Taking emergency contraceptives, but instead, why did it fail?There are 3 reasons

In daily life, many female friends may forget to take contraceptive measures before they have a relationship with their partners. In this case, emergency contraceptives need to be used. However, some female friends use emergency contraceptives, andThere is no effect of contraception, but it is pregnant. Why did emergency contraceptives fail?

Emergency contraceptives are commonly used remedial contraceptives to prevent non -willing pregnancy after a few hours or days after the failure of sexual life or failure.

We know that taking contraceptives can prevent conception, but it does not mean that 100%contraceptive is successful. After use, 15%-20%of patients will fail.Most of the reasons are because people have misunderstandings about the use of contraceptives.

1. Time and method of taking medicine

For the time limit for taking emergency contraceptives, there are strict requirements. It is necessary to take it within 72 hours after no protection of sexual life, and take it again for 12 hours.If vomiting symptoms occur within 2 hours after taking, you need to supplement it once.

2. Patients have become pregnant before use

Generally speaking, emergency contraceptives usually do not have an impact on abortion on patients who have been pregnant. Therefore, women take emergency contraceptives after pregnancy.

3. Take antibiotics at the same time

If taking emergency contraceptives and antibiotics at the same time, drug interaction will be produced, which will affect the absorption of emergency contraceptives and cannot achieve sufficient blood concentration, which will not achieve the effect of contraception.

After using emergency contraceptives, if menstruation is delayed for more than a week, you need to understand whether emergency contraception failure and pregnancy have already occurred.

In the process of sexual life, due to the failure to take contraceptive measures, the method of avoiding drugs will be urgently avoided afterwards.

(1) After taking emergency contraceptives, you need to pay attention to your own situation. Whether you have discomfort such as dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea, etc. After taking it, if you are accompanied by bleeding, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

(2) It is recommended to take emergency medicines within 72 hours after sexual life. Patients take an empty stomach, or do not eat within two hours of taking it, so the chance of success will be higher.

(3) It is okay to take emergency contraceptives for a while, but long -term use will cause great damage to the body. It is recommended to take a maximum of up to once a month, and the number of times a year should not exceed three times. If it is taken multiple times, the impact on the body is very great.

(4) If the patient wants to get pregnant after taking contraceptives and contraceptives, it is recommended to prepare for pregnancy after three months to condition the physical condition, because after taking contraceptives, the quality of the eggs in the body will decline.After conception, the growth and development of the fetus is not the best result.

In short, I hope that female friends can understand the methods and time of using emergency contraceptives, and also understand the cause of the failure of the contraceptives to avoid accidental pregnancy.In addition, taking emergency contraceptives many times has certain side effects on the body. Therefore, it is not possible to take emergency contraceptives frequently, and contraceptive measures need to be taken in sexual life.

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