I have dreamed of the man who came out of the coffin.

Until two months later, something happened, and I found that I was pregnant.

At 2:30 in the morning that night, the roommates in the dormitory fell asleep, and I suddenly sat up from the bed in the upper paved. I felt that someone was blowing cold under my neck.A spasm.

The disgusting feeling flushed from the stomach to my throat. I covered my mouth, and when I got out of bed and put on my shoes, I rushed into the toilet across the dormitory.

I held the wall, bowed my head to the pit of the toilet, spit out in the pits, and spit it out all the things I ate at night. Those spit things were disgusting. I didn’t plan to deal with it.

However, this old -fashioned toilet was rushed once every other time.

Vaguely, I found that there were a lot of white bugs in what I vomited, and these bugs were white and fat … Some like maggots.

I vomited for a while, and these things could not be climbed up later.

I covered my mouth and rushed to the side of the handwashing pond, constantly irrigating the water, and then rinsing my mouth and dyed the rusty white tile stems. In the water spit out, the twisted worm was moved out.

Out of the open window of the washing room, Shu Ying shook, and suddenly a black cat jumped onto the branches, turning his head to look at me coldly.

I scared a few steps back, covering my nausea for a few times.

I felt like something was moving in my palm. I spread it out. It was a white thing twisting my body in my palm.

The neck behind me felt that someone was blowing cold, and my waist was hugged from behind, and the person behind me was cold like coming out of the ice preposition.

"Let me go …" I cried in scared, struggled desperately, and then lost the memory of what happened later.

The next morning, the aunt of the inspection house found a drowsy me in front of the empty dormitory door.

But after I woke up, I couldn’t remember, why did I come here from the toilet!

From this night, I have been dizzy, nauseous, and spit out outside.In less than a week, people lose about ten pounds. Whether it is during the day or night, they are sleepy, and they can’t fight at all.

In the end, there was no way. I asked the school for leave and went to the hospital for examination.

The diagnostic letter from the doctor made me feel incredible, and I was diagnosed with two months of pregnancy.

You know, I have just been in the freshman year this year. I haven’t even talked about the first love in my life. How can I get pregnant?

I just asked the doctor eagerly after just doing a short five -minute thinking: "When do you have the operation, I want to remove it!"

"You can do surgery after the medical examination report. You came here three days later to get a report." Obaths were commonplace for female students’ flow, and put my medical records on the corner of the table.

After returning, I wrote a sick leave to the department and asked for five days off.In fact, regardless of his criticism, I don’t want to ignore anything before that thing left my body.

In the afternoon, in the summer, I wrapped a thick layer of quilt sleeping in the bedroom.

The roommates in the dormitory went to class, leaving me alone.

I lay on the bed for half a minute, and fell asleep. When I woke up, it was dark. When the sight adapted to the darkness, I … I … I found that I was sleeping in a coffin.

The man who sleeps beside me has pale skin to exudes a desolate blue, but it is difficult to hide the amazing facial features of his handsome features.

His long hair reaches the waist, and the two fair hands are stacked on the lower abdomen. There is one on the lower abdomen.

It was not until later that I learned that the real name of the jade buckle was called Yuyu. It was a funeral item that was sent to the waist after being sent into the tomb in the tomb.

Suddenly he opened his eyes, there was no pupil in his eyes, there was only a stern blood red, the blood flow slipped from the corner of the eyes, he got up and turned to me, holding my neck dead, and said coldly: "You dare to kill meChildren, what do you think of Su Zi? Do you have a mother who is more vicious than you in the world? "

"Is that my child? That is a monster, your sinye!"

That’s right, the sound was sent out of my mouth. In the dream, I knew that the child in the belly was him, and when I was awake, there was no concept at all.

I cried and screamed, ignoring him holding his neck’s hand at all.

The ghost I hate my belly, if it doesn’t roll, the fish will be broken!

"Su Zi, you are looking for death!"

The man’s strength was tight, and the state of completely hypoxia made me even have no strength to struggle. I feel that my neck will be distorted by this strange ghost hand at any time!

wake up!

wake up!Intersection

Wake up!IntersectionIntersection


There was only this idea left in my head, and the strong thoughts were concentrated, and I sat up from the bed in the bedroom at once, with hot pain on my neck.Grab the small mirror on the bedside, and opened the flip cover on the neck.

A blue and black bruises on the neck are extremely obvious. Under the identification, it is clearly the shape of the man’s hand!

The mirror on my hand slipped on the quilt, and my scared body was cold. Is everything that happened to have a dream or real?

I was entangled with ghosts?

S closed the mirror and threw it aside. I watched the sidelines in the bedroom for a while. I felt like everything happened in the dream as true. I was pregnant with the man’s child in the dream!IntersectionIntersection

He … he is a corpse!

His child … Isn’t the child a ghost?

