The 4 behaviors of a woman may make the chest "hurt", and check if she has

Breasts are one of the most important parts of women’s bodies. It is not only a symbol of women, but also reflects women’s health.Therefore, when breast changes, many women feel worried and anxious.

The 4 behaviors of a woman may "hurt" the chest

1. Do not wear bra

1. Try to wear bras as little as possible: Many women think that wearing bras are uncomfortable, so we wear as little as possible, but this will make the breasts not effectively support, thereby damaging the breast.

2. The importance of ignoring bra: Some women think that bras are just a decoration without any practical effect, so do not pay attention to wearing bra, but this is actually a very dangerous behavior, because bra can support breasts, reduce friction, and protect it to protectbreast.

2. Do not pay attention to breast care

1. Check the breasts from time to time: Many women do not check the breasts regularly, so they cannot detect breast diseases in time, which will damage the breast.

2. Do not pay attention to breast care: Some women do not pay attention to breast care, do not regularly clean the nipples, and do not apply breast care products regularly, which will damage the breast.

Third, do not pay attention to diet

1. Nutrition: Some women do not pay attention to their diet, long -term malnutrition, and lack of nutrition for breast tissue, which causes breasts to be damaged.

2. Eat unhealthy foods: Some women eat unhealthy foods, such as too much fat, and foods with too high sugar. These foods have no benefit to the breasts and will damage the breasts.

Fourth, do not pay attention to exercise

1. Lack of exercise: Some women do not pay attention to exercise, lack of exercise, and lack of vitality in breast tissue, which will cause breast damage.

2. Improper exercise: Some women can exercise, but improper exercise, such as not wearing bra during exercise, or excessive exercise strength, which will damage the breast.

Daily chest bloating and pain are the most common symptoms of women, but whether the bloating and pain in the chest are normal, or the signal of breast disease should be judged according to personal circumstances.

Generally speaking, if you have a pain in the menstrual cycle every month, this is normal.Because the menstrual cycle can cause changes in the level of estrogen and progesterone, this change can cause breast pain.At the end of menstruation, breast pain disappears.

In addition, if you have chest pain during menstruation and will not disappear with the end of menstruation, then this may be a signal of breast disease and you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

In addition, other causes of chest pain occur:

1. During pregnancy: During pregnancy, the level of progesterone will change, which may cause breast changes and chest pain.

2. Menopausal: During menopause, the level of estrogen and progesterone will change, and it may also cause breast changes and chest pain.

3, mastitis: mastitis is caused by bacterial infection, and breasts have symptoms such as redness, pain, and fever.

4. Breast hyperplasia: Breast hyperplasia is caused by changes in estrogen levels. Breasts will cause pain and pain, accompanied by symptoms such as nipple changes and increased nipple secretions.

5. Breast cancer: Breast cancer is a kind of malignant tumor. The most common symptom is local lumps in the breast, sometimes accompanied by chest pain.

In short, women’s chest tenderness, whether it is normal, or a signal of breast disease, should be judged according to personal circumstances.If frequent chest pain occurs, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to ensure your own health.

Protecting breast health is the responsibility of each woman. Because breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors for women, it is essential to protect breast health.

First, women should conduct regular breast examinations to ensure breast health.Breast adventure includes breast color Doppler ultrasound, breast X -ray examination, and biopsy for breast puncture.Breast color ultrasound is a common breast examination method. It helps doctors find abnormal nodules in the breast and determine whether they are malignant.Breast X -ray examination can also help doctors diagnose breast cancer.Breast puncture biopsy is an effective way to test breast tumor, which can help doctors better diagnose breast cancer.

Secondly, women should pay attention to the daily habits of breast health to ensure breast health.Physical examinations should be performed regularly to ensure breast health.Women should pay attention to controlling weight, exercise more, reduce drinking, quit smoking, and eat more foods rich in vitamin A, C and E, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, as well as foods rich in folic acid, such as beans, eggs and milkwait.

Finally, women should pay more attention to the knowledge of breast health, understand the symptoms of breast cancer, and timely discover signs of breast cancer, and seek medical treatment early.Common symptoms of breast cancer include breast lumps, nipples, breast deformation, breast pain, etc.If you find any abnormalities, you should seek medical treatment in time to ensure the health of the breast.

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