The 14 -year -old girl in Thailand is pregnant with the six -year

According to the Qinglai Times reported on June 7, a 14 -year -old minor girl in Wuri South, Thailand was pregnant with six Jiajia, explaining to the medical staff that "God made her pregnant".The girl was actually sexually assaulted by her stepfather, and the crime of prisoners’ unreasonable crimes finally surfaced.

The 14 -year -old girl from Wuri South province in Northeast Thailand. The local medical staff told her mother that her daughter told the medical staff to "God for pregnancy" in the hospital. Her mother was surprised when she heard this.stunned.What made her even more stunned was that as the investigation continued to deepen, the police found that the girl’s stepfather had sexually assaulted her at home.Now girls are taking care of a social welfare agency in Wurunan, and the head of the welfare home revealed that the mental state of the little girl has improved significantly and her mood is better.

According to reports, the little girl was admitted to the hospital recently, and the doctor was surprised to find that she was pregnant for two months.What surprised the medical staff was that she claimed that "God made me pregnant."After the incident, a relative of the girl stood out and pointed the finger at the girl’s stepfather, and claimed that her sister had been sexually assaulted at the age of 15, but the family never reported the case to the police.

After the incident, the officials of the Children’s Welfare Institute had replaced the girl’s family, and proposed to the police’s allegations against the girl’s stepfather, suing his sexual assault of minor girl under 15 years old, and the use of guardianship to obscerate children. The 48 -year -old ""Dad Wolf" also immediately pleaded guilty and acknowledged that he had a relationship with his successor, but he was shameless and claimed that when he committed the crime, he had no consciousness, because he was occupied by "God" at that time.

According to the girl’s mother’s mother, she did not know that her husband had sexually assaulted her daughter, and it wasn’t until she was public to her husband’s crime.At the same time, she also expressed her willingness to sue her husband, but because the welfare institute has been responsible, she has no plans to sue.The welfare institute said that if the lady is willing, it can also become the United Plaintiff with the hospital.

However, on the very sensitive question of whether the little girl should have abortion, the head of the welfare institute believes that considering the complicated impact of this matter on the girl, it should be determined by the relevant agencies together with the girl’s family.A spokesman for the Thai police department said they had received reports from the local police.Thai police chief Chaktipip Chai Jingda also instructed the case handling staff to carefully and quickly find out the truth, and the little girl was justice.

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