The 60 -year -old maternal adventure gave birth to twin sons, but after eight years, he regretted that he knew so early.

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Even if the age of the expected period is over 35 years old, even if the elderly mother is in the age, even if modern medicine is developed, the elderly maternal will have a lot of danger.If a 60 -year -old life child or twins, how high is the risk coefficient?When Ms. Li got married, she had a family planning. She only gave birth to one daughter. The couple put all their focus on their daughters.Especially after retirement, take care of her daughter to become all of them.Later, her daughter was married, and Ms. Li was completely okay. Seeing that the young couple had a second child, Ms. Li actually moved her thoughts.

Although menstruation is already menopausal, it is unable to hold the development of medicine. You can also use a IVF after professional conditioning.As a result, Ms. Li really succeeded in conceiving, and she was twins.Although she is already a 60 -year -old ultra -elderly woman, Ms. Li is very happy. Even if she risks her life, Ms. Li resolutely gives birth to her children.But what I didn’t expect was that raising children was too hard.Especially when the two children grow up a little bit, they are very strong every day. They jump and jump up and down. Ms. Li and her husband feel that they are physically weak all day.

Time passed a little bit, and eight years later, the two children had already attended elementary school.In addition to playing games with children, Ms. Li and his wife have to counsel their homework, but their bodies are not as good as one day.At this time, Ms. Li regretted that it was so difficult to raise children. It was better not to give birth!

Objectively speaking, having a child is the right to each couple, no matter what age, it is okay, but from the perspective of children and themselves, it is best not to let yourself be an elderly mother.Because with age, the combination of female sciatica, pubic, and bone bones is gradually osteotized, and the risks bear during pregnancy are very high.For babies, due to the weakness of the uterine shrinkage of the elderly, it is likely to cause dystocia during production, causing the baby to ischemia, hypoxia or even suffocating.

To give birth to a child, the elderly mother must first prepare for pregnancy

1. Take folic acid

Each pregnant woman should eat folic acid before preparing for pregnancy. You can eat some high folic acid vegetables and fruits that can be eaten by youth and good body.Eat the month.Because folic acid can avoid the development of the nervous system, it is very helpful to the body of pregnant women.

2. Guarantee adequate nutrition

Pregnant women themselves need to ensure sufficient nutrition, and they are even more demanding for older women.In addition, the nutritional balance should be strengthened, and calcium, iron, and zinc must be added.

① When it is 4 months of pregnancy, it is necessary to supplement the appropriate zinc, otherwise it will affect important organs such as fetal brain and heart. You can eat foods such as oysters, mushrooms, sesame seeds, etc., but do not add too much too much.

② Calcium should be supplemented at 5 months of pregnancy. You can eat some calcium tablets suitable for pregnant women under the guidance of a doctor. You can also supplement calcium by eating milk, tofu, fish and shrimp.Calcium supplementation of pregnant women should also be used in accordance with the prescribed by the doctor.

③ By 6 months, you need to replenish iron, because iron is one of the important elements of red blood cells.You can eat animal offal, egg yolk, fish and shrimp to supplement.

Young mothers have good physical fitness and postpartum repair are also particularly fast, but the postpartum recovery of gynecology is very slow.In terms of taking care of children, we need to pay greater energy, which is a great test of the body.Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether to have a child for the age of age. It is best not to make adequate preparations.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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