Tanchen eyes, staring, passers -by, lack of temper after pregnancy.

As the so -called, good things are not out of the house, thousands of miles

I never expected, just today

Zhong Jiaxin, who is far away in Canada

Because of the question of "hypocritical double -sided person"

And brush the screen Hong Kong entertainment circle

See this news

I believe many people feel wondering

"Since the end of the end of last year, Jiaxin BB has not left the field, returned to Canada, and returned to the family? Why was it suddenly questioned by the Hong Kong media?

Everyone, the original text will continue the book on the street

Jiaxin BB was played by wireless once

I did leave the old Dong family without returning my head

Maybe it is after the career is frustrated

You have to find the reason for the sense of accomplishment in the family

Jiaxin BB returned to Canada, after re -cast her husband’s arms

Soon I was pregnant with the third child

It is said that this child is still a daughter

So the Jiaxin BB after pregnancy has always been

Stay in Canada to recuperate and rest, meditate on the fetus

Live a happy little day with her husband and children

If it is until yesterday

There is a female netizen who also immigrate to Canada

Suddenly sending social networks claim to be in

A clothing shop in Vancouver, Canada

Zhong Jiaxin, who is pregnant with six armor and big belly

At the beginning, this female netizen

I didn’t notice the Jiaxin BB

Just sweeping one with the end of the eyes

Ordinary white suit black pants pregnant women

Until this pregnant woman uses Cantonese

Chat with friends around

The female netizen only glanced at pregnant women a few more times

Under this view, the eyes cannot be moved

Because she recognized that the pregnant woman turned out to be Jiaxin BB

Seeing the familiar TV goddess appeared beside you

Female netizens are happy to say hello to the other side at the moment

Facing enthusiastic netizens

Jiaxin BB also gently gently indicated

It was just because Jiaxin came and went in a hurry

So female netizens must take a photo

"Unfortunately, she was in a hurry to leave. Listening to her companion in Cantonese to urge her to try her clothes, maybe I was in a hurry to pick up the child. I was not embarrassed to take a photo.

Look at this network dynamic

Although female netizens have a little fan complex

But did not make it

By disturbing Jiaxin BB’s illegitimate meal behavior

And Jiaxin BB is also politely polite

Nod to netizens to signal

In general, the performance of both parties is not lost

But these feathers are garlic

But it can be lifted online

There are some disturbing discussion booms

The source of the matter is a batch of a batch emerging from the comment area

The old neighbors and colleagues of Jiaxin BB

Directly pointed to Jiaxin himself specially

With the red top and white, arrogant


By the way, Zhong Jiaxin used to work in Hong Kong before

I have always lived in Tseung Kwan OS

And some local neighborhood occasionally

I will see Jiaxin himself in the mall of the housing estate

But according to her old neighbor

Every time I see Jiaxin

The other party is all black noodles crooked

I also glanced back hard, my attitude is very unfriendly

Some people even recall this detail

"Once I went upstairs with her with her, she walked behind me and had been impatient. It seemed to blame me to stop her slowly!"

The vomiting of these old neighbors came out

Mashan caused the "herd effect"

Netizens from the staff behind the scenes broke the news

Directly, Jiaxin BB is the master of Hongding White

"She will only be friendly to people with social status, and the attitude of people with low positions in our low positions is very poor. People in the industry know that this is called masters, and she changes her face in a second and is super rude!"

Facing these disturbances

I don’t know the true and false vomiting news

Naturally someone follows the trend and some people suspect

Of course, the followers have a lot of realization

"Oh, it turns out that she used to play bad girls before

Then the in -type and entering style is to return to yourself "

In contrast, the questioner feels those who vomit

I have nothing to do, interpret too much

"Isn’t this a proper online bully, it’s scary!"


Don’t talk about Jiaxin’s micro -expression first

Is it enough to become rude evidence

It depends on her now on the market

But to be said to be three, four

That is one itself

Unnecessary and boring and chilling things

So compared to the good things, rushing to follow the trend

Most people with rational people will do

Jiaxin BB feels upset


I don’t think it’s necessary

All because of those rumors

Maybe it is what Jiaxin BB wants

What do you say about this?

Let’s take a look at the Jiaxin BB Lost Award and return to Canada

I know the trace of the heart to raise the fetus

By the way

Jiaxin can be described as perfectly

"Some people are not in the rivers and lakes, but there is still her legend in the rivers and lakes."

