Story: Qingqing’s so coquettish girl, it must be interesting if she cries and coax, right?


I stepped forward, leaning on the wall, he opened his eyes and intermittently, "Qingqing … don’t come, it’s all … blood."

I just feel that this person is really strange. I want me to bandage him in the past, but this life no longer wants me to go, for fear that I will see blood.

I didn’t listen to him, and went forward.

However, I took a step back, and he smiled and persuaded, "I have no hindrance … I went back to the Wangfu to ask the doctor to get medicine … In the warehouse, there is a good hemostatic medicine …"

I smiled, but tears fell one step first.

I took out a small porcelain bottle from my arms and blinked and smiled, "Guess, what am I brought?"

He was slightly stunned, apparently he didn’t understand why I took the hemostatic medicine.

I approached the way little by little, "I’m not afraid of blood, I heard Brother Qin, I’m not afraid … I’ll pull you up for you, let me pour you medicine and bandage you."

The moonlight is soft like Yuhui. In the night, his paint reflects two or three star ideas, which is obviously extinguished.

I pulled the arrows skillfully, poured medicine, and bandaged. During this period, he only snorted a few times, staring at me with scarred eyes, as if asking me how I would have.

Of course, he didn’t know that I had secretly practiced many times in private, and I had a cocoon with my hands.

Of course, in order to be beautiful, I wanted to go to the cocoon, and my hands were still tender.

As a result, the arrows have brought out the power of breastfeeding, and their hands are popular.

His eyes were faintly distressed, and put my hand in his hand gently.

So when the exotic princess arrived, I saw me and he lingered in his hands.

She gritted her teeth, and she can hear the squeak, "Good guy, the second female, grab my play?"

I stunned her in my heart: You are the second female, and your family is the second female.


Liang Wenqin was injured in the house. He was not injured, all of which were skin trauma.

However, there are more and more dead men who have assassinated the palace, all wearing the name of "琰".

The messy news of Beijing has also passed over, and things have developed much faster than I expected.

I feed Liang Wenqin a spoonful in front of the couch, and I was worried about how to tell him about the matter of the soldiers, but he opened his mouth first, and his eyes smiled."

Meaning to pull the medicine on the arrow, I suddenly blessed my soul.

I rubbed my hands and grievantly, "Brother Wen Qin, Qingqing’s hand hurts …"

His eyes were full of helpless colors, and the wide palm wrapped over, rubbing my hand.

I followed, "Brother Wen Qin, if I said, I had a dream before I practiced those who would be, do you believe it?"

"Oh?" He seemed to be interested, "What dream?"

I pulled my hand, turned around and wiped the silent tears. "I dreamed of it, dreaming that you were hurt. You told me to bandage you, I ran away, I wanted to go back to the house to get the medicine, when the medicine was taken back, But the princess is bandaging for you, you … you still look at her with affection … "

"Well." He whispered, but laughed, sat up and pulled me back, "Just a dream, what do you practice?"

I watched him blink.

He didn’t know that this was a dream, this was a matter of previous life.

He leaned back in the future, and looked at me with a whole time, "What else did the little princess dream?"

I think that idea can be said. I picked my nails and looked at him, "Wen Qin, Tun soldiers, okay?"

He stunned slightly, his eyes changed, "Do you know what you are talking about, Princess Liang?"

I lowered my head and said, "I also dreamed that I dreamed of the chaos in Beijing, and there were invasion of enemy countries. When you led back from Mobei, the soldiers were not enough."

"You … you married that exotic princess and borrowed her soldiers to win the victory …"

He was slightly surprised, as if I didn’t understand that I would have such a dream.

But I wiped my tears gently, and the sound was warm, "Miss Shen Er is relieved, and the little king will never marry her."

I raised my face slightly, "That, the soldiers …"

He smiled, "Soldiers, I have already been dunning."

The scene outside the window is just right, his eyes are becoming more firm and calm.

"After marrying you, it is even more firm …"

The more he said, the smaller, and the latter sentence was mumbled to himself, and I couldn’t hear it.

However, there was a tear in my eyes, which was too different.

The reborn is obviously me, but he has clearly changed.

