Summer "Mung Bean with a treasure, run to the hospital for less!"One eats the spleen, eats dehumidification, and eats the summer heat


Introduction: "Mung beans with a treasure, run to the hospital for less" in summer!One eats the spleen, eats dehumidification, and eats the heat. Unfortunately, there are not many people know

It has entered Sanfu Tian on July 11, which means that the coolest weather in the year is coming.Faced with such hot weather, many people choose to clear the heat and heat the heat.However, mung bean is the best product of summer heat. It is a particularly common ingredient in our daily life. Usually, we mainly use to boil mung bean soup or cook mung bean porridge. The mung beans are not only comfortable and cool at the entrance, but also clear heat and heat.

Mung beans like me usually like to use mung beans to boil some porridge, especially in the hot summer, drinking a bowl of cool mung bean soup is really cool.Summer "Mung Bean with a treasure, run to the hospital for less!"One eats the spleen, eats dehumidification, and eats the summer heat. Unfortunately, there are not many people who know. They often eat a little in summer, which is good for the body.

Recommended recipe: mung bean sagoa

Prepare ingredients: mung beans, sago, rock sugar

specific methods:

1. First freeze the mung beans into ice and boil for 40 minutes, so that mung beans will be easier to rose sand.

2. Boil the water in another pot. After the water is boiled, add the sago, and cook until the small dot is left in the middle.

3. Then after the water, the sago became very q.

4. After the mung beans are cooked out of the sand, put some rock sugar, cook until it is completely melted, and then put it in sago. The delicious mung bean sago is ready.

In the hot summer, it is really comfortable to come to a bowl of iced mung bean sago. Many people like to go to a sugar shop to drink mung bean sagoa. In fact, it is very simple to do at home.

Recommended recipe: mung bean barley soup

Prepare ingredients: mung beans, barley, red dates, rock sugar

specific methods:

1. First add an appropriate amount of water to the mung beans. Due to the long -term drying of mung beans and the sale, it will be contaminated with a lot of dust and impurities. Therefore, we must clean the mung beans.Wash the green mung beans and add an appropriate amount of water to soak it for two hours.

2. Next, choose the black barley and the broken barley and throw it away.Friends who often buy barley will find that barley is actually divided into a relatively large grain rice and a relatively small grain rice. If we usually eat it, it is best to choose a cricket with smaller particles.

3. Then add an appropriate amount of water to the inside, clean the barley rice, and remove the water.

4. Then heat the pot, pour the cleaned barley into the pot, turn on the medium heat, stir -fry the water on the surface of the barley.After a while, we can smell the particularly rich spiced rice fragrance, stir fry until the color of the barley is slightly yellow, and then pour it into the bowl for later use.

5. Because barley is relatively cold, we generally stir it before eating.

6. Then prepare a few red dates, cut it in half with scissors, and remove the dates inside.

7. Red dates have the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing blood and sanity, strengthening the spleen, and stomach. They are good health products such as weak spleen and stomach, lack of qi and blood, and insomnia.

8. Time is here. Take the soaked mung beans on your hand and gently use your nails to be divided into two halves. The shell can be easily removed, so soak like this.

9. Now we put the fried barley in the casserole, the red dates are also put in, the mung beans are also put in, and then add an appropriate amount of pure water to the inside.Slowly stew for 20 minutes.

10. Time is here, the mung bean red dates soup is boiled. It is very fragrant. The whole air is filled with the sweetness of various ingredients. It is faint and very good.Such a mung bean barley red dates soup.

Just make it, drink a touch of sweetness, with a faint barley flavor, and the sweetness of red dates and mung beans.

Recommended recipe: mung bean millet porridge

Prepare ingredients: mung beans, yellow millet, rock sugar

specific methods:

1. Huang Xiaomi was cleaned and soaked for 1 hour, and the mung beans were cleaned and soaked for 2 hours. The specific dosage can be based on personal preferences and the population of the family.Soak the mung beans with cold water for one night and cook porridge the next morning.Or soak it before going to work during the day and cook porridge at night.(So mung beans will be easy to cook)

2. Wise yellow rock sugar, soak mung beans and millet, all the ingredients are handled;

3. Inject the injecting water in the stress pot, choose to boil the water to boil the water;

4. After the water is boiled, put the yellow millet and put in the mung beans.

5. The lid is deducted to select the fragrant cooking function key pressure cooker to start working. After the work is over, there is a prompt sound.

6. Time is here, Xiaomi Mung Bean Porridge is cooked, very fragrant. Putting rock sugar while it is hot, you can not put it if you don’t like to eat sugar;

7. Wait until the rock sugar is melted to eat. A thick layer of rice oil skin floats on the porridge surface. The method is simple and nutritious.

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