Strange! Why do you have menstruation when you are pregnant?

After having a baby, menstruation will stop itself, which is also a way to detect whether you are pregnant.However, some expectant mothers are obviously pregnant, but menstruation is still on time. It is really scared for expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy.If you are pregnant, is it abnormal or normal? Let’s take a look together.

The doctor explained: The reason why the menstruation has been once a month is mainly due to ovulation once a month, and the menstrual period is usually 3-5 days. During the menstrual period, the function layer of the endometrium is peeled off, and the palace appears in the palace.In the wounding surface, 6-14 days after the moon passed, the base layer of the endometrium was divided and proliferated, and the trauma surface was slowly repaired to form a new functional layer.

Under a certain stage

At this stage, there are new eggs in the ovaries, which are growing, mature, ovulation, luteal, and sex hormones, causing endometrial to proliferate, peel off, and bleed, causing menstruation.The ovary is lined up once a month, so menstruation is also once a month.If eggs and sperm meet, the human body will regulate the secretion of hormones, and the endometrium will not change anymore, so menstruation will not come.However, there are still some situations below, so that the menstruation of the pregnant expectant mother is still reported on time.

May I still have menstruation when I am pregnant?

In general, the first manifestation of women’s pregnancy is to stop menstruation.A regular or sexual life of a menstrual cycle, if the moon has not come for a long time, you must consider whether you are pregnant.But this is not absolute -when pregnant, it is still possible to come to "menstruation".

Reason one: Fertilized eggs are unstable in bed

[General Situation]: Menstruation is a bleeding phenomenon caused by endometrial necrosis after ovulation. It can be said that menstruation is a preparation for women’s uterus for pregnancy.In general, the fertilized eggs successfully bed on the endometrium, and the body will not ovulate again, so the endometrium will not fall off again, so when you are pregnant, the expectant mothers generally do not have menstruation.

[Special circumstances]: Because the fertilized eggs are still unstable, the placenta has not been formed, and the time is when the menstruation is coming, and the body will still discharge mature eggs. ThenI have come to menstruation again.

Reason two: uterine endometrium falling off

[General Situation]: After the expectant mother has a baby, the ovaries will secrete a lot of progesterone, estrogen, etc. to help the uterine endometrium thickened, so as to prepare for the bed and growth of the fertilized eggs.Because the level of estrogen and progesterone in women’s body continues to increase, the endometrium will not fall off again, and menstruation will not appear again.

[Special circumstances]: Because each person’s physical condition is different, some expectant mothers have sex hormones secreted by ovaries after pregnancy, especially at the normal level, which causes a small part of the endometrium to continue falling off, so so the endometrium continues to fall off, so soMother -in -law will still come to menstruation, but there are very few menstrual flow.

After three months of pregnancy, the placenta is formed. When the estrogen and progesterone in women are relatively high, the endometrium will no longer fall off, and menstruation will no longer come.

Reminder: When the vaginal bleeding is just caused by the reasons mentioned above, don’t worry.However, it should be known that vaginal bleeding may also be abnormal situations such as threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy.Women with aura abortions and ectopic pregnancy will also occur similar to menstruation when they are pregnant, but the vaginal bleeding of threatened abortion, vaginal bleeding of women’s pregnancy, and the original menstrual cycle have nothing to do, and most of them have been bleeding., And accompanied by abdominal pain, lower abdomen swelling.If expectant mothers encounter the above -mentioned vaginal bleeding, they must go to the hospital for examination in time. Otherwise, the child may have a miscarriage, and the mother’s own health will be affected.

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