The 31 -year -old woman has no painless childbirth experience: it hurts more than 50 times more aunt, oh oh

Let’s briefly record your states during pregnancy:

Early pregnancy: sickness is severe, and then often this pain and pain, such as sudden stomach pain, headache, start to rest when a pain, just sleep when you sleep, super sleepy, you must fall asleep at 10 o’clock every day, the quality of sleep is very good, the quality of sleep is very good, and the quality of sleep is very good.Essence

In the middle of pregnancy: the pregnancy is over, but the frequent urination begins.Every day on the way to and from the bedroom and toilet, you need to start 4 or 5 times at night.The stomach grew up day by day, and the fetal movement was obvious every day, but symptoms such as headache and stomach pain decreased. There was no problem of swelling, constipation, etc., and not sleepy.

In the second trimester: Now 29 weeks, except that the stomach is large and the actions are a bit slow, the others are OK.

Pregnancy is still acceptable to me, but it is indeed a bad experience for having a child. It is not painless. The baby is the back of the pillow, the side is cut 3 cm, and the baby is 6.8 catties.

The 37 -week birth check said that the cervical canal began to subscribe, and I asked experienced, saying that I was likely to advance in advance.I look forward to it every day after 37 weeks. At this critical moment, the baby’s father went to Shenzhen to travel on a business trip. It is expected that there is no way to work for work. I have to agree to call him immediately.Essence

The 38 -week delivery check said that my cervical canal has disappeared and the baby has entered the basin, but I haven’t thought about it yet.Although entering the third trimester, I am flexible like a normal person. I can even trot without walking. The legs and feet are not swollen, the pubic bone is not painful, and it is very flexible at night. I even use squatting toilets.

In 39 weeks, the baby’s double diameter is 9.4 cm, and it is expected to be 6.8 catties.And because I was born with small skeleton, narrow pelvis, and only 7.5 cm exports. The doctor said that he could only try to give 6,7 catties of babies.

I started to be anxious, I couldn’t sleep well all night, because I always wanted to give birth, but I was afraid of being sinned by two sins, and the pressure was great.I started to die, and I couldn’t eat it. Chocolate, ice cream, Burger Cola, and fruit with higher sugar.Avoiding is a torture for me.The baby’s father and family are not full when I see that I eat, and I say that it makes me natural, and I will cut it when I get it. I always think that in case of these two days, I will be born.40 weeks.

The 40 -week production inspection is also on the day of the due date. The B -ultrasound was done. The double -top diameter was 9.5, and the baby was expected to be 7.2 kilograms.The doctor also said on the same day that I could be hospitalized in a few days. The baby never came out to hang oxytocin. I was afraid that the amniotic fluid would become less or turbid, and the baby was dangerous.The baby’s father also said that for two days, he could return to Chengdu.

Because I built a card near the hospital near home, I went to the supermarket after checking it alone. I bought a sugar -free Sprite and spicy … I planned to eat quietly at night, anyway, I was going to give birth.(However, I didn’t eat it, and I was hidden in my drawers.) During the dinner, I wanted to eat vegetables.Go to eat with parents, and after eating, it is a routine walk.

When I walked halfway, it started to have contractions. It was normal to have contractions in the third trimester. Then this time the contraction was accompanied by the abdominal pain of the aunt.I couldn’t bear to say anything, opened the contraction recorder, and showed that it hurt once every five minutes. I didn’t want to walk very much when I was in pain. I immediately told my baby’s father, but he couldn’t keep up with the plane from Chengdu that night.Let’s go to the hospital to see the situation first.

When I got home, I immediately washed my hair and changed my clothes.After hanging the emergency department, the doctor checked and said that he had opened a finger and was ready to be hospitalized.It is already 10 pm when I live in the upper courtyard and return to the room.It has always been a 4.5 -minute contraction, and it lasts about one minute at a time.When you hurt your teeth, you need to grin with your teeth.

It was more and more painful in the middle of the night, and the little belly aunt hurt ✖️50 plus low back pain. Others either small abdominal pain or back pain. Well, I am two pain together.When it hurts, the waist is like a broken waist. When you do n’t hurt, we WeChat for a while with the baby ’s father.It would be so brave, relying on a belief, it was painless until three fingers.If you want to fight, you will be relieved, and you can bear it again.

It was 5 am in the morning, and finally opened to 3 fingers. You can enter the delivery room.You can’t bring your mobile phone in the delivery room, and you can’t contact anyone anymore.At this point, you can only rely on yourself, and you should come out with your baby when you come out.

After entering the delivery room, the pregnant mother next to the bed was moaning in pain, and I heard that she had 9 fingers.I immediately told the nurse that I was going to be painless. She helped me contact the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist came to see my information. It even said that my heart color ultrasound showed a valve return flow. There was no monitoring instrument.I gave me painlessness, and after speaking, I went out to find my family to sign it.At that time, I was desperate. I was afraid of pain. I was looking forward to painlessness throughout pregnancy. My only belief in giving birth was gone.

