Symptoms of leucorrhea after pregnancy

Symptoms of leucorrhea after pregnancy:

1. The leucorrhea color yellow or white, most of the texture is thick, and sometimes it can also be thin. The typical leucorrhea is tofu -like or lactated cubes.

2. When suffering from endometritis and other pelvic inflammatory disease, leucorrhea will also increase.

3. When cervical erosion, leucorrhea is usually yellow, sticky like pus, and most of them have no taste.

4. The leucorrhea of gonorrhea is yellow pus.

5. When suffering from tubal cancer, tumors stimulate the tubal epithelium leakage and lesions necrosis, and the leucorrhea is mostly intermittent, clear, yellow -red liquid.Sascience.

6, leucorrhea is dilute pus, yellow yellow, foam, or like rice -like water, color gray, leucorrhea smell is the manifestation of trichomonas vaginitis.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the leucorrhea yellow hair is related to the heat and the heat is heavy with the heat and the humidity is tight. There is a yellow belt to indicate that there are internal fire in the body, thermal heat, heavy humidity, and insufficient medium qi.There are some common causes of gynecological diseases.If there is no reason for leucorrhea for no reason, or the change of color, texture, and odor, you should go to the hospital for examination and make a diagnosis and treatment early.

What kind of medicine should I take yellow after pregnancy?

There are many reasons for leucorrhea yellowing during pregnancy, and different methods of treatment of different diseases are different. It is necessary to be performed under the guidance of a doctor to prevent the drug from affecting the baby.

Lands are a kind of vaginal secretion unique to normal women. The amount of leucorrhea is usually related to the level of estrogen in women. The amount of leucorrhea is directly proportional to estrogen levels. The higher the estrogen levelEssence

Although the increase in female progesterone levels after pregnancy will increase the number of leucorrhea of pregnant women.However, if there is vaginal inflammation, in addition to the yellowing of the leucorrhea, there may also be leucorrhea odor, itching of the pussy or leucorrhea to show tofu slag.As long as the disease is found and targeted treatment, the impact on the fetus has little impact. It is best to go to the gynecology department of a regular hospital. Under the guidance of a doctor, the treatment of the system that has less impact on the fetus can be cured.

If you buy a variety of suppository or anti -inflammatory drugs at will, you will inhibit the germs, which will delay the time of diagnosis and treatment, and delay the condition. Mother expectant mothers must avoid this situation and seek medical treatment in time.

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