The 95 -year -old woman said before dying: Am I exposed?The doctor puzzled it, she was buried in Babaoshan 4 days later

In 2010, in the ward of a hospital in Beijing, only a hair was pale and closed, but she still looked kind and elegant old lady. Most of them, she stared quietly and talked to her daughter.

But sometimes her move made everyone puzzled. She suddenly grabbed the sheet or sheets and asked in a question: "I exposed it?"

This is her daughter Walc Fang. Some details of the mother’s mother were hospitalized. The situation described by Walker also saw it.

In the eyes of medical staff, the old man is elegant and intellectual, and it should be the lady of the big family. But why do you repeat, I exposed this sentence?

Until June 16, 2010, the beautiful old man left forever at the age of 95.

Four days later, the old man was buried at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery in Beijing. At the memorial service, in addition to the relatives of the elderly and children, there were many central leaders.

The hospital doctors learned the news and were shocked. The Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery was a place where the big figure was buried. The old lady who seemed to be a big lady was buried there.

What is this old man?Why did she always say before dying: "I’m exposed?" Will she be buried in the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery in the end?Will so many central leaders still alarm?

Break through the shackles of thought

The old man was originally named Shen Yan, and later renamed Shen Anna.

In 1914, she was born in a book in Xiangmen in Taixing, Jiangsu. She herself has an elegant temperament, which also originated from this.

At that time, the ladies of the big family were asked to know how to do it, conform to their parents and elders, and became a ladylike lady. Shen Anna was no exception.

As Shen Anna grew up and had her own thoughts, her life began to change, and she did not develop in the direction of the elders.

In 1932, 17 -year -old Shen Anna met Liu Bohou, a teacher who affected her life.

Liu Bohou has the latest ideas. He believes that the equality of men and women can report the country, and also talk about the three people’s fains. This is the first time for Shen Anna and this is fresh.passionate.

As a result, she was deeply encouraged.

Almost at the same time, something happened in the home allowed Shen Anna to completely break the shackles of thought.

Shen Anna has a second sister named Shen Yan. From an early age, they grew up. The second sister came to the age of marriage. According to the meaning of the family and elders, she hoped that the second sister would marry a door to a "husband". Therefore, she started a big family.Including marriage.

Because she had heard Liu Bohou’s red education with her sister Shen Anna before, she deeply realized that she was an independent individual and her independent personality should not be arranged for a lifetime.

As a result, Shen Anna also discussed with Shen Anna after repeatedly rejected the results. Shen Anna also understood the difficulty of the second sister and decided to help her escape.

The two sisters decided to "escape" to Shanghai, half -work and half -study, and insisted on their studies. Shen Anna entered Nanyang Business Senior High School.Knowing, naturally there is no way.

During the study, Shen Anna met two progressive young people, Shu Yuexin and Huamingzhi. They all had a firm communist belief, because they were previously enlightened by Liu Bohou and the cultivation of their two thoughts.Gradually became the supporter of the Communist.

In order to strengthen her own communist ideals and completely break through her feudal shackles, Shen Anna changed her national name "琬" to "Anna", which also represents her becoming an independent new era woman.

With the increasingly more and more way to get along, Shen Anna and Huaming’s revolutionary ideals were the same, and they encouraged each other. They had strange feelings. The two became husbands and wives and supported each other.

In 1934, because the cost of ordinary universities was too high, Shen Anna was unable to support the tuition. She decided to learn a skill. After graduation, she could find a good job, because she reported her name because the cost of Shuji School was low.

Shen Anna’s own study hard, coupled with super memory, she studied hard at school and soon became the leader of the school. No one knew the name of Shen Anna, and no one knew the school.

How powerful is she?She can record 200 words in one minute, with clear veins, neat arranges, neat handwriting, and no one can surpass her at that time.

When she was about to graduate, the government was eager to urgently need excellent speedors, because she was an excellent graduate, and naturally she was reported as a reserve personnel early as a reserve personnel.

As soon as they graduated, the students were eager to find a job, and Shen Anna was no exception. At this time, the Kuomintang organs needed a shortcoming staff. For such a glorious job, they were naturally chased by graduates.

But for Shen Anna, the Kuomintang’s faction is completely opposite to the faith in her heart. In addition, her second sister and Shu Yuexin have joined the revolution and joined the Communist Party of China.I really want to join the Communist Party of China.

Regarding his own thoughts, after the discussion of Shen Anna and Huaming, the leadership of Huaming was Wang Xuewen at that time. Under his persuasion, Shen Anna decided to work in the Kuomintang organs to contact more internal secrets of the Kuomintang organs and obtain more for the central government to obtain more about the central government.intelligence.

Shen Anna has actually considered the safety of this job, but she feels that she is very cautious, and she is too professional. As long as she is careful, she will not have any problems, not to mention she always wants to report to the motherland.Now that this opportunity is in front of her, she reports her name without hesitation.

Such a choice made her live in "darkness" for 14 years.