I suddenly realized that my belly was pregnant with a ghost fetus …

The days when the medical examination report of the hospital is just as difficult for me to be as difficult as the year.

Every time the body will fall into the boundless cold, when the cold ice feels full of body, no matter how thick the quilt is wrapped in, it makes people look cold.

The thing in my stomach is probably hungry, but I feel sick even when I drink saliva, and I have a weird extra idea in my heart.

That boiled water is not a man who drinks it at all, I want to drink blood.

Some people may not be able to appreciate the feeling of being hungry to the extreme, but the mother who has given birth to the baby must experience the kind of waking up in the middle of the night, and suddenly feel hungry.

The feeling of hunger made me almost collapsed. I rushed out, thinking that buying a few bunch of raw beef at the entrance of the seller first top a top, but I want to eat raw.

I climbed down from the bed. It took about five minutes and more than a few minutes. The soft hands and feet were not like my own. I lay on the bed for two days. I haven’t noticed that my problem is so serious.

After changing my clothes casually, I rushed downstairs. As soon as I walked out of the dormitory building, as soon as the skin’s skin came into contact with the sun, there was a feeling of stabbing.

Oh, shit ~

I have been completely harmed by the ghosts in my stomach, is it the same as that of an individual or ghost?Even walking in the sun feels uncomfortable, and the alive is a zombie.

What is the difference between me and immortal creatures now?

While cursing the ghosts in my stomach, I went to the barbecue stall. This barbecue stall and spicy hot hot hot hot hot hot padded in the store during the day and moved out of the business at night.

In general during the day, no one bought the skewers in the shop. The owner thought that I was buying hot and spicy, and I introduced me to the shop with a few soup bases in the shop enthusiastically.

When people are hungry, they will become very irritable when they are hungry. I have no mood to listen to the shopkeeper at all. I gave her a more than 50 yuan banknotes.

I want to find a skewed skewers on my hand, watching the color of the raw meat, and feels disgusting. I was thrown into the trash can halfway.

At the moment when the meat skewers were thrown into the trash can, I even had an impulse to reach out to pick it up in the trash can.

Suddenly, I feel that I am not alone, but a monster!

When I passed a dumpling shop, I suddenly walked out of an old lady wearing a white apron to stop me. Her warm hand held my cold wrist and said enthusiastically, "Girl, do you want to enter the shop for a bowl of hot soup?"

"Sorry, grandma, I’m not hungry." I lie. I can eat a cow alive alive, but I should note that it is a living beef, not a cooked beef.

Now I have showed disgust and dislikes about all human foods.

The grandmother laughed very well. She pulled me into the shop, holding my shoulders and let me sit down, saying, "You are sitting here, grandma go in to make soup for you, ah ~ you don’t want to go, this bowl of soup is not allowed, this bowl of soup is not allowed.Grandma invites you to drink, you are a girl who looks good -looking and kind -hearted at first glance. "

I just thought about it, and my grandmother walked into the kitchen in the store step by step.

Vaguely, I also heard her be holding "It’s really rare!" "Oh, I haven’t come for a long time."

I was sitting with some restless sitting, thinking, this is a downtown area. Even if the business is poor, someone should come to eat.

Zhang Gu took a look at the environment in the store. There were actually no guests in the store. All the furnishings were old -fashioned. It belongs to the kind of old, old, and tattered.

The white tiles built on the wall are also hesitant for a long time, and the yellow stamps remaining.A layer of dirt was accumulated on the green tiles on the ground. These dirt accumulated in the tile pattern and looked greasy.

The gap between the tiles and the tiles is dirty and numb. As far as I observed, I saw that there was a cricket drilling out of the gap.

This sanitary conditions are also too bad. How do you have a sanitary examination in the urban area?

The most outrageous is that the Buddha statue hanging on the wall is not the Buddha statue, but the paper man painted by the ink.

The paperman still stood in front of Sanxiang. I stared at the paper man for a while, and I didn’t know if it was an illusion. I felt that the paper man was looking at me.

When the scent of the broth in the kitchen, I didn’t have a nausea, and the hungry "murmur" screamed, and I suddenly started to look forward to the soup from the kitchen.

It didn’t take long for the old grandmother to bring out a bowl of soup with a good face and gave me a spoon by the way.

When I took the spoon, I saw that the nails of the old man were a little long, and a thick layer of dirt was accumulated in the nails, which made my appetite plummeted.

"Drink it, it’s fragrant." The old grandmother looked at me eyes.

I think even if it is difficult to drink, I can’t disappoint an old man. I nodded and said, "Thank you, Grandma."

The spoon in my hand stirred it a few times in the bowl and was about to bow my head to drink soup. Suddenly I saw that I was wrong in the bowl. Why do I … why do I seem to see a person’s finger inside?

Stir hard and find that it is really half -fingers in it.

Suddenly, I was full of hair, ready to get up, and turned around and found that the grandmother had locked the shop door and tied a iron chain.

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