Ten causes of bleeding during pregnancy, if there are similar situations during pregnancy, you can check self -examination!

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are most afraid of seeing vaginal bleeding.

In fact, since entering adolescence, menstruation has come for many years.Some girls can also laugh at the scene of blood in the horror movie.But once you see bleeding after pregnancy, many people first think of: After the egg is finished, after the egg, the child can’t hold it …

In fact, most of them are because you have watched too many abortion lenses in film and television works.

Youth art of youth

Usually, the bleeding under the heroine means abortion. The next second picture cuts to Xiao San’er and wants to take the opportunity to usurp the throne. Immediately after the mother -in -law, the parties of all parties kicked off.

So, from a professional perspective, what are the vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy?

Bleeding during pregnancy

In fact, more than one cause of bleeding during pregnancy, whether it is bleeding in the same room or bleeding during pregnancy.Many pregnant mothers often cannot accurately describe their situation when they find that they have bleeding, which is the biggest obstacle to the next consultation or consultation.

So, pregnant mothers!Whenever you find bleeding, please calm down first, and look at your specific situation from the following aspects.

1. Bleeding time

How many weeks of bleeding appeared after pregnancy?

Is it after the activity, after waking up or after going to the toilet?

Someone must have said that they would bleed if they didn’t do anything …

2. Blood state

Is it bright red or dark brown?

Is it sticky or clear?

Is it strong or sauce?

3. The speed of bleeding

Is it continuous, intermittent, or occasionally flowing out?

4. How much blood

Observe the amount of bleeding and compare with daily menstrual flow. Is it equivalent to it, or less?

5. Accompanied symptoms

In a sober state, close your eyes, feel your body with your heart, and experience if you have discomfort, such as abdominal pain, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc.

If you complete the above observation one by one, you basically have a preliminary understanding of your bleeding.

Sometimes you are likely to encounter this situation.


During the process of pregnancy, the uterus continues to increase, but the cervix will not increase simultaneously, so the endometrium located between the two appears.

At this time, it will cause a very small amount of bleeding.But this is the only way to get pregnant. After the uterus becomes larger, the condition of bleeding will disappear. Generally, it is necessary to wait about ten days.

Some people will speculate whether they are pregnant by bleeding in the early pregnancy.


Although this method is naive, some people do have a small amount of bleeding about one week after the ovulation period. This is likely to be that the fertilized eggs cause a small amount of bleeding in the bed during the bed. Generally, it lasts for two or three days. There is no obvious symptoms.

Of course, no bed bleeding does not mean that the fertilized eggs do not bed. You know, most people will not bleed.

With the development of fertilized eggs, choric membranes gradually formed.

Its main function is to wrap the fetus and amniotic fluid, which is closely fitted with the endometrium, but it will be separated in some cases, leading to bleeding.

Some pregnant women will find that there are hematoma next to the pregnancy sac when they do the B -ultrasound in the seventh or eight weeks of pregnancy, and they usually feel that the belly is tight or slightly discomfort.Generally speaking, with the increasing development of the fetus, this situation disappears.

This is a way to win the fittest, and normal people will have about 15%of the abortion rate.

Fewer people will have biochemical pregnancy. In simple terms, all tests and inspections suggest pregnancy, but fertilized eggs do not go to bed.

Biochemical pregnancy

It is usually manifested as a delay of menstruation for about a week before the lower body began to bleed slowly, and the amount of bleeding is similar to the amount of menstruation.

At this time, if you find that the HCG value is declining or from the "Captain of the Central Captain" to the "Captain Captain", then you basically need to "come again".

It is generally recommended to check the cervical problems during pregnancy. If there is a problem with the problem, prepare for pregnancy without problems.

Although it is recommended that, many people still think of this stubble after pregnancy, and they find that there are cervical lesions.

Because the development of cervical lesions is very slow, it can be said that it can be said, but it may occur to varying degrees of bleeding throughout pregnancy, and there is no accompanying symptoms.

The polyp itself is not a big deal, but it is annoying.

Because the amount of bleeding is small, it can be endless, regardless of pregnancy or not, it is always thunderous, so it is generally recommended that you solve this problem before pregnancy, otherwise bleeding during pregnancy is almost a matter of minutes.

Cervic polyps

Cervical polyps are okay, just bite it.

The uterine polyps are troublesome. Generally, doctors do not dare to move it, especially in this age when even gauze dare not use.

Wait for you to exclude all the problems in front, and then consider abortion.

It was mentioned that the abortion rate of normal people was 15%. I hope everyone has normal heart.

After all, most of the reasons for abortion in the early pregnancy are the poor quality of the embryo itself, and there are varying degrees of chromosomal abnormalities and development abnormalities.As well as

The twisted melon is not sweet, and the bleeding child is not good … Generally, the amount of bleeding of abortion is similar to the menstrual flow. At the same time, it is accompanied by lower abdomen pain. It is similar to the usual menstrual feeling. The principle is that the uterus is excreted through the embryo through contraction.

The fertilized egg grows in bed outside the uterus, and it sounds like it is not a big deal, but the development of life requires enough space. Except for the uterus, it does not work elsewhere.

Ectopic pregnancy

When the fertilized eggs stopped on the narrow fallopian tubes or the without declined ovaries, they were basically playing hooligans.

There are usually two endings:

1. Before the pregnancy sac is ruptured, a small amount of bleeding;

2. After the pregnancy sac is ruptured, a lot of bleeding.

In short, bleeding can be bleed, accompanied by severe abdominal pain.Don’t ask for help on the Internet at this time, it is more appropriate to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

The choric membrane is part of the development of fertilized eggs. If the fertilized egg develops the choric membrane, but the embryo is not developed at all, these chorionic membranes will grow into a string of grape -like tissue, so it is called a tire.

The typical manifestation of hydatiditic tires is bleeding.

The image below the B -ultrasound is snowflake -like echo, which sounds romantic, but once you find it, you must stop your pregnancy immediately, either clearing the palace or chemotherapy.

It’s romantic, but once you find it, you must stop your pregnancy immediately, either clearing the palace or chemotherapy.

Generally speaking, the placenta is swimming.

Front placenta

In other words, before 28 weeks of pregnancy, the position of the placenta will continue to change, and the overall trend is to move to the bottom of the palace far from the cervix.

If the placenta itself has been covered on the cervical mouth, it may not be moved. At this time, there will be peeling surfaces between the cervix mouth and the placenta, which will cause different degrees of bleeding.

If this is found, it is necessary to closely monitor and control activities throughout pregnancy. Once the amount of bleeding increases, you should go to the doctor in time.

Finally, if you find that you bleed during pregnancy, there are so many situations in your head.Please note that you must calmly observe your specific situation, then find a reliable doctor for consultation, and go to the doctor as soon as possible if necessary.

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