I wiped my tears and rushed up without a word, "Well, my brother Qin is really insidious …"

He was pushed slightly by me, extremely helpless, and rubbing my head above my head.

I looked up at his thin lips that were ill because of illness, and I wondered if I bite it.

He and I have never had a cave.

I bit my lip and slowly got up.

Carefully stunned my eyes, lightly, I froze when I was soft, and my brain was a little blank.

After a moment I reacted, why did I feel that the gentleness was not right?

I opened my eyes fascinated and saw a big palm dragging my chin, Yuzhu’s fingers were on my lips.

I, my kiss is his hand?

I looked up, and saw him calmly, raised his eyebrows and smiled at me, "Now, not."

I, I killed his heart.

What does it mean? Is he keeping a male virtue?


Life passed day by day, and the sun rose again.

The changes in Jingzhong have become more and more powerful, and even the news that the people of the country have appeared in Jingzhong.

That night, Xingyue Jiaojiao, I embroidered the sacked sachet and was looking for Liang Wenqin to put it on him, but it was Manfu to find a trace.

After asking Xiaoyu, I learned that I went to the foreign princess again.

I jumped my heart, and Inthimores this time was different from the last time.

Lost in the previous life, and the second day, the memory of the foreign princess jumped in my mind.

Everything has been earlier, and the people of the noodles have also invaded.

Could it be that the previous life is the night?

I shouted Da Tao, called a few little sister -in -law, went out of the house, began to find him in the dark sky, and at the same time sent someone to inquire about the exotic princess to leave the city.

Sure enough, after half an hour, a letter was passed on. The exotic princess came out of the city gate early, like who went to the appointment.

I had a headache, and I was eager to know what happened to the previous life.

I sent Xiaoxun to scatter several places to find, and the southeast direction was a bit empty, and I sent Da Tao again.

Dark and dark, Mobei’s moon hid in Wuyun.

I was looking for a lantern, and I might as well fall under my feet and fall.

Looking back, it was a dark well that he hadn’t seen, and he almost fell in.

I was frightened and retreated, and I had blood on my feet.

Finding the medicine pouring, I pouted and cried inexplicably.

I have suffered this suffering, so tired, wow.

But I dare not take more rest, I stood up and got up, and continued to shout around:

"Brother Wen Qin …"

"Brother Wen Qin …"

There is no echo around.

I wiped my tears, continued to go forward, and turned over the hillside. The mountains were also dark.

Beard, the light of candlelight was bright.

Looking at it, I saw a small house under the mountains in the distance. There were several guards guarding the house in front of the house. Looking at the guard, it was the dress of a foreign guard.

I was shocked, and she was busy and covered into the forest.

After a while, the door squeaked, and a man in it walked out, looking up at the sky, seemed to talk to some ghosts and gods:

"Is this chapter skipping? It’s too bloody. Besides, I just wear one more and dedicate myself to Mao?"

The air was stagnant for a while, and suddenly, she smashed a few punch to the sky again: "Dog system, this blessing gives you if you don’t wear it, let Lao Tzu go back! Lao Tzu go back to the air conditioner wifi with watermelon, who wants to break the place here, who wants to break the place.Come on? "

The air stagnated again for a while, and the guard looked at each other.

After a moment, she was already angry, "The plot, the plot, have to go to this broken plot, ah! Who wrote this plot, what to write!"

She was so angry that she had no love, but she turned into the house.

Before entering the house, I seemed to think of something. I asked the guard on the door: "Is the medicine?"

The guard was erected with a thumbs: "The princess rest assured, it is the martial arts found by the green building, and the kind of person will be stuck …"

Later, he was stopped.

But my heart kept pounding. The martial arts found by the Qinglou, all night before the previous life did not return.

The man who had to be reborn with him was to be snatched like this?

When I bit my lip, I had a bad idea in my heart.


I went to the mountain and came to this house. Before I opened my mouth, the knife of a few guards had already emerged and stared at me coldly.

I bowed my head timidly, retreated back, but I started to hum in my mouth.

The sound is not big or small, and the people in the house are heard.

The people in the house yelling impatiently, "Who? Get away for the princess!"

