Symptoms of pregnant sow mold toxin poisoning (with solution)

Moral toxin poisoning is a toxic disease caused by moldy feed feed to feed pigs. It is characterized by neurological symptoms in clinical practice. Various pigs can occur. Pigs and pregnancy sows are more sensitive.Let ’s take a look at the symptoms and treatment methods of pork mold toxin poisoning

Disease pigs perform anorexia, disorders of digestion, systemic bleeding, and depressed spirit, which further develops into anemia and jaundice.The liver is light brown or pottery color, and the liver becomes yellow and fibrosis develops with the condition.Breeding sows show a decrease in fertilization rate, decreased number of babies, increasing number of babies and abortion, ovarian atrophy, estrus stop or proliferation of estrus cycles, and fetal malformations can be triggered in early pregnancy.

Symptoms of vulvar and vaginal inflammation, such as pussy redness, vulvar veneer, vaginal mucosa congestion, edema, secreted mucus mixed with blood, large amount, and breast enlargement.Severe cases may appear vagina and uterine outward, even rectal and vagina.

2. The treatment method and treatment measures of pork mold toxin poisoning

First of all, it is strictly forbidden to feed moldy and deteriorated feed, and the feed is severely moldy.Mild and moldy feed is crushed to remove the mold or mold, mix well and feed the pig.Can not feed pregnancy sows, pigs and lactal piglets.

When the diseased pigs have mild poisoning, they can basically recover through strengthening nursing, but there is no better treatment for acute poisoning.Clinically, the corresponding support therapy and symptomatic treatment can be selected according to the clinical symptoms of the sick pigs. The main is to clear the toxins, detoxify the liver, protect the liver, strengthen diuretic, and replenish the detoxification.Add Longchang bile acid to the feed to eliminate or reduce the damage of the body by eliminating or reducing the damage to the body.

At the same time, repair the damaged organs, regulate the balance of the body, repair and strengthen the body’s own detoxification, detoxification function, and immune function, and improve the growth and reproduction performance of animal growth.As an excretion fluid, bile acid can effectively remove the toxins accumulated in the liver and restore the liver function!Desequent gall acid in bile acid can effectively decompose internal toxins.

At the same time, sows should use warm saline, 2 % sodium bicarbonate, or 0.1 % potassium permanganate solution for gastric or enema, and then take salt laxatives.

China -Dachen diseased pigs can take 1000ml of solution with sodium sulfate with 30 to 509, which prompts toxins in the gastrointestinal tract to discharge as soon as possible.After the intravenous injection of 300 to 500ml 5%glucose physiological saline, 5-15ml 5%vitamin C or 20ml 40%Ulot, at the same time, 5 ~ loml 20%amponum coffee is used for strengthening heart detoxification and enhancing anti -disease power.Further discharge toxins.

In addition, sick pigs also add an appropriate amount of antibiotics to the feed to prevent secondary infections while alleviating symptoms such as depression, kidney enlargement, edema, bleeding, and diarrhea.

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