The 21 -year -old girl was onlookers and was laughed at the private parts by 4 male doctors. The court finally judged like this

Ms. Liang in Qingdao came to a hospital to check her body because of her accidental pregnancy. She wanted to see if she was suitable for abortion surgery.After examination, the doctor confirmed that Ms. Liang’s health was in good health and could perform surgery at any time.

And Ms. Liang’s emotions at this time became extremely anxious. This is the first time she has been undergoing surgery, and this is also related to a life. Perhaps it is just an ordinary small surgery for doctors, but for her herself, she comes to her herself.Said, this is a big deal.Thinking of this, she couldn’t help shaking her body nervously.

Ms. Liang’s boyfriend felt her girlfriend’s emotions, holding her hand and comforting her.

The moment the time came to the flow of people, after preparing for the operation before the operation, the medical staff pushed Ms. Liang into the operating room, first anesthetic for her, and when she stood outside the operating room and waited.

During the operation, the female doctor around Ms. Liang felt her anxiety and comforted: "This is just an ordinary small surgery. You sleep a little, and it is over when you wake up."The female doctor’s comfort played a role, Ms. Liang calmed down a lot after listening.

Just when she was thinking about letting herself fall asleep and woke up everything, the surgeon said to her: "Our hospital is a teaching hospital. During the operation, there will be students to study on -site discussions. Do you mind?"

At this time, Ms. Liang was put on self -hypnosis. She did not hear the question of the doctor’s question, and when the doctor saw Ms. Liang, Ms. Liang did not reply.Come in.

A large group of people in the empty operating room suddenly came in. At this time, Ms. Liang’s anesthetic had been effective, and she was asleep in the blur. The people who watched it also softly communicated, and did not wake Ms. Liang.

Ms. Liang fell asleep after he was anesthetic, which did not mean that when he was outside the operating room door, he didn’t know. He saw a nurse out of the operating room. After saying a few words to the people next to him, there were seven or eightA doctor followed in the operating room.

This was startled by Shi Mou, thinking that Ms. Liang had something wrong, and hurriedly grasped a person who went in and asked if something was wrong.

The nurse laughed after listening, saying that there was no surprise that he reassured him. These people were studying doctors and medical schools who came to internship. They went to observe and learn on the spot.

Hearing this, Shi was suddenly burned in anger, because no one explained to him during the preparatory preparation stage.

And there are four male doctors who are observed in the operating room. Have they thought about the patient’s stand in the patient?

Although Shi Mou was very angry, he thought that his girlfriend was still undergoing surgery. In case he had a temper to have an impact on the operation, it would be too bad, so he suppressed his anger first, and then calculated this before the operation was over.Accounts.

He waited anxiously for half an hour and half an hour. Shi Mou was afraid of what happened inside. He kept pacing at the door of the operating room. He couldn’t help but look inside through the doors and windows of the operating room.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it, this glance makes Shimou’s mood no longer calm down.While the surgery was performed, the main doctors explained to the intern. The four male doctors who followed them just watched the private parts of their girlfriend tightly, and they were still communicating from time to time.

In this operation, there is no privacy at all. His girlfriend has become a tool for teaching. Although there is no gender in the eyes of doctors, they have no consent of their family members this time.I do n’t know about this situation.

Finally until the end of the surgery, Shi Mou asked the doctor why the girlfriend’s abortion surgery would have so many male doctors in observing.They believe that their visiting teaching has not obtained the consent of their family members.

Shi Mou said a lot, including the mental state of not taking care of the patient and not signing and psychological preparation.If you have any differences, please solve it yourself. "

Shi Mou felt that the doctor said that it would definitely be impossible, because his girlfriend knew best.

Ms. Liang was born in a soldier’s family. From a young age, she was affected by the style of the soldiers. Therefore, she was very resolute. What she decided to do must do it.At that time, her college entrance examination fell on the list. At that time, two options were repeatedly read or entered the society. She chose the latter without hesitation, because she was not suitable for reading with her understanding of herself.

Then she immediately went through the drop -out procedures and started an assembly operator in an electronic factory in Qingdao. She wanted to save a sum of money before deciding the future whereabouts.

The work in the factory was very boring. Soon Ms. Liang began to be confused. Although he could save some money according to her expectations, this mechanical work made her feel tantamount to wasting her life.

So she chose to resign. After several times, she came to a textile factory to do logistical jobs. This time, what she studied made her a little more practical, because the current skills they learned can be used.Unlike the electronic factory in electronic factories, it can only be used as an electronics factory.

Here she met Shi Mou, and when she first met, she felt that Shi was enthusiastic, and at the same time, she was very motivated. The two gradually came together.

Just after the two of them met their parents, they were going to put their wedding on the agenda.

After considering the current comprehensive situation, they decided not to do this child first, and came to the hospital for abortion surgery.

Afterwards, a sideways asked about what his girlfriend was observed, and his girlfriend said that he did not know.

When Shi Mou saw her completely unaware, he described the incident that day. At this time, he knew that his girlfriend had fell asleep under the effect of the anesthetic at that time.Without a positive answer, it belongs to the default consent.

Ms. Liang, who learned about this, was also very angry. In the case of communicating with the hospital, the two had a paper complaint to the court to court. They chose to pick up the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

In the end, the court ruled that Ms. Liang won the lawsuit. The hospital conducted a teaching observation without the patient’s consent. She was seriously violated Ms. Liang’s privacy.

That’s it for today’s case. If you have different views on this case, please leave a message in the comment area to discuss.

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