The 5 most critical examination in the early pregnancy, do not miss the mother who wants to have a healthy baby, don’t miss it

The baby’s health is the greatest wish of every family.

From the birth of the baby to the birth, it is a novel and careful experience for every parent.

Parents are looking forward to their babies, but they are worried about the baby’s healthy and nervousness.

Early pregnancy generally refers to the first three months of pregnancy. In the 12th week of pregnancy, expectant mothers will go to a local hospital to establish a pregnancy -producing file (perinain), which is convenient for doctors to understand the development of mothers and fetuses.

Generally, the expectant mothers choose which hospital to produce, and which hospital is set up in which hospital can ensure that there is a tracking record during pregnancy and the health care after pregnancy.

Examination during pregnancy is the most effective basis for doctors to judge whether mother and child are safe and healthy, so it is recommended that the mother for examination on time.These 5 tests are the best in early pregnancy, and pregnant mothers don’t miss it!

1.NT examination (ultrasound)

The proportion of newborn defects in my country has always been high, and most of the defects are formed in the fetal period, so it has important clinical significance for the screening of fetal implementation.

NT, also known as the two -dimensional ultrasound fetal neck transparency layer thickness.Doctors use ultrasonic to determine whether the fetus in the abdomen has Donald syndrome, chromosomal abnormalities, congenital heart disease, etc.

Examination time: The best inspection of expectant mothers between 11-14 weeks of pregnancy is the best, because during this time, the neck of the fetus is still transparent, and the results of the examination are relatively accurate.

2. progesterone

E progression is also known as progesterone and is a progesterone secreted by the ovaries.Welonone is the key to maintaining fetal life function and growth and development.

If progesterone is reduced, it may affect the development of the fetus, causing tire stop or even abortion.

Welon is an important indicator of fetal growth.Only when the progesterone value is normal, the baby can grow healthy.

In early pregnancy, 20ng/ml is a normal progesterone value up and down, and the mothers who are far lower than this value need to pay attention to seek medical treatment in time.

3.HCG value

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a measure of judging whether women are pregnant.

The HCG value is inseparable from the two progesterone and has a synergy.When progesterone cannot determine whether the embryo stops developing, it is necessary to refer to the changes in HCG and B -ultrasound for judgment.

Before the B -ultrasound could not observe the fetal heart buds, whether the HCG value doubled was the standard for determining whether the embryo developed normally.Before ten weeks of pregnancy, the HCG value can be used as one of the basis for judging embryo health.

4. Embrogenol

Elephorol is the most contained and activated estrogen.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the quality of embryonic development can be monitored.With the increase of pregnancy time, the content of estradiol is also rising steadily.

Elimine tests in early pregnancy are important; on the one hand, before embryo planting into the uterus, endometrial preparation and luteal stage play an important role.

On the other hand, promoting pregnancy luteal and placenta formation of progesterone plays a stable effect on the growth environment of the fetus.

5. Three armor (three items of thyroid function)

Three items of thyroid dysfunction: triglycellite, total thyroxine, and thyroxine.It is an indicator that reflects the physical function of thyroid.

The thyroid hormone secreted by the mother helps the fetus development.Therefore, the quality of thyroid physiology has an important impact on fetal development.

If pregnant women have three abnormalities, they may cause premature birth, deformity, etc.For example, insufficient secretion of thyroid hormones will lead to slow development of fetus and low intelligence.

The above is the main examination in the early pregnancy, and there are other examinations. The expectant mothers should cooperate with the doctor’s guidance.

Because of China’s culture and traditional thoughts, many people think that going to the hospital for inspection is "unlucky", so many pregnant mothers have not performed a pregnancy test until they are about to give birth.Especially some elderly people in the family, who come to the experience of people to prevent pregnant mothers from coming to the hospital for examination, these ideas are not worthy of advocating.

With the development of the times, medical technology has also made rapid progress. If many diseases can be found early, they can be cured.

The same is true for examinations during pregnancy. If you can detect and screen the fetal development during pregnancy, it is a very responsible behavior for families and children.Mother.

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