The 29 -year -old wife was too tired to fall asleep on the sofa, forgot to cover the quilt, and her husband found her conspiracy

Zhang Lei, 29 years old, bank wealth management manager.His wife Xu Lulu’s two -year wedding anniversary.The life of the two seems ordinary, but it is extremely warm.However, on this day, Zhang Lei discovered a thing that surprised him.

He is a full workaholic and is too busy every day.He always seems to be neglected to his wife’s every move.That night, Xu Lulu fell asleep on the sofa and forgot to cover the quilt.Seeing this scene, Zhang Lei was moved first, then confused, and finally worried.

He knows that Xu Lulu is usually a very particular quality of life. How could he sleep on the sofa just in the cold spring night?

All of this was brewing in his heart: Is there any conspiracy of Xu Lulu?

In the next few days, Zhang Lei began to observe Xu Lulu carefully.He found that Xu Lulu’s face was embarrassed, his eyes were a little dim, and he always seemed to be thinking about anything.

He felt a little worried. Is there anything Xu Lulu hid him?This suspicion made him feel very disturbed.He decided to go to Xu Lulu to talk.

That night, Zhang Lei returned home and saw Xu Lulu falling asleep on the sofa again.He quietly covered the quilt, then sat next to her, looking at her with doubt and worry eyes.

"Lul, do you hide from me?" He asked straightforwardly.

Xu Lulu was awakened by his voice. She looked at him a little panic, and then smiled, "Lei Lei, what are you thinking? I didn’t hide anything."

"Then why do you always fall asleep on the sofa recently? Why do you always look a little tired and heart -up?" Zhang Lei’s doubts still did not dissolve.

Xu Lulu looked at him, sighed deeply, and then took out a letter.

"Lei Lei, I originally planned to wait for the matter before telling you." She handed the letter to Zhang Lei.He took the letter and opened it. It was an appointment for a pregnant woman health center.

It turned out that Xu Lulu was pregnant and was almost two months old.The reason why she always fell asleep on the sofa was because she responded strongly in the early stages of pregnancy and often felt tired. Sometimes she slept involuntarily on the sofa.

Seeing this appointment list, Zhang Lei froze for a while.He looked at Xu Lulu, a little surprised and moved.

"Why didn’t you tell me earlier? How can I rest assured that you can bear this alone?" He was a little blame and distressed.

"I want to wait for confirmation and tell you, but I didn’t expect you to find it so early." Xu Lulu smiled. "You know, I always like to surprise you."

Zhang Lei looked at Xu Lulu and laughed.He hugged her, "You fool, what’s the case in the future, let’s take it together, okay?"

That night, Zhang Lei didn’t do anything else.He accompanied Xu Lulu and watched the TV for one night until she slept quietly in his arms.

All this is a beautiful conspiracy for Zhang Lei.A conspiracy he is willing to indulge forever.Because of this conspiracy, what brought him to him is a new life, a new life he and Xu Lulu will have.

He understood that Xu Lulu fell asleep on the sofa and forgot to cover the quilt. All of this was because she was silently paid for their new life.He also knows that he needs more care of her and take care of her, because this is their common responsibility and their promise to be a husband and wife.

So from that day, Zhang Lei went home early every day to accompany Xu Lulu.Their lives also became better and sweeter because of this "conspiracy".

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