But when I sang "You are picked", she was shocked again, busy: "Wait!"

"I hold the horse?" She returned, and the house door opened. She saw me, suspicion, "Shen Qingqing? You …"

I laughed without saying a word. She closed the door when she saw this, pulled me aside, and ordered a few guards to not be allowed to follow.

"Love you alone?" She sang.

"Love you don’t kneel." I picked it up.

She said, "Family people, let’s say …"

I said: "A whole bolt Q live."

She suspected: "Hey, I really pull your buttocks when I meet you?"

I should: "I opened my eyes."

After a few rounds, her eyes were bright, and she was so excited to cry with me.

I patted her back, but secretly dressed in my heart.

Who is a sister with you, these are just the background of her previous life. In our world, she is too boring and wants to go back. Then she got off the emperor.acceptance.

The emperor had been hung up for half a year, and none of them were worthy, and she was so angry that the emperor was torn.Someone asked curiously, and she answered the next sentence herself, causing her concubine to laugh.

Since then, those words have been filled for a while, and I was remembered by me.

If she asked again, I was afraid I would not be able to answer.

She opened her mouth, and I laughed mysteriously, "Sister, go back? I have the channel to go back."

She opened her eyes wide, "Really false? You, don’t you want to go back?"

I looked at the small house in the distance, groaning, "People have their own ambitions, I fall in love with the male lead, and want to stay with him for a lifetime. You want to go back, I want to change from the female partner to the female lead, we do not coincide.Right?"

She was slightly stunned, but said to herself: "I said, I always feel that you grab the plot of my plot, it turns out that you also cross."

I didn’t say anything. I looked at the sky with something evil, and pulled her, "The lonely stars are linked to the moon, and the time to go back tonight is the time to go back. I miss today, I have to wait twenty years later. Do you go?"

"Twenty years?! Twenty years I got old, I couldn’t wear a tenth -point dew, let’s go!"

I patted her shoulder and smiled, "I still need a strong long rope to hang the one that can hang people."


Turn over the hillside and step on the night, I took her to the dry well I almost fell in.

She looked at me around and packed her linen, and suddenly doubted: "Can this really go back?"

I hit a dead end and laughed, "Of course I can."

By the way, a set of seals seemed to see on the book- ——

"Come, follow me, do." I raised my hand, "Wind, fire, thunder, electricity, broken! After you go down, you can read this set, and you will be a seven -star bead, call you back."

She shook her head, her eyes were full of tears, crying and laughing, "You know the secrets on the vibrato, you are really my good sister!"

I squinted and smiled, of course, of course, we are good sisters.

I tied the other end of the twine to the big tree to assist her in the well.Before going down the well, I looked at the small house. At a glance, she understood the expression I knew, and I pulled out a small firework from my arms and burned.

Looking back, the guards in front of the house had been scattered.

I smiled with satisfaction and looked at her. During this time, she kept saying that I would take care of the male lead, and asked me where I went back to see my aunt.

When she was completely at the bottom, I solved the hemp rope at the end of the tree, and God slipped unconsciously.

Before slipping, she could hear the weak and empty voice from the bottom of the well:

"Wind fire lightning, break! Hey? Why is it useless? Sister, sister–"

After a moment, she became angry, "Shen Qingqing, you, this white lotus, a vicious female match!"


"What are you talking about? Is she a rebirth woman? Or did you let her rebirth? You dog system, why don’t you say it early !!!"

After a while, it has been transformed into an unknown grievance:

"I’m so stupid. Really, I shouldn’t be playful from the beginning, I shouldn’t be able to wear this ghost place without promising. I will not be deceived in the well …"

The night was quiet, and even the bugs sang a song.

I squeezed the corner and came to the house, and my heart jumped inexplicably.

There are a few candles lit in the house, with yellow and yellow.

From the outside of the window, he could only see Liang Wenqin’s silhouette. He seemed to be sitting on a chair. The beautiful lower jaw line lip line was clear and clear under the candlelight.

As soon as I opened the door, my heart suddenly missed.

He seemed to be fainted, was tied to the Tai Shi chair, and was blinded by a black cloth.

