Take your children to see pediatrics or gynecology?Don’t panic, children’s gynecological clinic is here

"Children are only 7 years old, how do I have developed their breasts?" "My daughter is 15 years old, what should I do if I have not come to menstruation yet?" … For some gynecological problems that occur in minor women, many parents are often doubtful.Or go to gynecology?

In order to facilitate the citizens, on September 28, a children’s gynecological clinic was opened for innovation in Nanjing’s district maternal and child health care and family planning service center.

At two in the afternoon of September 28, the reporter came to Nanjing Jiangning Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Service Center. As soon as the children’s gynecological clinic opened the clinic, many parents had brought their children to come.

"The words of little girls are more worried about her early development, affecting her height, and some impact of diseases. We are more concerned about this." Parents said.

According to doctors, children with minors come to the doctor, mainly based on premature development, irregular menstruation, inflammation and other common diseases.

"Children wearing open crotch pants, and foreign matter falling in these problems. This is the little child who takes a clinic. When he grows up, the child develops, which is called the beginning of the menstrual period.From the medical perspective, we call the HPO shaft. The development of this axis can cause children to mature menstruation.Many people have irregular menstruation, and we need to deal with children in a timely manner. "Fang Meifang, chief physician of the younger gynecological outpatient clinic of Jiangning District, Jiangning District, Nanjing, said.

Because the body and endocrine level of minors are still developing, the treatment plan and means are also different from adults. Children are not the "narrow version" of adults.

"There will be many little girls in clinical work. There are some gynecological diseases. I don’t know if they go to see children’s health or women’s health care, causing a very embarrassing situation. Therefore, we have set up children’s gynecological clinics.During the development period, for their different special physiological structures and the process of continuous changes in reproductive organs, such a specialized outpatient clinic is set up. Opening hours are Saturday and Wednesday afternoon. "Deputy Director Sha Ling said.

Children’s gynecological clinic diagnosis and treatment are not limited to gynecological and pediatrics, as well as endocrinology, psychology, nutritional department, and so on.

"Including psychological outpatient clinics, psychological sand table games, nutrition clinics, including integrated training, etc., the treatment plan is provided through multidisciplinary cross -session." Said Sha Ling, deputy director of the Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Service Center of Jiangning District, Nanjing.

Doctors remind that in the period of growth and development, parents must pay attention to changes in their children’s signs, so as to be early, early diagnosis and treatment, in order to effectively help children control the speed of sexual development and gain ideal height.At the same time, in order to avoid premature premature sexuality, in daily life, parents are advised to maintain their children’s health as much as possible. When cooking soup, use less nourishing medicinal materials, and eat less honey and nourishment of bee royal pulp.

Jiangsu Radio, Television Rong Media News Center reporter | Tang Anzhen Zhu Xun (internship

Source: Jiangsu News

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