Summer barley is cooked like me like me, and the effect is powerful.

Hello everyone!I am a sauce.

Like my husband’s fat body, you need to drink it like this, let’s take a look!

First of all, we prepare a handful of barley in a bowl, add water, and wash the barley rice first.There are two types of barley, one is large, similar to soybean size. This belongs to the large barley kernels, which tastes slightly sour, colder and cold, and it is difficult to cook. I always turn around at night.You have to choose this big coix seed.

Another small particle, similar to the size of mung bean, smooth surface, this belongs to small barley kernels. In fact, it is more accurate to say "barley kernel".This kind of small coix seed is easy to cook and tastes better, but its nutritional value and medicinal value are not as good as germ. If we want to achieve clear heat, we should use large coix kernels instead of small barley kernels.

Below we stir -cleaned the clean barley in the pot. The summer climate is hot and humid, and some people are prone to diarrhea, so before we cook the barley, stir -fry the barley rice to remove the cold in the barley.

Rapid over medium heat for about three to five minutes, and the coix seeds are slightly yellowed, and you can turn off the heat and pour it into the health pot for later use.

Below we are preparing twenty grams of fried malt, ten grams Poria, five grams of tension silk and five grams of hawthorn tablets.Fried malt is a mature fruit of barley. After germination, it grows malt, and then fried into scorched brown and cooling, which is sweet and flat.

Below we pour all the prepared ingredients into deep bowls, add water, wash it clean, and clean the surface dust.

After cleaning, control the water, then pour it into the health pot, add about 1,000 milliliters of water, cover the lid, according to the health soup mode, and cook for 30 minutes.

In summer, we can often cook it like this, especially friends with big belly are more suitable for drinking.Barley, Poria, hawthorn, tension, these ingredients are very common. You can buy dry goods and grocery stores in the market, and fried malt is very common in pharmacies.

The ingredients cook for about fifteen minutes, and the color of this soup has changed from shallow. At this time, we will be cooked patiently for a while for our barley malt tea for a while.

After cooking, we pour it into the cup and let it cool a little!Everyone will definitely ask what effect does it have here?

This kind of barley malt tea, in the hot and humid summer, can clear heat and dehumidify, help the food digestion. The 180 pounds of fat husbands often cook it during weight loss.Drink on the water.

Friends who like it can try it out of the body.Wet, slowly you can have a slim figure.

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