The 19 -year -old girl was dug her eyes by her ex -husband. 16 years later, she chopped 16 ax of her husband’s husband!

The couple living together under the same roof, what kind of deep hatred, his wife cut the 16 ax of her husband!Is there any secret that cannot be said?

The protagonist of the story is Yang Xi. On the night, Yang Xi chopped the husband who was lying on the bed and slept 16 times.After cutting the person, Yang Xi didn’t panic. It seemed to be relieved. She came to her neighbors and called the police.

After the police arrived at the scene, they saw that the scene of the crime was also very shocking. Blood was everywhere. The victims had been unrecognizable, and the death was very scary.But Yang Xi was extremely calm and not afraid at all.

It turned out that Yang Xi had to kill his husband for a reason, and he endured it for a long time. This method would be selected on the road.And Yang Xi’s personal feelings are very miserable, she is also a poor woman who has been hurt by men again and again!

Why is Yang Xi a poor woman? Then I have to start with her first emotional experience.

Although Yang Xi was born in the countryside, her thought was avant -garde. She didn’t want to be arranged and married at home as an adult. She was trapped here at a young age and lived a dark life.

Yang Xi chose to go to urban development after adulthood, so that he can not only increase his income, but also have a higher vision.Yang Xi was also very outstanding, and soon found a suitable job in the city.

But the parents at home did not agree with her approach. They hid her and received the gift of the village party scholars and wanted to marry her to the son of the village secretary.Yang Xi felt very ridiculous when he heard the news. A person who hadn’t even seen him had to marry him for a lifetime. She would not agree!

Yang Xi ignored this matter, but the parents and relatives at home bombed in turn and kept persuading this matter.The helpless Yang Xi had to compromise and go home first.

After seeing the blind date Cao Hongping, Yang Xi was even more firm in his thoughts and could not marry this person.Cao Hongping is a rough person, and is very violent, and there is no culture at all. There is no common language with her!

Yang Xi told his parents that his parents were very opposed, because they had already received the money of the village party secretary, and the money could not be returned at all. They had to use this money to have a wedding for their son!

Yang Xi was very disappointed. Isn’t his son be born, isn’t he?Do you have to bear the marriage of a marriage?Yang Xi’s resistance, but the family did not stand on her side, and was monitored every day to prevent escape.

The day passed like this, and the Yang family did not retire, and Cao Hongping also regarded Yang Xizhen as his daughter -in -law. He often went to her and asked Yang Xi to help the laundry and cook.

Finally, the two quarreled one day, because Yang Xi did not wash him in accordance with Cao Hongping’s request!Cao Hongping, who was so angry, pushed Yang Xi to the ground!

Women’s strength is definitely not as good as men. Yang Xi did not have a little resistance, so she was beaten by Cao Hongping on the ground!The most desperate thing happened, and Cao Hongping dug Yang Xi’s eyes with his hands!

Yang Xi’s eyes were blinded by Cao Hongping, and she could no longer see it!Although Cao Hongping accepted legal sanctions later, who could make Yang Xi see light!

This incident hit Yang Xi very much, and she began to accept any arrangements at home.The family also disliked her very much and wanted to marry her as soon as possible!

Because he was blind, Yang Xi couldn’t find any good family, he could only listen to his parents to go on a blind date, and it didn’t take long for people in the same village to come to relax.

This man was pretty good at Yang Xi at first, and promised to always guard her and take her to see a doctor. He had a child not long after marriage, a daughter.

But for a long time, the man’s original face was revealed.He didn’t go to work to make money, he was not attentive to himself and his children, and he became more and more dislike Yang Xi.

One day after the quarrel, her husband fell away and never returned. Yang Xi was hurt again. He could only take the child back to his mother’s house.Intersection


Yang Xi, who experienced two failures, ushered in the third marriage under the arrangement of his family.The marriage target is the famous temperament in their village, and the age is much older than Yang Xi’s name Zhao Yongde.

Yang Xi knew his own conditions, divorced, took children, and had disability. Who could still marry himself. The days in the maiden family were not good, and he could only marry hard!

Who knows that the last marriage is more scary than the previous two times!As long as Zhao Yongde is not angry, he will go to Yang Xi, there is no reason!Even when Yang Xi was pregnant, he would be beaten.This day is like hell, Yang Xi is just like a year!

Yang Xi has endured six years!Yang Xi has always suffered from athletes, and her illness was committed again in the rainy season. According to the elderly in the Tufan Tube Village, the old man borrowed some cigarette leaves. This matter was known by Zhao Yongde. He thought that Yang Xi had lost his face for herself.Intersection

The years of emotions have erupted this night!Yang Xi felt that he couldn’t bear it anymore. He took Zhao Yongde to death with an ax that night, and cut it for sixteen times!

After investigation by the police, Yang Xi was sentenced to twelve years in prison.Yang Xi performed well in the prison and was released from prison in advance.After being released from prison, Yang Xi lived a new life and welcomed himself a new life!

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