The width legs were wide, and the black -colored robe was hanging, and the placket embroidered in the inside was slightly open, revealing the fair and firm collarbone, and the chest was slightly undulating.

You can see the sexy and convex throat knot on your head, and then go up, it is a light -colored thin lip, straight as jade’s nose bridge, and the black cloth is covered with mysterious eyes.

I was busy leaning and helping him to unravel the rope, but to the half of it, but I felt that this is a good time.

I swallowed my mouth and was about to tie the rope back, but saw that he moved slightly. It seemed to wake up, and subconsciously drank: "Roll! Yan Ali, the king asked you not to understand?! "

I was frightened and sat straight on him.

As soon as he was stiff, he stepped back, and the struggle between his hands and feet became heavier, "Get! Get out of the king!"

I sat on him, and I was scared, "Wen … Wen Qin brother?"

He was slightly stunned, and asked, "Qing Qing, is you? How about you?"

I whispered, whispered, "She, she was deceived by Qing Qing to the well …"

His voice was softened a lot, and the rope was stunned for a while, which was completely released by my half -solution rope.

After solving the rope, he solved the black cloth again and hugged me down, but I didn’t move and looked at him straight.

He was slightly stiff, his throat rolled up and down, but pretended to ask me, "What’s wrong?"

I bit my lips and pushed myself out of tears. "Wen Qin, she, she, that bad woman said that you were poisonous, not detoxifying, would die …"

He smiled, and Wen said, "Brother Wen Qin has no hindrance, don’t cry, Qingqing …"

He wiped my tears little by little, and moved to my lips to wipe blood, but this rubbing was unwilling to move, fingertips faintly, grinding between my lips.

I took a sip of him, gently bite him, Nuo Nuo Road, "Brother Wen Qin, hurts …"

He raised his eyes and glanced at me.

It was just that my eyes were getting red, and my eyes were red.

Medicine, it seems that it has begun to take effect.

He also noticed that he reached out to hold me down.

I whispered: "Wen Qin, Qingqing, can Qingqing detoxify you?"

As soon as he froze, his eyebrows were locked, holding my face with his hand hard to suppress, staring at my bleeding lips, and buried his head to kiss.

But he held back, against my forehead, "No … Qingqing, return to Wangfu … return to the Wangfu to ask a doctor …"

I drumped my mouth and looked at him innocently, "Why not, I heard Brother Qin? You and I have long been a husband and wife …"

He was helpless, so he had to breathe heavily, "Now, not … you are still young, and you do n’t know if you can do it …"

I just feel that this person is really strange, just like two people in the previous life.

In the previous life, he was like two people, and he was like two people. He didn’t touch me very much after half of his relatives.

The emperor called me to sleep, not to mention the joy of the boudoir, there were still interests, I said no, when I cried and hurt, he would be more excited.

Today, it seems like Liu Xiahui, and his heart is half -hearted.

I also arrived at his forehead and grievantly, "But … but Qing Qing liked Brother Qin, I liked it for a long time …"

He was stagnant and looked up at me. He was already restrained in his eyes, and asked me carefully, "Qingqing, what are you talking about?"

I seemed to be ashamed and buried my face into his arms. "I like Brother Wen Qin, I like it for a long time, and I like it from the first side. I want to detoxify my brother Wen Qin.also want……"

He was already surprised on his face, swallowed, and looked at me.

I glanced out from his arms again, and Xing’s eyes were burst into tears, and they were grievance.

He shook his head busy, dragged my head from his arms, and whispered, "Like."

The sound is soft, but there is no doubt.

The candle was swaying and the air was stagnant. He and I looked at it like this.

Woohh, come back for a lifetime, finally mine.

I rushed up with tears, he embraced me into my arms, kissed my tears gently, a little bit down.

Spring deep shadow, good dreams long.

How I slept in the past, I don’t know, I only know that he scolded me in the end, "Small things …"

I shed tears in a lost manner, thinking, this person is really bad!


The next day, the spring light is good.

He slept steadily, but I was a little angry.

I pulled my nails, and raised my hand to the meat on his waist.

He seemed to be fake, and quickly caught my hand, put it between his chest, and smiled at his eyes, "Last night, the little king was reckless."

