The 37 -year -old mother is 8 months pregnant, the child disappears "one" in strangely

1. There is no movement in the belly for three years of marriage

Zhao Fengqin and Xue Shijia are simple farmers from Shanxi Mountain Village. Originally, the ordinary couple should have lived an ordinary and happy life., Lao Xue’s daughter -in -law heard that she couldn’t have a child. She couldn’t have a child in the village, but she couldn’t lift her head. Now what can help them be pregnant and have children to block others.Where is the problem? So the two went to see a few hospitals and spent a lot of money. The family who was not rich worsen because they did not find out the problem for so long.The equipment of the county is not as good as the big city. After Zhao Fengqin returns home, he often hides in the corner and shed tears. Why the age of childcare and childcare is that you ca n’t give birth to children. Now you can only walk down in the village.Xue Shijia knew that his wife was wronged, and he was helpless now. The only way was to go to the hospital in the big city for detailed examination. Xue Shijia pondered for a long time and decided to grit his teeth to go to the city.You need to solve this problem before you can get pregnant. There is no way to solve the hospital in the province in the previous level. This time, I have spent a lot of money in the city.There is no money to go home first and then think of a way. Xue Shijia can only sigh as she watched his wife. After three months of life, his wife has no energy at all, so it is not a way to go on.

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2. Decide to adopt children

So Xue Shijia proposed to adopt a child. Many families in the countryside have giving birth to have children in order to have a son, because economic problems can not be supported, they will send them out to support others. Zhao Fengqin listens to this method.Xue Shijia’s enthusiasts inquired around and quickly adopted a girl. Zhao Fengqin was very happy to take the child as his own care. The child’s crying sound made the original deserted home lively.One more child’s expenses also became more. Xue Shijia worked hard to work for a day and was unwilling to rest. Although there was a hard life, they had hope when they had children. Both of them had begun to imagine what it would look like to primary school in the future.

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Third, the surprise is too sudden, pregnant with children

One day in 2009, Zhao Fengqin cooked a child at home. Suddenly, his stomach hurt, and the pain rolled straight. Xue Shijia just finished working back and immediately lifted Zhao Fengqin. What happened to you?It ’s like this all month, and I’ m still sleepy and vomiting. Do I have a terminal illness? Zhao Fengqin said that Xue Shijia was taken aback.He was taken to the hospital and came to the hospital to check the doctor but said a congratulations. Various indicators showed that you were pregnant, Zhao Fengqin was shocked and happy, thinking that he could not get pregnant in his life. He didn’t expect to be pregnant, and even thought that the doctor was joking.

The two were happy to go home, and the smile on her face could not stop. The daughter didn’t know what happened. The daughter asked why it was suddenly so happy. Zhao Fengqin said that you are a sister, the daughter jumps and jumps, and said with a smile.In the future, I will help the children, and the family and Le Rong. Xue Shijia took the initiative to serve as a starting service. I was afraid that Zhao Fengqin would be tired of being tired and let his wife raise a good child. After a period of time, the birth inspection arrived.The man was relieved.

Fourth, the fetus disappears bizarid, and a car accident occurs

The stomach became bigger day by day, Zhao Fengqin suddenly felt pain in the abdomen, and was afraid that the child had something wrong. So he hurried to the hospital for examination. The doctor looked at the report with a dignified expression.There is no problem before the inspection is gone!At the request of the two, the doctor checked again, and it did show that there was no fetus. Zhao Fengqin took the result that she was unwilling to have no child to go to the provincial hospital to check it clearly, but it has been spent a lot during this time.Money, and she knew very well that there were children in her stomach, so she decided to observe first. I did not expect that the stomach was severe in the eight months. The husband did not dare to delay.The car accident of the two people’s ride, the blood stained Zhao Fengqin’s clothes …

To be continued …

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