Temperatures have deteriorated after pregnancy?Solving these 4 problems, instantly transformed into "Little Sheep"

Upstairs, I started to quarrel without sleeping in the middle of the night. It was strange to say that the small holes living upstairs were originally a good -looking and good -tempered girl. Everyone laughed when anyone saw it. I have been married for several years.The feelings have always been very good. People in the community envy the little hole husband who can marry such a good girl with such a good hole, but since pregnancy, the holes have changed.The hole is either a fire or on the edge of the fire. Now the small hole husband has become the object of sympathy for the entire community.Why is this?Will the temperament of women who are pregnant become worse?

Changes in progesterone

During pregnancy, the mood of pregnant mothers often fluctuates greater fluctuations than before pregnancy. It may be a little unsatisfactory, and they may "explode the volcano."This is actually because the ghosts of hormones in the pregnant mother’s body, because after pregnancy, the estrogen, progesterone, and human chorionic gonad hormone in the pregnant mother will suddenly rise, making the pregnant mother restless, and naturally what will they look atNothing is pleasing to the eye, and his temper becomes worse.

Can’t sleep well

We all know that it is a special period of difficulty during pregnancy. During this period, it is difficult for pregnant mothers to take a good rest, because most pregnant mothers have serious pregnancy in the early pregnancy, and they will also cause a series of adverse reactions, such as appetite appetite, such as appetite.Poor, affecting eating, and dysfunction at night will affect the sleep quality of pregnant mothers.By the end of pregnancy, the stomach became bigger day, the body burden worsened, and he couldn’t sleep in the whole place, and felt uncomfortable in any posture.I ca n’t sleep well for a long time, and the pregnant mother’s temper is naturally irritable every day.

high pressure

When most pregnant mothers are pregnant for the first time, the pressure will be great, because they do not have this experience in this regard, so most of them have heard from other people’s population. For example, the fetus is very fragile.Ah, so I developed the habit of thinking about what to do before, for fear that because of my carelessness, I hurt the fetus in my stomach. In the long run, the pressure is naturally strong, and my mood is even more annoying. How can my temper be good?

The family does not understand

Because after pregnancy, not only the problem will have problems, but the pregnant mother’s psychology will also become very fragile, and the family’s comfort will be needed.But at this time, family members often can’t feel the same. They will think that it is not too pregnant, or that others are not pregnant. The pregnant mother is naturally more uncomfortable after listening to this.Other pregnant mothers have to clean up their housework after pregnancy. The body was uncomfortable. In addition, she naturally felt more aggrieved. She couldn’t complain that the pregnant mother had a bad temper and did not give you a good look.

You know, the emotions of pregnant mothers have a great impact on the fetus, so when pregnant mothers are pregnant, their families must be considerate of pregnant mothers, and pregnant mothers must also work hard to regulate their mood. Only in this way can the fetus develop healthier.

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