Sun Yan’s pregnancy quirk, children who eat fruits are smart children

Speaking of Sun Yan, many people are envious, a pair of smart children, a double harvest of family careers.Sun Yan once exposed the quirk during pregnancy, saying that he especially loved fruit when he was pregnant, and to the point of crazy.When you wait, you like to eat grapes. The grapes you eat every day are put in bowls, a bowl of green, a bowl of purple.When I was Huai Xiaohua, I especially liked pomegranate. As soon as I saw pomegranate, I felt excited to stop.

During pregnancy, hormones in women will change, resulting in some quirks.In addition to Sun Yan, each mother has some amazing pregnancy quirks during pregnancy. In addition to eating fruits, what else are the girls during pregnancy? See what the mothers who have experienced.

Mother Chen: When I was pregnant with my daughter, I especially loved watermelon. When I was pregnant, I loved grapes. As a result, my son was the same as me. Now I love to eat grapes.After eating, children will also like to eat, so amazing!

Mother Li: When she was pregnant, she experienced winter. At that time, she especially loved watermelon and melon. Because of the anti -season, my family advised me to eat less.But at that time, I felt particularly delicious, and it was particularly fragrant.Every time they let less eat, I took my son as a shield, saying that the son wanted to eat.As a result, a lot of meat was rising, and the child was only six pounds. My husband said that the nutrition was absorbed by myself.

Mother Wang: I am pregnant with a daughter, so I want to eat spicy.My mother -in -law was afraid that the child would get angry, and I wo n’t eat the peppers, so I would like it!Go to the house to make the door, see that others can’t help drooling when eating, and feel that no matter how good the meals in your family, there is no fragrance of someone else’s family.But after four months of pregnancy, I never thought anymore, and I felt that it was good to not eat spicy.

Mother Zhang: When she is four months pregnant, she can’t eat meat, can’t smell the smell of fried meat, she will be disgusting when she smells!In the first few months, what did you eat to vomit? The most powerful time was to vomit water, and I didn’t know how to come.During pregnancy, there is no special love.

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