Outstanding Red Agent

Shen Anna was initially interned in the Zhejiang Provincial Government. At first, she couldn’t get in touch with any important information, but her calm and calm personality and excellent professional ability soon were discovered by the Kuomintang senior officials to participate in important meetings.

Finally, Shen Anna had the opportunity to show her.

The second sister Shen Yan sent a letter to Shen Anna, saying that she was going to marry Shu Yuexin, and the wedding was held in Shanghai. She hoped that Shen Anna could help prepare for pre -marital work.

Shen Anna quickly penetrated the meaning of the "essence" of the letter. There are so many comrades of the Central Party Organization. It was not so cumbersome at the time to host a wedding. How could she let her help her?Essence

As a result, she and the Kuomintang government asked for leave. Naturally, she would not have doubts about her ordinary shortcomings, so she approved it.

Before leaving, Shen Anna used her position to take away a few useful materials recorded in the meeting. Although she was pretending to be calm at the time, she recalled afterwards, "Very nervous, sweaty palms."

Shen Anna, who performed the task for the first time, put the material into the suitcase and brought it all the way to Shanghai.

The second sister saw the "new wedding gift" brought by her sister, and she could not help but praise. After that, she was afraid that as an important secret personnel of the Kuomintang, my sister was discovered with such an important document in this way.The consequences could be disastrous.

But I also thought that her sister did not conduct professional intelligence training, and then she carefully taught her about matters that need to be paid to the information work, and some methods and techniques that need to be mastered.

Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with this mission, and the information was smoothly conveyed in Wang Xuewen. After Wang Xuewen saw the information, he found that this was an important information about the Kuomintang Army, which involved the word "communist" and praised Shen Anna.

Since then, under the recommendation of Wang Xuewen, Shen Anna entered the Central Specialty and conducted secret training on her.

Since then, Shen Anna officially became a red agent who entered the Kuomintang.

Shen Anna in mind Wang Xuewen instructed: Pay attention to the "red word", such as "the Communist Party", etc., Shen Anna has brought information to our party many times during the Zhejiang Provincial Government."Intelligence Xiaobai" is transformed into "intelligence master".

In 1936, Shen Anna was completely grade at the status of the Kuomintang government.

This year, the new Zhejiang government chairman Zhu Jiazheng chose Shen Anna, who usually did a low -key thing, because Shen Anna was usually very good, and everyone cooperated with her work.Essence

In 1937, the Anti -Japanese War broke out. The Shen Anna couple and the Shanghai party organization lost contact. Shen Anna didn’t know what to do for a while.

But at the time, another choice was to obey Zhu Jiazheng’s arrangements, entered the Kuomintang Central Party Department, and became a high -level recorder within the National Party.

With the encouragement of her husband and the leader of Wuhan office at that time, Shen Anna chose to enter the Kuomintang Central Party Department, and she chose to be more dangerous but could raise more secret information for our party.

During this period, because Shen Anna was the confidant of Zhu Jiazheng, no one doubted her identity.

Occasionally, Shen Anna was concentrating on work. Chiang Kai -shek walked through her. She did not notice it at all. Looking at other recorders, she nodded her head. Her serious focus received Chiang Kai -shek’s great appreciation.

Since then, he has been reused by Chiang Kai -shek. Naturally, the information he has exposed is becoming more important.

Chiang Kai -shek’s policeman was very enthusiastic. Sometimes when he remembered the key part, he ordered everyone to stop writing, don’t remember, but because Shen Anna had mastered the shortcomings skills before.And with super memory, after the meeting, she will recall important information and recording again.

In this way, Shen Anna was responsible for collecting intelligence, her husband was responsible for transmission, and the two became the strongest partners. They cooperated together and completed the task issued by the Party Central Committee.

This kind of work, Shen Anna did it for 14 years, even when she was pregnant, she insisted on her post, and her status was no longer shaken.

It was not until 1949 that the Kuomintang fled that Shen Anna was ordered by the party organization and returned to Shanghai without having to follow the Kuomintang south.

I still don’t forget the mission in my old age

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Shen Anna finally lived in: "under the sun", but due to various reasons, her identity was not exposed. She still did ordinary work as a government staff.Work.

Until the 1980s, Shen Anna was disclosed. Everyone said that she was "a woman who held the pulse of Chiang Kai -shek." In response, she only smiled humblely: "Only the Party Central Committee can hold Chiang Kai -shek’s pulse. I am alone."

Later, the central government awarded a group of intelligence workers, and they were among them. However, they never raised, and even neighbors did not know where they were working there.

The couple still diligently worked for the government for many years. Until 2003, Huaming’s death, Shen Anna also said, "My wife is gone, no one has discussed my job with me."

In 2010, Shen Anna was seriously ill and said many times in the bed: "I’m exposed?" This sentence is exactly her worry about her life. Until the last moment, she kept her important work in her heart.

Later, she was buried in the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery, and the senior leaders of the central government came to mourn.

In the revolution, there are many unknown heroes who are behind the scenes. They are worthy of our nostalgia forever.

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