I blushed and turned around and ignored him again, what to do with!

He seemed to be afraid of me, and coaxed softly in my ear, "Xiao Wang will pay more attention in the future …"

Breathing in my ears, itchy, I reached out to scratch him, and he was caught by him again, pressing it tightly in his arms.

My face sighed against his chest:

In the past, let it stay in the previous life.


The pigeon faith in Beijing came one after another, and the Chinese people had completely entered Kyoto.

After the storm, Liang Wenqin had discussed with my father and brother to return to Beijing.

The exotic princess has been rescued.

When it was rescued, his face was scorched, and even his hair fried into big black cotton.

It was said that it fell into the well and burned the fireworks to send a signal for help, but the fireworks did not come out of the well, but fell back.

When she was rescued from the well, she gritted her teeth and spoke crazy on the sky:

"Dog system, little white lotus, play me, right? Then don’t think about it!"

When Da Tao returned to the news, I was following Liang Wenqin on the way back to the door.

Looking at Shenfu, who was about to arrive, I laughed and opened the flowers.

The soldiers have been enough, and the male lead has grabbed it. What can she do?

But what I didn’t expect was that in the next second, my smile stagnated to my mouth.

The generals around my brother rushed to ride on the horse and said: "King Yan Huai, the princess mother, the big event is not good! General Shen Xiao’s 6,000 soldiers, I don’t know what to eat, I vomit and diarrhea, I am afraid that, Can’t enter Beijing … "

Liang Wenqin’s brow was slightly converging, and he was about to help me get off the carriage into Shenfu, but a horse stolen, and immediately raised his eyebrows."

I bite my lip, I couldn’t wait to step forward to bite her, but my brother had already rushed out of the house. A long gun hit her horse legs and angrily, "Yan Ali, lose your little master to trust you, take you to see you to seeSoldier, you … "

Before the end, she jumped off immediately and looked at us with a smile, "Is the absence now? I can help you …"

My brother took the corner of his mouth and didn’t believe it.

Sure enough, she followed, "But I have a condition, I want …"

She approached a little bit, approaching Liang Wenqin, and I was busy pulling him behind me, holding it tightly.

She looked at me, scratching it lightly, but she got closer and closer, so she was so grinding her teeth to prepare to bite her.

She suddenly turned, and in the eyes, she suddenly hooked my brother’s shoulder, caught his face, and kissed: "I want to marry me."

The seats were quiet, and the crows were silent.

After a while, my brother reacted, and he was furious, "Yan Ali, you, you insulting Little Master!"

She bent her lips, "Just you, you can consider it, but the soldiers who have eaten Babanfan can not recover for ten days and a half months.Will Kyoto be beaten by the country … "

My brother stared at her.

My brother considered it all night and considered it.

Before going back to the news, I also looked at Liang Wenqin: "Brother, for you, I am really benevolent."

Liang Wenqin held a smile and said, "Brother Shen is righteous, and the little king is unforgettable. If this happens, you will reward General Shen Xiao Jin Wanwan and Feng Wanhuhou."

My brother glanced at him and told, "This is what you said, don’t regret it."

My brother was gone, and there was a kind of little man who was gone.


They left and left 6,000 soldiers to protect me.

Well, it is the six thousand soldiers who have eaten Baban flour. Although they can’t travel, the protector is still.

When I was going to go together, Liang Wenqin took off my horse to soothe me, and came back to pick me up after the Telling happened.

If you do n’t achieve it, you do n’t have to collect the corpse. I have disappointed me in this life. I ca n’t let me collect the corpse, and I ca n’t bear to see the reaction after I see the corpse.

I rushed in his arms and secretly pinched his waist.

Back in your heart: It will be done, and it will become in the last life.

I started to wait for them in Mobei. It was true that I knew the results, but my heart was still tight.

Time passed a day, three days, thirty days, three months, until half a year later …

My heart began to panic, and I was in pain.

I remember that after half a year in previous lives, the Jiebao had been spread back to Mobei. Now that time is approaching, there is no news.

I started to dream, dreaming that he was full of blood, dreaming that I hugged him, but he stepped back, farther and farther away from me, and even dreaming of the love of him and the exotic princess.

