Sun Yi is pregnant?Real hammer!Didn’t break up with Dong Zijian!Kissing hugs and raising high

Dong Zi accompanied Sun Yi to do a production inspection!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersection

Wait, is this progress a bit too fast, Ame needs to buffer.

Amy still remembers that as long as you hit Dong Zijian and Sun Yi in the search box some time ago, there will be news of various breakups.

Of course, everything is not groundless. The reason why they broke up was because Sun Yi deleted Weibo related to Dong Zijian.

And when Sun Yi promoted "Because I Meet You", when the reporter was asked by the reporter, he was embarrassed when he was in love with Dong Zijian.The abnormal performance of Sun Yi seemed to convey that she and Dong Zijian had broken up.

But, today’s detective Zhao Wuer broke the news. Dong Zijian and his mother Wang Jinghua took Sun Yilian to run the two women’s and gynecology hospitals to do a production inspection.

And in the process of waiting for the call with Wang Jinghua, Sun Yi took out a list of suspected B -ultrasound scanning.

After that, Sun Yi, Dong Zijian and Wang Jinghua went to the high -end villa area to see the house together.

Mid -way Sun Yi may be tired to return to the car to rest, leaving only Xiao Dong to see the house by himself.So is Sun Yi really pregnant?

In addition to the exposure photos, in addition to seeing the information of Sun Yi suspected of pregnancy and buying a wedding house, I also saw the sweetness of Dong Zijian and Sun Yi, who was the one.Stubing out!Boyfriend Max! Sprinkle dog food tenth -level warning!Amei also has to hug height!

Dong Zijian pampered his own jacket for Sun Yi, and helped sort out his hair. If he saw this, he was said to break up, it was blind!

And holding hands at all times, it’s really sweet.

It seems that there are also couples to pretend to appear in pairs ~

However, why did Dong Zijian’s pants look so familiar … Amei remembered that he was wearing the pants with a high rate of appearance on his little assistant Weibo.

He was also spit out by the little assistant on Weibo.

It seems that Xiao Dong has a soft spot for this pants, because it is the same model as Sun Yi ~

The words are homely, which has evidence that it is enough to prove that Dong Zijian and Sun Yi are good. You do n’t have to worry about it. Please prepare for the blessing to give them.

Speaking of this, Amei suddenly remembered that when Dong Zijian had participated in the variety show "Living Life" to teach Dahua Sister on the spot with a bass gun with Jingwei, "Baby, can you marry me ~" It turned out that it had already trainedOver ~

At that time, the girls who were spoiled by Dong Zijian’s words, please promise that Amei lives with a smile when he knows the truth?

In fact, these little couple have always been super sweet.Before the relationship was not announced, it was encountered by netizens on the plane, and they also photographed the soap tablets of the two people at the airport ~

After that, I also secretly interacted on Weibo (do you think we can’t see it? [Lucky])

When Dong Zijian announced his relationship on Weibo, this confession was also domineering and sweet: What should I do?Sun Yi immediately responded: That is your luck.

And also opened the mode of love and killing each other on Weibo.Dong Zijian posted a photo of Sun Yi on Weibo and teased the text: My boss always had a black face to me. What should I do?Urgent online …

Hahaha, Xiao Dong, are you friends who are so black?Sure enough, Sun Yi was caught on the spot. This surnamed Dong, Amei had felt that Sun Yi had rushed to chase Dong Zijian on the screen ~

Of course, how do you treat me, I will do it to you, and Sun Yi dare not show weakly on his Weibo to take the selfie of Dong Zijian and call it spicy eyes.

In addition to each other, there is a more tender side, Sun Yi once wished Dong Zijian to wish Dong Zijian a happy birthday with his 521 on his birthday.Unfortunately, this Weibo did not escape the fate of being deleted.

However, Dong Zijian also has a serious and loving side. When Sun Yi is sick, he blame himself to take care of himself ~

The little couple who loved each other and killed each other, Amei couldn’t help sending blessings to this sweet love.

Although I do n’t know what Sun Yi deleted all Weibo with Dong Zijian because of what was deleted, maybe it was a small trouble in love and childishness ~ But even if she was rumored, she did not cancel the Weibo of Dong Zijian.So this may be just a small episode in the process of getting along, and the future is still long.

I have to say that the little couple is really a clear stream in the entertainment industry. She is so happy, unscrupulous, and can’t wait.The post -90s have been labeled with unreliable labels, but the two of them walked all the way and settled down.They are not idols, they are not afraid of falling fans, they are loyal to themselves ~ I believe that Sun Yi and Dong Zijian will be able to move forward side by side in the entertainment industry!We just wait for them to announce the good news ~ Please order ZAN!I wish you a person who spoils you!

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