Successful experience: "Touch" once I want to get pregnant?Do this 5 o’clock

If you want to go smoothly, you can’t get pregnant even if you can’t get pregnant once or twice, but don’t have to be pregnant for 1 or 2 years.In fact, the high pregnancy rate is also conditional. If you achieve the following 5 points, most women can be pregnant within half a year, and it may be pregnant in the first month.

Successful experience: "Touch" once I want to get pregnant?Do this 5 o’clock

1. Pre -pregnancy examination

Is it necessary to check?If young couples are inaccurate for a year of pregnancy for more than a year, and older couples are inaccurate for 6 months of pregnancy, then pre -pregnancy examinations will be particularly important.

Half-half suggested that the couple planned to check 3-6 months before pregnancy, mainly to avoid reproductive diseases delaying pregnancy time and taking detours.Time is actually more important for older couples.

2. Healthy life

Regardless of adults, elderly, or children, our lives have unhealthy behaviors of large and small, such as not exercise, breakfast, three meals with unevenness, staying up late and supper.

It is recommended that pregnancy early to plan. It is best that the couple can take out at least 3 months to condition the body, and then get pregnant, not only to consider the health of women, but also facilitate eugenics.

3. Ovulation cycle

The ovulation time of women with a regular menstrual rule is generally fixed within a range. Most women are in the middle of two days in the middle of two menstruation. The specific ovulation time requires you to make predictions and records. In the first few months, you may not find the accurate time of ovulation.You need to find the law from it and explore your best time to the same room.

If you find that your menstruation is irregular and it is difficult to track ovulation, then you need to use B -ultrasound to monitor the development of follicles and listen to the doctor’s suggestion to arrange the same room.

Note that if you have been taking oral contraceptives, it is not recommended to get pregnant immediately after stopping the drug, it is best to regulate at least 3 months before pregnancy, but you can still monitor the ovulation cycle and prepare for conception 3 months later.


4. relieve stress

Whether it is work pressure, life pressure, or pregnancy pressure, it is best to relieve it. Do not carry it on your body for a long time. This will not only be unfavorable to the overall health, but also reduce the ability to conceive.There are many ways to relieve emotions, exercise, music, talk, and so on.

5. Same -room skills

The above preparations are ready. When you enter the pregnancy test, you must pay attention to the same room skills.First of all, the same room cannot be too frequent. Ovulation is the next day. If you predict that ovulation will be ovulated within 36 hours, you can continue to do the same room in a row. Usually, it is best not to exceed 3 times a week.

Secondly, it is more important for women in the back of the uterus to be more important, because the adoption of the uterine position problem is more conducive to sperm forwarding. If you don’t like it, you can raise your hips for half an hour after the same room.

Summary: Data show that 85%of couples can be pregnant within one year. If they have not been pregnant for more than a year, it is best to check it.

I wish you a good pregnancy ~

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