Once again, I woke up at midnight. I couldn’t bear it. I rode a horse, carrying a bag of dry food and silver tickets, and woke up a few high -strength guards to Beijing.

It’s about to get out of the east gate. Da Tao opened the door with tears and cried, "Miss, who do you see?"

The door opened, but my elder brother, holding a horse, full of face frost, and smiled, "Oh, I came to pick up our young lady into the palace as the queen."

I rushed into his arms and stabbed him, "You will be poor."

I looked at his stubble full of chin, and the thoughts in my heart were even more.

I wonder if Liang Wenqin is also full of stubble. Is there anyone scraped him? In Beijing, how did it kill? Will it flow a lot of blood …

I followed my elder brother to go to Beijing. I crossed the mountains and rolled over the small mountains, step by step, getting closer and closer to him.

The surrounding scenery began to busty, the hawkers’ screams, the sound of the scholarship of the bridge, and even the details of the nobles and the lady of the family seemed to be clear.

I opened the carriage curtain, a hundred steps outside, a thousand steps on the first floor, a prosperous scene, and the words were written on the gate: Liang Jing.

My heart suddenly jumped and faster, half a year, I waited for half a year.

Finally, I want to see him.

The carriage stepped into Liang Jingcheng, across the long street, and slowly entered the imperial city.

The east gate of the imperial city of the imperial city has long been greeted by the guards of the sword, and shouted respectfully, "Chen and others welcomed the queen mother to return to the palace."

The battle was surprised.

The carriage goes in, and you can see the tall city walls in the distance. There are clearly standing with many people. There is a touch of black people in the middle familiar, and it is all under the city.

I think I recognize it.

I cried without a lot of time, stopped the carriage, and started flying to the wall of the city.

Da Tao chased behind him and shouted, "Miss … Xiao, Queen Mother, this is not possible, it is not a rule …"

My brother laughed and had already pulled her.

I rushed to the tower, none dared to stop.

I was about to go up, and I saw that one person came back against, and it seemed to have gone away for a while.

I looked at him with tears, and he looked at me with a smile.

He had a beard, but he seemed to be scratching himself, but he was not skilled in clearly.

The contours of the chin and corners are much more tough, and the decisions of silk murderous and emperor’s decisions in the eyebrows.

With the black and black rust golden robe, the crown is inlaid with gold and jade, and his temperament makes his temperament more expensive and cold. I almost dare not recognize.

He opened his hand and raised his eyebrows at me with a smile.

I didn’t hesitate anymore, and with the wind, I rushed into his arms.

He held me tightly, and the stubborn stubble stunned my forehead, and laughed softly, "I haven’t seen Xiao Qingqing for a long time."

I was sore by him, and tears seemed to fall uncontrollably.

He lowered his head and kissed a little bit, gently, "Don’t cry, my queen."

My face blushed, and I felt that this person was really tired.


After the sealing ceremony was held quickly, at the same time, Liang Wenqin also fulfilled the wish of the exotic princess and gave her a marriage with my brother.

My brother disagreed with the pillar of the Golden Temple, saying that he would hit the pillar Mingzhi. Before he got his head, he was dragged away by the exotic princess.

On the night of everything, I was so tired of mud.

Because of this, I drank too much wine and hugged Feng Xi, who was jealous in the previous life, and slept on the dragon couch.

After a while, I realized that one person had long legs on the dragon couch and embraced me.

He seemed to be uncomfortable by Feng Xi, and reached out to take it away, but was bitten by me.

He laughed and seemed to find something fun.

I kept trying in front of Fengxi. When I stretched out, I opened my mouth. I closed my mouth and closed my mouth. I was bitten by me several times back and forth.

He had no choice but to sigh and embraced Feng Xi together.

I was happy to roll back and forth in his arms, and he knocked on my head and reprimanded, "A queen of one country, look at you, what kind of body?"

However, after knocking, I rubbed my head again. I couldn’t help but stabbed his palm up, humming, "In this life, you are finally mine."

He was curious, watching me with time, "Which life isn’t it?"

