Tai’an women’s pregnancy B -ultrasound can’t be seen, listening to the prescription blindly protecting the fetus, director: You are a pity

Ms. Li’s couple in Tai’an got married late. She was 28 years old. When her husband was 30 years old, the two got married, so the couple wanted to have a child as soon as possible after marriage.In order to be able to get pregnant smoothly, Ms. Li also learned to find the ovulation period, and the couple worked hard to do their homework during that time.

Women who have biochemical pregnancy forcibly protect their fetuses, but they are deceived after infertility

I thought that good pregnancy could come smoothly, but the three months passed. The pregnancy test stick test was still a lonely bar. Ms. Li was a little disappointed. This was her husband comforting her that she didn’t need to be so anxious.If you want your child to be not other things, you must be fully prepared to conceive.After listening to her husband’s words, Ms. Li felt a lot of heart, and she was no longer so anxious.

In the second month, Ms. Li’s menstruation did not come on time. At this time, she was a little happy in her heart.On the same day, she went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick. Although she was very weak the next morning, she could also see two bars. This made her very happy. The first time she told her husband.

And her husband even said that after the housework, Ms. Li did not need to do it. All he contracted, so that Ms. Li had a good tire.I thought the days of happiness came like this, but after thinking that a few days later, Ms. Li bleed below. This was startled. She hurried to the hospital for examination.It may be a biochemical pregnancy, so that she doesn’t have to pay too much attention, go back and take a good rest, wait for the next time to prepare for pregnancy.

The treatment of immune infertility against the disease, one step faster for pregnancy

However, Ms. Li couldn’t believe it. When she was pregnant, she was pregnant. How could she not see the child? The doctor did not give her a tire protection treatment. Ms. Li began to search for babies on the Internet.The baby -keeping advertisement was seen. Thinking about the attitude of trying, Ms. Li got in touch with the other party. The other party told her that she could use the prescription.Then there is no way.

After using the prescription, the "child" was still not kept. The other party comforted her not to be too sad, and recommended her other recipe to condition her body.In this way, Ms. Li drank another three months of Chinese medicine. I thought it would definitely be smooth and sharp next time, but who would have thought that no matter how hard the husband and wife worked, I couldn’t contact each other.At this time, Ms. Li felt she was deceived.

I dare not delay, the couple directly came to Jinan. After detailed consultation and inspection of the two, I found that there was no problem with the man, but Ms. Li had a immune infertility.The problem.I conducted a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine therapy for her situation. I used immunosuppressive agents to combine the hospital’s characteristic Chinese proprietary Chinese medicine preparations for conditioning. The overall improvement of the reproductive environment, increased the pregnancy rate, and lay a solid foundation for the growth and development of the embryo.Uachin function is also treated with oral luteum supplementation.

When I came to review four months later, Ms. Li’s situation recovered very well. The next month when they went home to try pregnancy, she called and told me that she was already pregnant.Congratulations to them, waiting for the good news of the child’s birth.

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