Symptoms of pregnancy

I was pregnant once in 2016. During the 37 -week delivery, the doctor said that it was a bit hypoxic, so I paid more attention to the fetal movement. I had time to go to the hospital for half an hour of oxygen. At that time, I was young and not sensible.There is no fetal heart before going to production.

After confinement, I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that the recovery was okay, and I could prepare for pregnancy after three aunts.

Then I started preparing for pregnancy from August 2017. As soon as I was preparing for pregnancy, I started to bleed a little menstrual bleeding. I thought it was cervical cancer. Then my husband asked me to go to the hospital for examination.If you still go to the hospital, you will not care so much. At the beginning of the month, I thought it was easy to get pregnant.At this time, it was a bit nervous, but it was not like the contact bleeding of cervical cancer theory. Then I checked the Internet to know that there was another word called ovulation bleeding.

After that, I downloaded the Crazy Creation APP and knew that there was an ovulation test paper. I bought ovulation test strips and early pregnancy on the Internet, and then I started playing urine in October.However, I am also afraid that I have stressed, so I do it with my husband and my father -in -law, and they do n’t know.So when I was tested in October, I was just like her husband was not at home, so I was measured once on the morning of Qiangyang. It was quite hopeful, but the next day, it was found that Qiangyang was still inIt was only discovered in the middle of the night the next day, so I was still not pregnant in October.

Later, because my husband was going out, he returned once or twice a month. I started ovulation test strips in November and did not have hope at all, but the bleeding during ovulation has always been there.Colleagues have always said that I have a false body, saying that I should find an old Chinese medicine medicine to adjust, and since I prepared for pregnancy, I have a bit ovulation every month, so I also have such an idea, but I have no time to prepare.Wait for the New Year.Although there is no test paper, I still like to stroll around the community in Crazy APP every day.

In December, I see that the prompt on the Crazy Create APP was ovulation on the 17th, my husband ’s birthday on the 15th, so I ran to my husband on the 14th. On the 15th of the 14th, I was A.The feeling of pregnancy, I felt that I might want to be pregnant and crazy. I don’t know where I came to the courage. It was two days away from the ovulation day.Therefore, I couldn’t help but test the early pregnancy on December 25. The whiteboard was tested on the 27th. I tested on the 27th and I was still the whiteboard. At that time, I didn’t have hope.So I took two days off in 28.29, and ran to my husband again. At that time, my husband also said, "Are you pregnant, I said no, what happened, he said it felt like your belly seemed to get bigger.I also said that there was so fast that even if I was pregnant, my stomach could not grow so fast. In fact, I was very clear at the time and knew that I was not pregnant.Because the 27th measurement of early progesterone.

But I found that I did not have bleeding during ovulation in December. I thought I had bleeding during ovulation, so I was going to see Chinese medicine when I was waiting for my aunt.The Crazy Create APP prompt is the aunt on the 30th, but my aunt has never come. I thought I was irregularly woken up in the middle of the night.I took the medicine, who knows, who really tested it, I couldn’t sleep excitedly. My baby finally came back, so I wanted to write something, and I had a reference to the sisters.

1. I have my feet every day in December. The reason for soaking my feet is mainly because the weather becomes cold, and my husband is not around. I sleep cold at night, so I insisted on soaking my feet every day from the end of November.

2. This month without ovulation bleeding during pregnancy.

3. The mentality is very important. Do not measure ovulation every day to cause a lot of pressure on yourself. After all, you should come.

4. When I was more than 20, I basically had a strong aunt every day, so when I didn’t test it, I was really going to give up to see a doctor.

5. Soft breasts, I think this is a very obvious symptom. Every time I came to my aunt, I would bloated one week before my aunt, and then it hurt.This month, the chest has been very soft this month. I was still thinking about what was going on before. How could the chest so soft, there was no feeling of pain. I also went to check it online and found that others were pregnant.The chest hurts, but I am very soft.

6. Suddenly I remembered why I was pregnant strongly in December, because I even had several dreams from the beginning of December, dreamed that I was pregnant, and then there was a process of giving birth to a child.The pressure is too great, and every day is stunned.

7. I have a lot of pregnancy. There are so many. I had been serving symptoms before I did not test it, so when I did n’t measure on the 27th, I thought that the symptoms were deceived.

I thought of this for the time being. When I think of something else, I will write.Although I can’t sleep excitedly, I still have to sleep, after all, I have to go to work.Finally, come to the fresh test paper town building, I wish you all the sisters can pay as expected.

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