Take off the hair and affect sweat?Can I remove hair during breastfeeding during pregnancy?These questions are clear at a time

The day before yesterday, several sisters asked this doubt:

Will hair removal affect the normal perspiration function?

Is it not possible to sweat if the hair takes off?

One by one to reply below, it is really tired, just write a short story to tell you in detail:

Will hair removal affect the normal sweaty function?

The answer is: No.

Because although we are called "sweat", it is just a hair, but there is no function of sweating. Those who really control sweat should be "sweat glands".

The hair grows from the hair follicles. The sweat glands and the hair follicles are not the same thing. Even if there is no sweat and hair follicles, the sweat glands can still work normally. It should produce its sweat.Essence

The existence of hair has a certain significance. For example, if the hair is eyebrows, you will affect the value of the face. The nose hair and the hair below have a certain effect of blocking the pathogen.There are armpit hair, "beard" around the mouth, and so on. In fact, it is true that there is no big role. If you do n’t want it, you can rest assured that you are bold and boldly removed!

There are also a few questions that everyone often asks. Here we also science together:

Can hair removal during pregnancy?

Because amniotic fluid is a conductor of current, the electrolytic method cannot be used permanently during pregnancy. At the same time, because of lack of sufficient security data, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers use laser hair removal.

If you need to remove hair during pregnancy, you can use a physical method, such as shaving or safe hair removal cream.

Can hair removal during breastfeeding?

Yes, there is no restriction on the hair removal method during breastfeeding, just choose the method you like.

How to take care after hair removal?

Ordinary skin has no discomfort after hair removal. For daily care, for sensitive skin, if you use hair removal cream, you must try it in a small range. After using laser hair removal, you need to apply sunscreen. At the same time, you can apply aloe vera gel.Milk and so on to soothe the skin.

What is the difference between hair removal in the beauty salon and home hair removal instrument?

The principle of laser hair removal in a professional beauty hospital is similar to the principle of home hair removal instruments. It uses thermal energy to be transformed by light to hit the hair follicles.The biggest benefit of this method is that the hair can gradually become thinner and soft, and even reach the state of "spring breeze blowing and no regeneration".

Laser energy will make people feel hot, so after the beauty salon is completed, it usually cooperates with ice compresses. The disadvantage is that the price is more expensive, and it is not convenient to take off the private parts. Remember to avoid hot cleaning, friction, etc.Stimulate, try to keep it refreshing and dry.

Compared with the home hair removal instrument, it is not only small, convenient and painful, and the price is cheap and cost -effective. The hair removal will not affect sweats. Avoid pregnancy. Momes can also use it with confidence.Intersection

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