That’s right, I wonder if everyone found out

Jiaxin ran out after three differences since pregnancy

Share your current situation without any detail

From the early pregnancy vomiting experience

To test the baby’s sexy little daughter

Then continue to send out with her husband and children

The whole family portrait of the family

Anyway, I have never stopped

From her diligently on the Hong Kong media side

Share the dynamics by the form of a serial

It can be seen that she is in Hong Kong

There must be a behind -the -scenes team

Help her operate social accounts

Play some media relations and keep exposure heat

However, the Hong Kong media is not a coming person who does not refuse

Everyone’s attention is also one

Tired of deadline and aesthetic fatigue

This means that if Jiaxin BB continues to be happy and happy

The husband and the son, carefree, carefree

There will be no more news points

After all, who loves you to see you every day is quiet?

So after being happy for a while

The Jiaxin team also started to find some of their brains

Negative topics of irrelevant pain to make a sense of presence

No, just some time ago

Jiaxin’s dynamics began to draw a front

From the impeccable family portrait art photos

Become a sneak shot photo of netizens

By the way, these netizens took photos of candid photos

The light is dark and the composition is incomplete

Also mess with many passers -by ABCD

Although they are more grounded than the family portrait

But the story is not enough,

So the team is to build

A bit of storytelling topic

The female netizen was specially found at the beginning of the article.

Make mutually beneficial joint speculation

The question comes

Why did the article start

Female netizens are going to hype with Jiaxin

the reason is simple

That female netizen is not an ordinary netizen

It’s a net red

Because after telling the story of Yujiaxin

Female netizens deliberately revealed that they are wearing small size clothes

Also released a bunch of backhand

New products in famous shops

These new products are combined with a single out

I believe everyone feels a strong one

"Little Green Book Internet Red Wind" comes on his face

So Internet celebrities pass the story of Jiaxin

Completed the "Explore Store Mission"

Jiaxin also recruited through this

A wave of non -painful right and wrong

I have fired a very hot topic once

That is really a good thing for two cheap twos

It’s just behind this "good thing"

In fact, it also hides Jiaxin BB

Can not be "prenatal anxiety psychological disorders" for outsiders

That’s right, think about it

If my husband is in the family, wealth

Who would be willing to stand up to a big belly in the disk

After three differences, come out and toss

It can be seen that the more tossing Jiaxin, the more anxious she is

It is because women’s prenatal anxiety comes from

I’m afraid that my family does not have enough financial resources

Give a rich life for children to be fed

So it can be seen that the financial resources of Jiaxin’s husband

It’s not as strong as legendary

can only say

The surface of the middle class, the vicissitudes of the inside

The more you earn, the more you use it

The requirements for the quality of life are even more rising

When they reach a certain level

After seeing a richer and more broad world

I will never be willing to drop to the next class

So "middle -class poverty" comes from this

In order to maintain the difficult enterprise and

There are unwilling middle -class life below

Female celebrities must be stopped

Tomiting your brains to maintain popularity

Previous anxiety

Use everything to brush the sense of presence

Postpartum stress mountains

Skill everything to repair your figure and strive to come back

They are all normal, Zhong Jiaxin is like this

The same is true of her good sister Li Yanan

No, it’s recently

The variety show hosted by Wang Zulan

"There is a girlfriend called Zu Lan"

Broadcasting the last episode

To help the husband’s program earn viewing

Li Yanan changed the elegant and generous image of the past day

Appears in the posture of his wife

Evil and evil spit out Wang Zulan

The embarrassment in the daily life of the husband and wife

Even not ashamed and pointing straight straight

"Wang Zuli Lan Chengri fart in the quilt. He obviously said that he was embarrassed, and then went out!"

Seeing Li Yanan’s fierce evil spirits

The gesture of the wind and the tongue

Is it difficult for everyone to make this noise housewife

And the one who was by Wang Zulan

The little princess held in the palm is associated together

So whether it is Jiaxin’s heart -changing machine

Still Asian men from noble to vulgarity

These stories are explaining a phenomenon

No matter how good the fireworks are eaten on earth

Once she gets married

It is impossible to be one more purely

The princess queen who is not worldly and quiet

But you have to change your body

Become indomitable, tough

Life female fighter

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