Sudden!Details of the tragedy of Yuncheng in Shanxi: Mother is suspected to be pregnant, and the deceased was abused during his lifetime

"I couldn’t hold him at all. He was too powerful. I called his mother to help hold him down. As soon as his mother came, he would not struggle."Explanation.

In Lintong County, Shanxi recently, I did not expect the tragedy to be staged again!

A innocent little boy, suffering the cruel killing of his biological mother and stepfather!What kind of crime is this!For more than 20 days after the incident, the child’s family was looking for his whereabouts anxiously, hoping that he could go home safely.However, the police’s notification is sad: the boy has been confirmed to die!

What is even more distressing is that when the boy’s body was discovered, the body had severe skin tear, disclosure of disclosure, and large area burns, making people shudder!

What exactly did the 11 -year -old boy experienced when he was alive?

On May 4th, a tracing notice in Lintong County, Yuncheng, Shanxi, touched the hearts of netizens. A 11 -year -old boy never returned after leaving home.

From the perspective of tracing, netizens found unusual places. Before the boy disappeared, he lived with his mother’s stepfather, but the number left in the tracing notice was the child’s father and aunt.information.

Later, someone contacted the child’s biological mother and stepfather. When the camera just opened, a "performance" began. The child’s mother and stepfather took turns to interpret the mother and son and the father and son. When the camera was given to the stepfather, heTears with tears, what I want to miss is myself.

After this "performance", the child’s mother and stepfather disappeared and the phone could not be contacted.

According to reports on the Internet, Zhang Mouqiao, a 11 -year -old boy in Xia Dou’s Village, Linjin Town, Lintong County, Shanxi Province, was arguing with his mother Xie Mouuo and his stepfather Wang Moumou at home because of theft and beating. Unfortunately, he was unfortunateDestiny.In order to conceal the crimes, Xie Mouuo and Wang Moumou wrapped Zhang Mouqiao’s body with a quilt, transported him to Wang Moumou’s father’s cemetery with an electric car, and dug the tomb to bury the remains.

Another netizen revealed that everyone in the villagers knew that the child had been abused when he was alive, beaten by his biological mother and stepfather, and even burned with hot water, and the child’s body was covered with scars.

The child’s stepfather experienced three marriages, which caused a divorce for domestic violence. The stepfather would beat his biological daughter in the past. At present, the boy’s mother and the stepfather did not receive a certificate and just lived together.

Speaking of this stepfather, it can be said that it was sinful. Last year, the boy had been fractured. This year, it was fractured again. The child’s body and face were always purple.At that time, the "good mother" was for the past, saying that the boy accidentally fell by the boy’s bicycle.

And how did this "good mother" know such a person?

According to local insiders, when the boy’s biological father was working outside, the boy’s mother was derailed in the marriage. The child’s mother particularly liked to dress up, and the flowers dressed up on weekdays were exhibited.

This kind of character is not difficult to guess how the two have come together. Poor such a small child has not enjoyed the beauty of the world yet, and was killed by these two devils.without?

Some netizens broke the news that the boy’s mother now seems to have pregnant, and the son who dislikes the son of her ex -husband is a burden and is unwilling to raise the child.

This view has not been confirmed at present. The specific cause of abuse and killing is still under investigation, but I have to say that tiger poison does not eat the seeds. The mother’s approach is simply not worthy of human!

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