Sydney is a pregnant photo of Double Eleven!Calling a woman to become pregnant is not a bond of a career

As if the Sydney who had just been proposed was still yesterday, in a blink of an eye, his stomach was so big.Sydney, who has been prepared as a mother, gave up covering up, and boldly showed the pregnant belly, which means the promotion of the trend of Double Eleven’s own shop:

Sydney was originally known as Zhu Xihui. The most well -known identity was the girlfriend of Wang Sicong. This year, he was only 27 years old. He had a good family in his childhood. He was a typical Bai Fumei. After he met Wang Sicong, he became a celebrity.

Although the love incident with Wang Sicong was overwhelmed, there must be a Syllator who must be known as the public’s ridicule. With Wang Sicong’s name, he successfully grew its own e -commerce business. NowadaysThe little girl is a female boss who makes money and makes her soft hands.

If there is no concept of Sydney’s career, you can measure it at such a standard: she was shortlisted for the 2017 Forbes Chinese Elite Ranking.

Wang Sicong also did a lot of romantic things for Sydney that year. He went to listen to the concert together, played for her amusement park, and sent a big rose, but love, in the eyes of unmarried Wang Sicong, always needs to always need to needFresh.

After breaking up, Sydney’s emotional life did not move for a long time. Until July this year, a grand proposal pulled Sydney back to netizens.The man of proposal this time was the second generation of Zhang, the man named Zhang, and the proposal was smooth, and Sydney was pregnant at the time.

After pregnancy, Sydney exposed to six or seven pounds. Fortunately, she had a slender figure before, and she had not been able to bear it directly. Sydney was more severe in pregnancy, but she still insisted on her strong female style.

Why is the body so rich and desperate?

Sydney said: Pregnancy and having children are never the bond of a woman’s career:

She will become a superman and work harder.

After all, when you are young, you may not understand love and disdain the family, but once you have children, as a mother, women always have endless power.

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