The "dead enemy" of the celery, the two cannot eat the same.

Celery is a very common vegetable. It not only tastes refreshing, but also has rich nutrition.Celery is rich in vitamin K, vitamin C and other vitamins, as well as minerals and cellulose of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Many people love celery, celery fried meat, lily fried celery, etc. It is a very common classic dish on the home table.

However, although celery is good, it may have some adverse effects when eating at the same time as some foods.Therefore, when eating, we must also pay attention to some taboos.

Can the "dead enemy" of celery, can’t the two be eaten together?

1. It is best not to eat celery and rabbit meat together?

Rabbit meat is a low -fat, high -protein meat, and is widely considered to be a healthy food.

However, some people think that when celery and rabbit meat are eaten at the same time, chemical reactions may occur, which may cause hair loss.

But in fact, there is no scientific basis for such rumors. At present, it is not scientifically demonstrated. Therefore, the celery and rabbit meat occasionally eat together. The problem is not big.

Second, celery and chicken can’t eat the same?

Chicken is a low -fat, high -protein meat.Some people think that the interaction of vitamin C in celery and iron in chicken will reduce the absorption rate of iron.

But in fact, this role is very limited. Occasionally consumption together will not affect the body’s absorption of iron.

Third, don’t eat celery and cucumber?

Cucumber is a low -calorie, high -water vegetable, and is widely considered to be a cool food.

Some people think that celery and cucumber are cold foods, which can easily lead to indigestible symptoms such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.Especially in the summer, if you eat at the same time, can you further increase the characteristics of cold?

But in fact, many people in the summer are easy to get angry. If it is not the kind of person who is cold in the spleen and stomach, in fact, eating cucumber celery will not affect health, and everyone should not worry too much.

In summary, for the remarks that celery cannot eat at the same time as rabbit meat, chicken and cucumber, we don’t have to take it too much. After all, it is difficult for us to eat two of them at the same time.healthy.

Even if you eat at the same time, it will not have much impact on the body. Many statements about foods do not have enough scientific basis to prove that you can pay attention to rationally matching food and normally consume it.

4. Some people are not suitable for eating more celery

Although celery is rich in many nutrients, especially cellulose, it is very suitable for people with weight loss and three high groups.

People who are prone to photomism reactions

People with kidney stones or other related diseases

People with sensitive digestive systems

People with cold spleen and stomach and diarrhea

In summary, celery is a nutritious vegetable, rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals and cellulose.It helps to maintain the normal function of heart health, bone health, immune system and digestive system.

There are many benefits to eating celery in summer, including clearing heat and detoxifying, weight loss and protecting the skin.

However, we also need to pay attention to the amount of celery and the applicable crowd.I hope that everyone can enjoy celery reasonably in the summer to maintain health and beauty.

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