Strange News of the Republic of China: Snake pregnancy

The world of thousands of worlds, it really is strange.

In a village called Zhengjiawu, Shangrao County, Jiangxi, he lived in Liu’s father and son, living in a living.The son’s name is crooked head -I don’t know if it is nickname or the name of the milk. When he grew up, he married the daughter of the Wang family as his wife.In the age of 20 years, Wang Nu was gradually bulging after getting started for a year, and people thought she was pregnant.Who knows that from the three years of the Republic of China until the sixth year of the Republic of China, the "pregnant" for three years, there is still no production.And the king girl herself only felt that there was something in her stomach and moved from time to time, and she seemed to come out.In June of the lunar calendar this year, it is already a hot summer. The king girl took a bath in the bathtub and lowered her head. She suddenly realized that a flower snake stretched out her head from the birth canal to drink water: the snake head has a fist size, but saw it "嗞嗞 嗞嗞。 "Absorb water sounds.Wang Nu was terrified, but helplessly, she could only watch it and retreat from her belly after watching it inhale water.Because things are too strange, and the shameful answers are difficult to open up -if they are known by others, they can only increase their hair to increase their shame.After that, she never went to bed with her husband since then.The kind Wang Nu believes that she is dead anyway, but she can’t harm her husband anymore!In the future, while the stomach was increasingly expanded, the Wang Nu’s body became thinner, and finally she was thin.After that, the flower snake stirred in her stomach, and the king girl only felt painful as a knife; the only way to relieve was to take a bath every day, let the snake’s head stretch out the water, and then it would be a little bit in the abdomen.

Regarding his wife who did not go to bed with himself, Liu Xie’s head thought that he was afraid of hurting "fetal gas", but it was understandable.Over time, as the climate turned cold, his wife didn’t care at all. He still took a bath every day.One day, when the wife closed the door to take a bath, crooked her head secretly looked from the door seam to inside, and happened to see the snake head stretch out to drink water. After horror, he broke into the door and strictly blamed his wife: "Since there is anyWhy don’t you tell me this strange thing? "The grieving wife was speechless, and could only weep.Crooked heads were so comfortable, the two sons discussed, decided to nail the snake head with iron drills, and then drag it out.The next day, when Wang Nu took a bath, she crooked her head to nail the iron diamond’s head and dragged it out.In the process of dragging out, Wang Nu only felt numb in his hands and feet, and finally fainted.Crooked her head and hurriedly burned the ginger soup, and pry open her teeth, poured the ginger soup, pills, etc. into it. After about three hours, Wang Nu gradually woke up, and crooked her head was relieved.The wake -up king girl was still very weak, and she could not speak until three days later.So, she accidentally found out from the summer bathing, and described the pain and troubles of these days in detail.With the gradual recovery of Wang Nu, this matter was spread between the neighbors of the villagers. People said in surprise: It’s strange, this is really a rare smell from ancient times!

This "different smell" contains "Fun History · Museum" written by modern writer Li Dingyi (1890-1963).It should be said that even if it is not completely true, it will not be groundless?

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