Tang Yixin successfully gave birth to a daughter, she was still swimming 10 days ago

On May 6, a media took a picture of Tang Yixin and was discharged from the hospital. Her husband Zhang Ruohuan took the child with her child and sent a red envelope at the hospital’s entrance.Congratulations to Tang Yixin!

On June 27, 2019, the two officials married and held a wedding.

On March 16, 2020, Tang Yixin announced on Weibo to announce the news of pregnancy.

By April 27, Tang Yixin took a recent photo after pregnancy and wrote: "Summary, I did not expect that the favorite exercise during pregnancy was swimming!"Postering the photos of POSE with an arms. At that time, she smiled brightly, her limbs were slender, her condition was super good, and she swimd.

Unexpectedly, after 10 days, she gave birth.In other words, she is still swimming in the late pregnancy!

As we all know, swimming can promote the comprehensive development of the human body. All organs of the human body participate in activities, promote metabolism, enhance the functions of nerve, blood circulation, respiratory and digestion systems, and have a good effect on enhancing physical fitness.

However, many pregnant women do not dare or swim. The reason is that pregnant women’s contact with cold water can shrink the capillaries of the peripheral, and the blood pressure rises and causes pregnancy complications.Worried that the pool water will go up the uterus of the vagina, causing intrauterine infections.

In fact, according to medical surveys, the chances of abortion, premature birth and pregnancy complications in pregnant women are not more than ordinary pregnant women.Experts believe that as long as you master the water temperature, exercise and swimming methods according to the specific conditions of your personal circumstances, the swimming of pregnant women has great benefits to themselves and the fetus.

In the pond water, because water has buoyancy, it can support the abdominal wall of pregnant women, which can reduce the burden of the heavy uterus to the abdominal muscles, eliminate the state of pelvic congestion, promote blood flow, relieve lower limb swelling, varicose veins, and often during pregnancy.Symptoms of back pain.Because it is not affected by gravity, it can reduce the oppression of the fetus on the rectum and be conducive to preventing constipation.The change in the position in the water is very conducive to correcting the fetal position and promoting the delivery.

A study in Japan, counting the 700 pregnant women participating in swimming exercise, the output rate reached 75%; pregnant women who did not participate in swimming exercise were only 48%.

Using the backstroke movement of the lower limbs can enhance the abdominal muscle strength of pregnant women and shorten childbirth time.According to the survey, the average delivery time of pregnant women who participated in swimming exercise: 9 hours and 46 minutes for the first maternal, 5 hours and 40 minutes after the maternal maternal; and generally the first maternal maternal was 15 hours and the mother was 10 hours.

During swimming, the limbs are constantly paddling and watering, and the muscles are enhanced. In addition, the massage effect of water on the skin blood vessels can promote blood circulation, which can enhance the physique of pregnant women and be conducive to fetal development.

Summer swimming can also benefit from the sunbathing, which not only makes pregnant women’s skin fit, but also enables the mother to synthesize sufficient vitamin D, which is conducive to fetal skeletal development.

The underwater screen qi during swimming can increase the volume of lungs, which helps to hold back for a long time in childbirth.

Swimming in pregnant women can improve emotions, divert attention, reduce pregnancy reactions, and will also have a good impact on the development of fetal nervous system.

Frequent swimming can also help pregnant women maintain a bodybuilding body, especially for the recovery of the body shape after childbirth.

Swimming in pregnant women will bring benefits to both body and childbirth, but for safety reasons, pay attention to the following points:

1. Pregnant women who have a history of abortion, premature birth, or heart disease, pregnancy complications, epilepsy, and otolaryngology diseases should not participate in swimming exercise.

2. 3 months before pregnancy, the amount of exercise should be smaller, the best swimming time is about 10 minutes, and the water temperature should not be too low within 400 meters.Because the entire body in the early pregnancy is in the process of adaptability, the pregnancy response is more obvious, and the stimulation of the external environment is also sensitive; at the same time, the maternal immunity has also declined to a certain extent.

The amount of exercise in the middle of pregnancy can be increased appropriately (15-20 minutes, 500 ~ 600 meters).Three months after pregnancy, due to the sensitive uterine smoothing muscles that continue to swell, the amount of swimming should be reduced to 2/3 of the medium term.In addition, swimming is best performed at 10 to 12 am, and uterine contraction is usually not easy to occur at this time.

3. The movement should be stable and slow during swimming. Do not dive when you enter the water.

4, the amount of exercise can stop, not to force.Many pregnant women abroad insist on swimming until they are in the later pregnancy or even before giving birth. In fact, they have already engaged in this sport before pregnancy. They have a good physical foundation.I barely went to swim.

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