Tang Xuanzong’s only pet Yang Guifei for decades, and she has been together at night. Why did she have no children?

There are countless beauties in China for 5,000 years. The most famous is the four great women who enjoy the reputation of "sinking fish and geese, and the appearance of shameful flowers", namely Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diao Chan, and Yang Yuhuan.

"Shenyu, Luoyan, closed moon, shame flowers" are historical allusions composed of wonderful stories."Shen Yu" is about the story of Xi Shihong."Luoyan" refers to the story of Zhaojun’s plugging. "Closure of the moon" is the story of Diao Chan worshiped the moon, "shame flowers", talking about the story of Yang Yuhuan’s drunk watching.

The four beautiful women have a trembling look, making people see that they can’t take steps.

And these four beauty are the most legendary Yang Guifei.During her lifetime, she gathered thousands of pets, and she was envious of three thousand people in the harem.

She is a beautiful and beautiful stunner, and she is also a strange woman with a changeable life.Li Bai’s "Qingping Words" —— Yun wants clothes to be able to accommodate, and the spring breeze brushes the threshold.

Bai Juyi’s "Song of Everlasting Hate" -The natural beauty is difficult to abandon himself, and once he was selected on the side of the king.Looking back at Bai Meisheng, the six palace pink daisy has no color.

There are also famous articles such as "Yang Taizhen’s Biography", "Indus Rain", and "Long Life Hall".

Bai Juyi wrote in "The Song of Everlasting Hate": "Spring Festival has a short day of bitterness, and the king has never been early. Chenghuan’s banquet has no leisure time.After 11 years, they did not give birth to a man and half a woman for Li Longji?

Let’s talk about the reasons today

One is that Yang Yuhuan’s body may have problems, and it is difficult to conceive.In July of the 22nd year of Kaiyuan, Princess Xianyi, the daughter of Tang Xuanzong, held a wedding in Luoyang. Yang Yuhuan was invited to attend.Princess Xianyi’s brother Shou Wang Li Yan fell in love with her at first sight.At the request of his mother Wu Huifei, Tang Xuanzong set up Yang Yuhuan as Princess Shou.

After marriage, Li Yan and Yang Yuhuan were very loving.The two are young in your youth, and it is the age of a strong fertility ability.

But for three years of marriage, Yang Yuhuan’s stomach did not move.This may be that Yang Yuhuan was not spoiled at the time, and there were fewer opportunities to be spoiled.There is also Yang Yuhuan who is more plump. According to the present statement, women are fat, and conception will be more difficult than normal people.

The second is that after she entered the palace, in order to please Tang Xuanzong, who liked dance, learning dance may hurt her body.Yang Yuhuan is fatter, and dancing is not easy for her.

Tang Xuanzong likes to watch dancing, not groundless.Historical records recorded that in order to please Tang Xuanzong, An Lushan also danced in front of him to win the emperor’s joy.An Lushan is very fat, and people are supported by walking. He is a strong man, and it is very difficult to dance, let alone Yang Yuhuan.But she had no way to learn dance in order to make the emperor happy.Moreover, she is improving in dance, and the "Neon Yu Yifu" will become a masterpiece in the history of human dance. How much torture has suffered? I am afraid that only Yang Yuhuan knows it.

Third, when Yang Yuhuan entered the palace, Tang Xuanzong was over sixty years old, and he may lose his fertility.After Yang Yuhuan entered the palace, the other concubines did not give birth to their children.

There have been records that Yang Guifei will pant because she takes a few steps and sweats. This fat is a reason for Tang Xuanzong to love her. At that time, Tang Xuanzong was already the old man in his 60s.At that time, the white and beautiful concubine had no heating at that time, air -conditioning or something. At night, Yang Guifei needed a fat and fat body to warm the quilt.

Before he was with Yang Guifei, Tang Xuanzong had cultivated 59 children, all born before the middle of Tianbao. When Yang Guifei was blocked in the 28th year of Kaiyuan, he was 55 years old.

For the ancients with relatively short life, Li Longji is already an indisputable old man. There are so many days in the harem of the dance and dancing in the previous decades, so even if the body is strong at this timeIt’s no longer possible, and there is a companion to sleep with Yang Guifei at night.

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