At this time, the pain was getting stronger and stronger. You need to moan, and then he hammered his waist to relieve it.The nurse saw me so disappointed, saying that there was still a painless, tied to the waist, and relieved the pain by massaging acupuncture points with a slight current massage. I also told me the price. At that time, I felt that as long as I could save me, hurry up.

After tied to the waist, after the nurse opened, the feeling of being shocked came from the waist, and the back pain really relieved. Only with stomach pain, I was very satisfied.The nurse said that this can be added, now 35, up to 50.I tried to add to 37, and I couldn’t stand it immediately. At that time, I still thought that who could bear 50. Later, when the palace mouth was fully opened, I did drive to 50, but it could not alleviate the full opening of Gongkou to 50 to 50.Divine pain …

After the pain on the back of the waist, I had a lot of good mentality. I had to post the arrow on the string. I started asking for getting out of bed and walking. The nurse said that my mentality was so good. I moved to the yoga ball and let me sit on it.Every time I hit the pain, I couldn’t stand the voice, and I took a deep breath. The nurse liked this most.The yelling can only be scolded because it is easy to cause the fetus to be hypoxic and is not conducive to production.

At this time, the pregnant mothers in the bed next door couldn’t stand the pain. After helping her artificially break the water, the nurse found that the amniotic fluid was turbid three times, and it was immediately removed.At that time, I was a little envious of her and could get rid of the pain in the palace, but for her, it was a pity that it was about to give birth to her immediately, and I had to take a knife again.

It’s eight o’clock in the morning.The contraction pain was unbearable again. I returned to the bed and asked for an internal inspection. I only opened a 5.6 finger in one check. I was really desperate … How long is it?I have been strengthening the current, the current on the waist, and I have been strengthening, from 35 to more than 40.

By 9 o’clock, the pain could not stand. The nurse helped me break the water manually. It opened to 8 fingers. The pain rose another level. The current was turned on to 50. The strong electric shock made me a little more attention.

Then start a minute or two, every time it hurts, every time it hurts, and at 9:30, the current is invalid for me.Every time I hurt, my body began to tremble, my mouth, my hands were shaking, like a person with a drug addiction … I couldn’t control to yell, and the pain was blurred. This wave has just passed.There is no chance to pant at all.

The nurse saw me so painful, and came to check that it was all open. Push to the production room.Hearing this sentence, I thought to be finally liberated. Sitting in a wheelchair, the nurse pushed through a corridor. It was sweaty and the cool wind was very comfortable.I thought to myself really relying on myself.

Enter the production room, there is only one bed and a midwife. I climbed to a tall and narrow bed myself.relief the pain.Every time I contracted, I used the strength of breastfeeding. The midwife was always busy and ignored me. He came to see me every other time, saying that I was small and there was no progress.

I worked silently for a long time, and I was exhausted afterwards. At this time, the midwife came to give me a hemp medicine., I have always encouraged me to say that I saw my head and made me work hard.

I seemed to see hope, took a sigh of breath, tried the longest and longest strength in this life, and took many times, and finally came out. At this timeCracking, the baby was slowly dragged out.My stomach didn’t hurt immediately, and the world was quiet.

At this time, the midwife said that you were still too brave, and I couldn’t see it twice a year.I learned about the post -pillow in advance. I didn’t expect my experience. Generally speaking, it is basically difficult to give birth after the pillow position. The pain is much stronger than normal.It’s right.

(I have a relative that I have been born for a long time to give birth to a long time.) I sighed that I was fortunate to be born.The body can still give birth) Hearing the baby’s crying, his voice was loud, thinking that this was a baby who had stayed in my stomach for ten months? The nurse gave me a girl, a girl, her skin was very white, her facial features were good, and their facial features were good.Show ~ But the heart is not too excited, only the comfort of completing an important task.

At this time, the midwife made me work hard again, and the placenta came out.Then start sewing, you need to sew three layers. The innermost layer has been sewn for a long time without sewing. Although he was used, the pain was still sensitive…. My mother, I was so painful that there was no roar to give birth to a child. The needle was always called … I felt a century, in fact, it was sewn for half an hour. After finishing, I finally relieved …

Then the nurse helped me get out of bed, so as to put my baby in my arms, and watching her small, although it was not light, 6.8 pounds.

Back to the delivery room and observed two hours. At this time, the family asked the nurse to send brown sugar eggs. After eating, I stayed for 2 hours, and then asked me to sit on the wheelchair and let me hold my baby and push me out.After opening the door, I saw my parents and my baby dad. My mother took the baby. My husband also pushed a luggage with a schoolbag and was anxious, haha.At this point, my baby experience is over.After that, I experienced no less than the pain of giving birth to baby, opening milk, raising milk, blocking milk ………….. There is an endless task to have a baby.Germinated.

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