The 32 -year -old woman was invaded by an 18 -year -old boyfriend to get pregnant!Woman: Four times a night, I am very scared

The emotional entanglement between a 32 -year -old woman and her ex -boyfriend who is 14 years old.

She claimed that she was violated by her ex -boyfriend and said she was pregnant.

However, the man resolutely denied that he had not implemented an invasion, and the child was not necessarily his own.

In the end what happened?Take a look with Xiaobian.

Ms. Huang is a woman from Foshan. She used to have a marriage, but this marriage was not always happy.At first, she knew each other with her husband, and her feelings were quite beautiful.However, over time, there are more and more problems in their marriage life, mainly because there is a large difference in the three views of the two, which has gradually intensified the friction between them, and quarrels are unavoidable.

Ms. Huang and her husband have obvious differences in personality, values, and living habits.Her husband is more traditional and conservative, hoping that Ms. Huang can be responsible for housework, while Ms. Huang hopes to have her own career and pursue self -worth.The conflict between this occupation and family responsibility has led to deepening the contradiction between the two.

Over time, the Cold War between Ms. Huang and her husband gradually upgraded, and communication became less and less.Ms. Huang felt her helplessness and loneliness in this marriage, and she began to re -examine whether the marriage was possibly recovered.However, at this critical moment, Ms. Huang was pregnant unexpectedly.

Pregnancy is an accident for Ms. Huang, but it is also a turning point.The process of breeding her life made her re -examine her life and values.She began to think about how to create a better growth environment for her child as a mother.So she decided to let go of the quarrels and resentment in the past and try to communicate with her husband again.

Ms. Huang and her husband began to sit down slowly, and sincerely talk about each other’s ideas and needs.They tried to understand each other’s position and tried to find a compromise to take care of the child’s growth together.

With the birth of the child, the relationship between Ms. Huang and her husband began to ease.The child has become a link between the two, and it has also become a regulator they have come together.

Although Ms. Huang and her husband relieved the relationship with their children’s company, they found that the problem of the three views was not completely solved over time.Although they have compromised in terms of children’s education and family responsibilities, there are still huge differences in other respects.This has caused them to quarrel because of some small things. The roar of her husband and the cry of the child make Ms. Huang feel hard.

In daily life, her husband still wants Ms. Huang to take care of her family full -time, and Ms. Huang is eager to have her own career and social circle.Due to her husband’s insistence on the role of traditional family, Ms. Huang felt that her personal value was suppressed, and she had a sense of dissatisfaction and loss of marriage.

In addition, their views on money and family expenditure also conflict.Husbands are more embarrassed, hoping to save expenses to ensure the stability of the family, and Ms. Huang believes that it is necessary to consume reasonable consumption and provide children with better education and living conditions.This inconsistency of this concept often becomes a fuse of quarrels, which makes Ms. Huang feel that her opinions and values have been ignored.

Gradually, Ms. Huang began to doubt whether the decision to get married was correct, and the idea of divorce became stronger and stronger.She felt that marriage brought too much pain and restraint to herself, hoping to be able to liberate the life she wanted.However, she also understands that once divorce, she will cause great harm to the child, which makes her hesitant and helpless.

Until one day, because of a fierce quarrel that broke out of the same thing again, Ms. Huang finally decided to say the two difficult words: "divorce".The decision to divorce is not an impulse, but after a long period of thinking and suffering.Ms. Huang and her husband know that divorce is not only a matter between the two, but also involves all aspects of family, friends and society.Therefore, she realized that she needs to consider and prepare carefully.As they decided to divorce, the lawyers of the two sides began to negotiate, hoping to reach a fair and reasonable agreement.

After a preliminary understanding of the property status, the lawyers of both parties began to negotiate.Ms. Huang’s lawyer represents her interests and strives to fight for her reasonable share in property division.The husband’s lawyer will also protect his rights and interests, hoping to retain more property.In the process, lawyers on both sides argued and seeking solutions that both sides could accept.

After many lawyers talks, a property segmentation agreement was finally reached.According to this agreement, Ms. Huang will retain some property and part of deposits, and her husband will also get part of his contribution in marriage.Although both sides are not completely satisfied, they all realize that this is a result of compromise and balance.

In addition to the division of property, the two parties also need to reach an agreement on the custody of their daughter.On this issue, her husband finally obtained the custody of her daughter, and Ms. Huang was awarded a weekly fixed time to visit her daughter.Such arrangements can ensure that her daughter has a stable growth environment, and also considers Ms. Huang as her mother’s rights.

