Story: The woman dreams of a snake, and after waking up, there is more Jin Dan on her hand. Two months later, the woman is strange to get pregnant

Liu Xiangxiu (a pseudonym) family lives in a remote mountain village. Liu Xiangxiu’s parents walked early. In the family, only her and her husband had two people. In addition to cultivating land and planting land, they would also go up the mountain with her husband to pick up some mountain herbal medicines.Although it is not wealthy to sell money, the days in the family can be regarded as a matter of life.

On this day, the two people were as usual. After doing things for a day, they were lying on the bed. In the mountain village, they were very silent at night.The cry of these insects also entered the dreamland, but on this day, Liu Xiangxiu had a very strange dream.

In the dream, Liu Xiangxiu dreamed of a golden python, with a purple -black snake letter spit in the mouth of the python, which looked very photographer, but Liu Xiangxiu was not afraid. He lived in the mountain village for so long.There are also some cognition, and at this time, this golden python spit out: "Don’t be afraid of the benefactor, I have no intention to harm you, do you remember? Fifteen years ago, you rescued on the mountain.A small white snake? "

Listening to it, Liu Xiangxiu really remembered. Although there are many snakes on the mountain, the white snakes are still very rare, so when it says, Xiangxiu remembers it, watching the golden python in front of himShe did not expect that in the fifteen years, it fired so much, and at this time, the snake spoke again: "Well, I know that your two have been married for so long but have no children.On your body, I will give you my Neidan today. If you eat it, you can give birth normally. "

At this time, after the golden snake spit out a golden Neidan, it disappeared. At this time, Xiangxiu also woke up. Originally, she thought it was just a real dream, but she touched it.After passing it to her own hand, Xiangxiu looked at her eyes and stunned. There was really a Jin Dan at her hands. She knew that it was not a dream, this is true.

After thinking about it, she still ate this Neidan, and it was strange to say. After two months, Xiangxiu found that she was really pregnant, and after more than seven months, Xiangxiu was really reallyWhen she gave birth to a pair of dragons and phoenixes, and Xiangxiu went up the mountain to find the snake, she couldn’t find it.

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