Sun Yan’s lower abdomen was accused of getting pregnant?Netizens said the name of the third child child ~

Hello, babies, in the entertainment industry, talking about the enviable couple stalls, the younger sister couldn’t help thinking of Sun Yan and Deng Chao and his wife ~

Deng Chao often showed affection with his wife Sun Yan on Weibo. Sun Yan, who had been busy filming some time ago, showed his script on Weibo.

In Sun Yan’s Weibo comment area, Deng Chao, who was active like a high imitation, said generously: "I feel bad for my wife, go home to do a massage ~" This dog food sister eats very happy ~

The family’s family portrait of the family also made netizens look good. Deng Chao and his wife Sun Yan, who were originally cheerful, and his wife, who was quiet and quiet, and the two babies who played on the side — and the younger brother and Xiaohua sister even moreIt is the warmth of the child.

We can see that the family’s life is very happy from the photos that are often exposed from a family of four ~ Son and so on are really similar to his dad Deng Chao ~

Some time ago, the Deng Chao couple attended the wedding of her agent. Although she was wearing a black dress, her mother was obviously blessed before.Not only let netizens think of it ~

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As early as two months ago, news about Sun Yan’s pregnancy flowed out ~

However, some netizens said: "At that time, it was just the New Year, and the mother -in -law Sun Yan might be just a bit fat ~"

The recent group of Sun Yan in the crew, the slightly convex lower abdomen made people speculate whether Sun Yan was pregnant?I saw that Sun Yan was wearing a thick costume, full of pregnancy ~

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After watching the side, let’s take a look at the front. I don’t know if the costume is too thick or the mother -in -law Sun Yan is really pregnant?The folds of this costume are a bit obvious ~

The picture comes from Tencent Entertainment

Let’s take a look at it again, the mother’s belly is still a bit blessed ~ but the photos of the crowd watching Sun Yan’s call are enough to see Sun Yan’s popularity ~

The picture comes from Tencent Entertainment

As soon as this news came out, many netizens began to guess the child’s name, the bullish, etc., the sophomore called Xiaohua, did the third child call open soon?This netizen’s thinking logic is really fine ~

However, the belly of female stars has always been the object of speculation by netizens. Gao Yuanyuan participated in the event many times and was suspected of being pregnant because of blessing ~

But so many years have passed, isn’t the goddess of Yuanyuan not born ~ It’s not easy to see as a female star. If it is slightly fatter, the news of pregnancy will appear overwhelming ~

Liu Shishi, who is a little loose, is often suspected of being pregnant by netizens ~

Even if he didn’t get married, he just talked about Tianxian Liu Yifei who was pregnant because he was pregnant. Is it pregnant?

There are also Xie Na who also married Zhang Jie for so long, but his stomach has not been moved.

Zhang Jie had a warm response to Xie Na’s infertility -Nana was not in good health, and I planned to adjust their bodies before asking for children ~ But Zhang Jie also said, "We are also planned ~"

Of course, it is a good thing to get pregnant. If you are not pregnant, netizens should not be in a hurry.The birth of the goddess will put pressure on the goddesses ~ Let us bless these female stars together to give birth to noble children ~

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