I pouted, "Last life, you took me to riding, I cried so much. You want me to give you medicine, I also hid far away …"

He laughed, "That’s really a chance to give you a chance. You don’t use it. If you say that in your life, you can guess so many people in this life.

I was stunned, and the wine was somewhat awake.

Yes, so many people, why did I get me alone?

Maybe he was interested in me in his last life?However, my cowardly and twisted stubbornly pushed him away?

Really, I don’t use the chance to give me a chance.

Fortunately, fortunately I was reborn.

I cried, buried my head in his arms.

But he was gone, holding my face, and squeezing his eyes, "You know, why did I get you?"

I was slightly embarrassed, "Why?"

He raised his lips, "When I first saw it at that time, I only had two ideas.

I opened my eyes wide, "What about the second?"

He raised his eyebrow again and laughed, "Second, if such a delicate girl, if he cried, would he take a long time? Crying and coaxing, how interesting it should be."

Qingqing’s so coquettish girl, it must be interesting if she cries and coax, right?

Wipe your tears, blink, scold him, "It’s really bad!"

He laughed, laughed and lowered his head to look at me.

He said: "You know why I dare not want you then?"

"I drink alcohol, and the future is unknown. The mother -in -law died when I was young, and my father hated me again. What I thought at that time was that the general Shen Da was the leader of the general, and the promotion and re -election were just around the corner.Will you enter Beijing, how about you? "

"Do you have to follow me to suffer in Mobei? You are a little coquettish, and you should be held in your palm."

"I am afraid, I, I don’t deserve …"

I looked at his low eyes and felt sore with a heart.

It turns out that the sound is not the time, it is not the time. If you do n’t let me collect the corpse afterwards, is this for this?

I held his face, and I kissed, "You match, you all match. In the past life, this life is also equipped with Xiaoliang King, it is also the emperor.Brother Wen Qin … "

He also laughed, said nothing, lowered his head to kiss me, and kissed my head dizzy.

When I reached out, I had to take away the Feng Xi who was hindered by him, but I was bittenly bitten by me.

He wiped the blood on his lips, fluttered, and scolded: "Small things that do not recognize people …"


The next day, I got up difficult.

Liang Wenqin went early in the morning, and the palace girls such as Da Tao fixed me.

The door was open, and a refreshing lotus fragrance came out of the door.

Looking at it, the door of the palace of the palace of the main hall outside the dormitory is full of altar lotus.

Liang Wenqin went to the early dynasty in a timely manner and was stepping in.

The eunuch beside him was a clever and grabbed:

"Oh, mother, you don’t know. Last night, you kept thinking about A Niang, lotus or something. Your Majesty did not know if you thought about the lady of the country or wanted to see the lotus … I invited the old lady to enter the palace and moved a lot of lotus.In the palace, you can exhaust those little eunuchs. "

Liang Wenqin glanced at him coldly, and when he stood up, he fanned his own mouth and waited respectfully. When he came, he remembered something to add a few words.Gong, think about letting you see … "

Liang Wenqin had frowned and kicked him on his feet, "You just talk a lot."

I covered my mouth and smiled, rushing into his arms.

The little palace girl turned around and turned her back to the wall.


My brother’s life is not satisfactory.

After I heard that after marrying the foreign princess, Houfu turned the sky, and the chickens and dogs were restless.

On this day, I was scared by the queen’s battle to return to the house. I went into the house to smell the roast duck fragrance and softened.

She had no breath with me, and beckoned, "Queen Mother, eat something together?"

I stepped forward and twisted my leg, "Who, who wants to eat you …"

She laughed, and slowly, she began to talk to me about crossing, chatting, and asked about what I was born again.

I and her are not rival, but I am a bit speculative.

Just half of the chat, she suddenly said, "Look at your soft and delicate look, is it better to teach you martial arts?"

Her girl was a golden knife in a timely manner.

This golden knife looked at the familiar look. I took a while and trembled. Isn’t this the culprit that killed me in previous lives?

I cried a lot, hugging her a few grilled chicken roasted duck grilled bullfrogs and then returned to the palace.

"I … this palace does not need to practice martial arts. Someone is protected by this palace, no need!"

She was wrong in the empty stove.(Original title: "Under the Book of Qingqing")

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