Ms. Huang, who had ended the dispute of divorce, was finally relieved.After a long process of divorce, she finally felt off, as if liberated from a heavy burden.Now, she can finally breathe easily, without pressure and quarrels, and her mood has gradually become clear.However, over time, she gradually felt the existence of loneliness, especially when she saw others in a double -entered pair on the shopping mall street, recalling the small family she had owned, her heart was deep on her heart, and her heart rushed deeply on her heart.Missing and regret.

Ms. Huang decided to find a partner for herself, so she began to take the initiative to enter and leave the bar and other places with large traffic, hoping to find a male partner with her soul here.Although she is 32 years old, she is well maintained and her face is still young and beautiful, making it difficult for people to believe her real age.

At the beginning, Ms. Huang felt a little uncomfortable in these places.After all, she is accustomed to the stability of marriage and the warmth of the family. Now she is still a little strange and nervous.However, she did not shrink back, but actively participated in various social activities and learned to talk to strangers.Ms. Huang, who has outstanding temperament, quickly became a frequent visitor to the bar in the bar, attracting the attention of many men.She also tried to talk to some men who talked, but many exchanges were not satisfactory.Although some people are handsome, they have made Ms. Huang feel a lack of interest, which has led her to a single state for a long time.

Until one day, Ms. Huang sat on the bar as usual and drank and enjoyed the time of drinking alone.A tall and handsome boy suddenly walked over with the glass and talked to her.Ms. Huang has been accustomed to such a situation, and she thought it was another bland gossip.

However, when Ms. Huang chatted with this boy named Shen, she began to face up to the young boy in front of her.She found that Shenmou was not only handsome, but more importantly, his intelligence and maturity, and the three views and thoughts similar to herself.This gave Ms. Huang a strong interest.

The two were very happy, and a deep resonance was gradually established during the communication.Shen was cheerful and humorous, and Ms. Huang deeply felt that his company made herself happy and relaxed.They shared their life experiences, hobbies and future dreams, and their tacit understanding and fit made them gradually stamp.

In the communication, the two quickly established a foundation of confidence in each other and opened their hearts.Ms. Huang felt Shen’s sincerity and maturity, and Shen also appreciated Ms. Huang’s wisdom and independence.They all found that each other could show their true self in front of each other without any disguise.

Ms. Huang and Shenmou soon exchanged contact information such as WeChat, hoping to keep in touch.They gradually discovered that their way of thinking and hobbies fits well, which makes their communication more and more frequent and natural.

However, when Ms. Huang learned that she was only 18 years old, she was shocked and happy.Ms. Huang thinks that falling in love with young and handsome Shen is a very lucky thing.She knows that she is 32 years old and has been married and has children. These past experiences make her worry.She was afraid that once she told Shen’s past, he would break up with her immediately, because the differences between age and experience may become an obstacle in their feelings.

Ms. Huang’s inner contradictions are heavy. She loves Shen, but she is also worried that her past will become a stumbling block for their relationship.She began to think about how to face this problem, and she didn’t know how to communicate frankly with Shen.

Ms. Huang knows the danger of lies, but when facing the relationship with Shenmou, she chose the fact that she concealed her marriage history.She hopes to tell me frankly after finding the right time, because she is afraid that the truth will affect their feelings.However, she did not realize the spread of lies and the consequences it could bring.

The love life of Ms. Huang and Shenmou was sweet at first.They love each other and enjoy the happiness and happiness brought by love.Ms. Huang worked hard to maintain a good state in her feelings, so she didn’t care too much about some small frictions.She believes that this is just a small trick in love, not outsiders.

And whenever she questioned her age, she always made it carefully, hoping not to let this topic be different.However, over time, Shen Mou gradually noticed something wrong.Ms. Huang’s avoidance and cover of age issues confused and doubted him.He began to doubt whether there was anything. Ms. Huang was unwilling to tell him, so he decided to investigate the truth herself.Shen Mou secretly opened Ms. Huang’s documents and mobile phone records. He wanted to learn more about her past.

When he found that Ms. Huang was 14 years older than herself, and had a marriage record, he was very shocked and confused.The angry Shen finally found Ms. Huang and questioned her.He felt that he had been covered in the drum, and Ms. Huang’s cover covered him was very disappointed and angry.He decided to figure out everything. Ms. Huang had to face reality and confess the truth of the matter.Under the question of Shenmou, Ms. Huang had to tell him her past and age gaps truthfully.She frankly admitted that she was 14 years older than him, had a marriage experience, and had a child.

She explained to Shen that she chose to conceal because she was afraid that these facts would become an obstacle to the relationship between the two, but she loved him deeply and hoped to continue together.However, after hearing these truths, Shen was very shocking and unacceptable, and eventually resolutely proposed to her to break up.

