Take the medicine after pregnancy, first see these 3 misunderstandings!Women must not know

Pregnancy is a more sensitive and special period for women. Many women are afraid to hurt the fetus during pregnancy, so that some pregnant women refuse to take any drugs during pregnancy.Is this advantage or disadvantage?In addition to not taking medicine, there are also messy medicines, and vitamin is a misunderstanding of women who often enter during pregnancy.

Many women are worried that medication during pregnancy will have a healthy impact on the fetus in the abdomen, and they refuse to take medicine during pregnancy. Even when they have a disease, they do not go to see a doctor.Sometimes it is difficult for us to avoid some diseases. Even if you are careful during pregnancy, you may suffer from certain diseases. At this time, not taking medicine at this time is not a way to solve the problem, or even harm.

Being cautious during pregnancy is right, but cautious medication does not mean that the medicine cannot be used.Professor Tan Xiaozhang, a gynecological department of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that when women are diagnosed with certain diseases during pregnancy, they should be reasonably and regulated under the guidance of a doctor.It will cause some pain and damage to pregnant women, and even the disease will affect the healthy development of the fetus.

Of course, it is best to consult a doctor during the medication during pregnancy. The medicine can only be available with the recognition of the doctor. Even if you take some prescription drugs or other drugs for a long time, you will also ask if the doctor can continue to take it during pregnancy.Do it safely.

"It is three -point poisonous medicine", whether it is proprietary Chinese or western medicine.When many pregnant women are used during pregnancy, they will blindly refuse when they hear western medicine, and Chinese medicines are fully accepted, and even they even feel that folk herbal medicines are pure natural and the safest.

In fact, whether it is Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, there are certain side effects, and many of the proper natural drugs are not necessarily good. Most folk herbs are taken by people’s experience.It is not completely clear.During the pregnancy, you still follow the doctor’s advice. The prescription prescribed by the doctor, even if there are some side effects, will not have much impact on the fetus.At present, the impact of many drugs on the fetus is actually very small.

In addition, when taking the medicine, remember to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, the measurement, time and medicine method of medication, and the professional doctor.Some herbs and recipes circulating in the folk should not try easily, it is easy to bring irreversible consequences to the fetus.

Pregnancy is a special period for women. Of course, nutritional supplements during pregnancy are important. Properly supplementing calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients are conducive to the normal development of the fetus, but excessive replenishment will be counterproductive.The use of calcium supplements, vitamin supplements, and other health drugs is still recommended to take medicine under the guidance of a professional doctor. At the same time, it is more critical to maintain the nutritional balance of diet.

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