Story: She is the daughter of humble horses. Huai Long enjoys all the favor, but she please leave the palace in May.

This woman stands in front of me, she is more like the beautiful paintings hanging from the emperor’s study every year.

She is wearing a gorgeous palace skirt and high toes

She said her name is Yuan Jun, and will become the queen tomorrow

She asked the sister -in -law around her to take away my Fengyin, saying that it meant that it was the emperor.


"I hope His Majesty should be allowed to leave the palace."

I knelt under Zhou Yi’s step as usual and scratched his head towards him.In May, I was pregnant for my movement, but my gifts were still unspeakable.

In order to be the concubine of Zhou Yi, I learned for a full one month alone.

I didn’t answer for a long time.

"I hope His Majesty should be allowed to leave the palace."

"Yuan Fei, you still have your child." There was no wave of tone, making people unable to hear the anger.

My title is Yuan, a word that has nothing to do with me. I am the daughter of the frontier horse slave. I could n’t use the title of such a top -grade. I wanted to come to the blessing of Yuan Jun.blessing.

"Ruo Chen Yu has a blessing to give birth to this child." I got up and kneeled, "The ministers ask His Majesty to treat this son well."

"When did you treat you well?"

Yeah, tolerate me into the palace, tolerate me, staying with him, tolerance of a concubine’s name, tolerate me to give him a child, and tolerate my love all over to him, it is the biggest gift for me.

I am the daughter of Magu. He doesn’t look at me, I know, but I never thought about it. He treats me only because of others.

I pulled out the gourd and golden magpie from the hair, leaving a wound on my face.


The gourd hair originated from Liangzhou, and it was rare in the palace. When this hair was Zhou Yi or the prince, he was stationed in Liangzhou and encountered an assassin. I blocked him with a sword and almost killed it before he gave me.

After the disfigurement, Zhou Yi ordered the gourd style jewelery in the upper and lower palace.

I asked the palace girl Huanwen to bury the golden cricket under the peach tree in the courtyard.

Zhou Yi banned me, and sent someone to take care of me every day to prevent me from committing self -commitment.

He has taken him too much. I have given him my love and will not give him my life anymore.

The firecrackers rang all the night, and I couldn’t sleep. When I was dawn, when I stretched my body and vomited, Huanwen told me that the post -standing ceremony was held outside.

Unexpected things.I vomited with my mouth, my heart, liver, and belly were twisted together. The rims of gangs and shed tears, saying that it had passed the month of joy, why was it so difficult.

I asked Huanwen to ask Xu Taiyi and asked him to decorate some fetal medicine.This child is blessed. Liangzhou is cold and cold, almost destroyed me half of his body, but he can still be born in my stomach and persist until now.

He is blessed, but I may not be blessed. I closed my eyes and swallowed those soups that were so painful. The maid Lanxi beside Yuan Jun came.

"After the sealing of the Ceremony today, Yuan Fei’s mother -in -law was banned, but the emperor had special will, and asked Yuan Fei to meet the queen mother, listen to the commandment of the emperor and the queen mother."

"It’s just that you are damaged in appearance, I’m afraid of being shocked by His Majesty and Niangniang, so your Majesty will give you a golden mask."

I picked up the mask and touched the wound on my face.

Zhou Yi asked me to become the decent of their emperor.



The palace people along the way are watching me.

When Zhou Yi saw me, he frowned fiercely.

I was wearing a palace skirt, combing the most interesting bun in Liangzhou, and the makeup surface was only half -painted, and the scars of the crickets were not like a palace.

"Bold Yuan Fei, dare to lose in front of the hall!" Yuan Jun was still coquettish. She was the granddaughter of the general of the Guardian General, the pearl of the prime minister’s palace, and Zhou Yi’s initial love.The most distinguished one among the women in this house.

Zhou Yi first ascended the throne, except for me. The harem did not call for the concubine. She was naturally the strongest to my hostility.

"Chen Xun came to the emperor’s joy." I knelt in front, so I didn’t hear the words of her. Her dozen sisters behind her kneeling, her face was hard to see the extreme.

"Come, bring Yuan Fei back to Qianqiu Temple!" Zhou Yi’s voice couldn’t hide his anger.

"There is still one incident of Chen Xun." I said, "The title of Chen Ye is not good, and the name of the queen’s mother is taboo.

The sisters behind them looked at each other, and they were cold.

"If your Majesty forgot the name of the ministers, it is okay, just start a title."

"Zhong Cui!"

"His Majesty remembers his name!" I got up and kneeling, and Yu Guang saw Zhou Yi’s tight face.

"If you insist on this, you will seize the title, abolish the concubine, and ban the Qianqiu Hall.

Yuan Jun raised a smile, and his face looked proud.

"Thank you for grace!" I held back the discomfort brought by the little life beating in my abdomen.

He looked at me unbelievable. I was always rejoicing for him before, but now he disdains it and regards it as if he is.

Yuan Jun said: "When I want to come to Liangzhou to make a Ma Nu in Liangzhou, there is a silver. Now it is okay.","

"She turned out to be the daughter of a slave."

"Such a humble identity is still allowed to enter the palace, there are dragons …"


I cleared my throat, and those rumors stopped immediately.

"The ministers have their own silver, but they are not Ma Na, but the military pioneer of the pioneers." I looked up and looked straight at Zhou Yi regardless of the avoidance.In order to Zheng Yi Pioneer, more than ten games were killed in the battlefield, and there were still a few strokes on the military book. "

"Bring it down!"

Zhou Yi twisted his eyebrows, did he dare not face what I said?I don’t know. I didn’t wait for the palace people to come up.


The queen mother arrived in Qianqiu Temple the next day.

Zhou Yi really spoils her, and even the ban can ignore it.

She didn’t drink tea, didn’t eat snacks, and even said nothing, but she looked at my face persistently, and she was quiet like a mirror.

Except for scars, 80 % are similar.

Lanxi stepped forward to start a painting, and I recognized it at a glance. It was the pair of Zhou Yi’s dormitory. The beauty wears luxuriously danced, fluttering in clothes, and a red makeup was as warm as flame.

This is not me now, maybe it is not me.

I am Ma Nu’s daughter. Although I am tough, I rarely have this arrogant look. However, Yuan Jun now looks more like, but there is a slight difference in the eyebrows.

"Two years ago, His Majesty did this painting." Yuan Jun sarcastically said, "Your Majesty and his father and colleagues in the palace are even with this palace. He grew up since he was a child. You won’t know this."

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