After Ms. Huang separated from Shenmou, she fell into deep emotional distress.She couldn’t forget her young and handsome ex -boyfriend, and her thoughts on him became increasing, and gradually became the focus of her life.She decided to contact her ex -boyfriend via WeChat, hoping to save their feelings and reunite again.

However, Ms. Huang’s WeChat brought about trouble and trouble.She frequently sent him a message to express her determination to miss and recover.However, Shen Mou was unwilling to return to the past, and he had lost confidence in this relationship.Facing Ms. Huang’s constant entanglement, Shenmou finally chose to pull her WeChat, hoping to completely break the connection between them.

Ms. Huang was very heartbroken and injured by Shen’s blackness and rejection.Her emotions were rejected and made her fall into a dark.In order to avoid the pain of reality, she bought drunk all day and paralyzed her emotions with alcohol.She tried to forget her ex -boyfriend through alcohol, but in fact, after every time she woke up, she thought more about him.

Perhaps because of loneliness and loss, she decided to try to contact Shen.Although she knew that Shenmou had rejected her many times before, she persisted in dialing, hoping that Shenmou could answer.At the other end of the phone, Shen felt that Ms. Huang’s mood was very low, and he knew that she might have drank a lot.He once loved her, had a touch of feelings for her, and worried that she would be dangerous after being drunk alone at night.

Facing Ms. Huang’s request, he hesitated, and finally decided to agree to her request to pick her home.She went to the bar and found that Ms. Huang was sitting alone on the bar.Her eyes were a little blurred, and she was obviously drunk.Shen Mou went to her and asked about her situation concerned.When Ms. Huang saw Shen, there was a hint of joy in her eyes. She told him that he drank too much wine, hoping that he could accompany her home.

According to Ms. Huang’s later statement, at that time, she simply asked Shen to send her to the door of the community.This day is already in the evening, and the sky is getting dark, and there are only a few people left on the streets of the community.But the other party insisted on going to follow her, and did not expect that he would follow her upstairs and even broke into her room.This series of incidents put Ms. Huang in endless fear.Ms. Huang said that she had a rude movement that night, and she tossed her four times a night, making her very scared, so she came to the police quickly the next morning.

However, when the police contacted Shen, his statement was very different from the incident. He insisted that everything was carried out under the voluntary and consent of each other, and he did not use any violence or violated Ms. Huang’s wishes.He also denied the ambiguity and discomfort described by Ms. Huang.

Police conducted a careful investigation of the incident, but due to the lack of conclusive evidence to prove whether there was violations, and it was difficult to define the consent of both parties, it was impossible to draw conclusive conclusions.Therefore, the police finally decided not to mention criminal allegations to Shenmou, and believed that his behavior did not constitute a crime.

Since the case was closed, Ms. Huang has been in pain and helplessness.The police suggested that Ms. Huang could seek civil lawsuits. Ms. Huang wanted to let go, but what she did not expect was that she was pregnant, so Ms. Huang decided to stand up bravely and expose her aggression with Shenmou.Shin is responsible for her and the upcoming child.However, this exposure triggered the public’s questioning of authenticity, and Shenmou immediately denied that the child was his own.

In an interview, Ms. Huang told her tears that her breakup with Shenmou and forced to have sex.She insisted that she had confirmed pregnancy and believed that the child was Shen.She said that she could not bear the future responsibilities and the heavy responsibility of raising her children, so she hoped that Shenmou would marry her and be responsible for her and her child.

However, Shenmou is not as happy as Ms. Huang’s hope.He immediately stated that the child could not be him, emphasizing that they had broken up for several months, and the child’s biological father may be others.He believes that Ms. Huang’s move may be for revenge or other purposes to try to force him to take responsibility.

Ms. Huang was very sad and disappointed with Shen’s response. She originally hoped that she was responsible for her and the child who was about to be born through public opinion exposure, but the reality made her helpless.She understands that only when the child is born for parent -child identification can she solve this problem.

In the face of the reporter’s lens, Ms. Huang said frankly that she was full of anxiety and worry.Pregnancy is a huge challenge, and now she still needs to deal with the child’s affinity.She hopes that the child is from Shen, because she hopes that the child can have a complete family and parents.However, she also knows that if the child’s father is Shen, then the future road may be more difficult.

Shen said that if the parent -child identification confirms that the child is him, he does not think he is capable of raising a child.At a young age, he was only 18 years old. He faced his economic pressure and responsibility that made him feel very heavy.He admits that he is not mature, and he feels very strange to his father’s role. All of this makes him feel difficult.

But regardless of the final result, for Ms. Huang and Shenmou, they need to face reality and bear their respective responsibilities.Ms. Huang will face a challenge as a single mother, and she needs to take the responsibility of taking care of her children alone.Shenmou needs to mature to face possible father roles, and strive to seek solutions to provide necessary support for children.

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