The abortion surgery of a personal will warn everyone to protect themselves and protect women

I did a painless flow of people doing it in my baby for a week, and it was probably more than a month.After the flow of people, I stroke my flat belly every night.Every time I wake up at night, my hands are accurately placed in my lower abdomen uterus. I always believe that this is an instinct from maternity protection.

程 Record the entire process, commemorate the 34 -day -old baby, and make a reference for all sisters who want to be people. I hope that I can take good measures in the future to avoid similar situations!

On the 15th of the month, I came to my aunt, but I waited until the 17th.On the morning of the 18th, I decided not to wait. I went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick. The first test was two bars. I saw that there were some pregnancy test sticks on the Internet. I went to try it again.I was only 18 years old and I couldn’t afford the arrival of this child. At that time, my inner regret was extremely capable.

After discussing with my boyfriend, we decided to kill this child. They were all students. They were unable to raise them at all. They did not want to let people at home know about this.The decision process was long and cruel. I felt that as long as there was any excuse at that time, I would leave me with my child, and I would leave him under all pressure. In the end, I decided not to children.During the period, I saw a lot of abortion surgery, all of which were cruel. Moms were reluctant. Thinking of her current situation, there was an inexplicable heartache inside!

After the determination is determined at the moment, he began to find a variety of abortion surgery online, mainly three types of surgery, microstatic flow, painful flow, painless flow, and the painless flow of people commonly used by everyone after many considerations.Because there are painless people, there are many hospitals, and then I saw a lot of hospitals on the Internet. Finally, a comprehensive consideration was comprehensively chosen to choose a regular hospital.

Because the earlier time, the easier it is to deal with it, although there are all kinds of reluctance in your heart.However, under the long prolonged delay, I chose one Friday, because the school had no class on Friday afternoon, and it could be rest for two days on Saturday and Sunday.A lot of things, prices, surgery, process of surgery, how long it takes for surgery, what pay attention to after surgery, precautions before surgery, and understand the experts of gynecological activities at that time in the future.

After arriving at the hospital, I did a conventional medical examination first, because there is still a medical examination list, so I can tell you what medical examinations are:

1. Landsline routine: mainly depends on whether there is inflammation

2.B Super: embryo size, whether in the palace pregnancy

3. Blood routine: coagulation function examination

4. ECG: anesthesia preparation inspection items

The results of the inspection came out on the same day. Everything was normal. In the end, what was the most unwilling to happen still came!

The nurse asked me to put on a foot cover with an advanced observation room and hand over the belongings to my family.In the first time I entered the operating room, in addition to the original helplessness and sadness, there was a little novelty.Turn a few bends and see a large room with a bed side by side.The nurse’s attitude is very good. She likes to chat. From some private topics of women to gossip in life, she chats, and her nervousness and sad mood are much better.Then I started taking off my pants. Although the room was full of women, she was still a bit shy.

But watching the nurse’s lady was not unnatural, I had to do it, and then lay on the bed to put on the most common posture of gynecology. I could only see my chest.After entering a anesthesiologist soon, after the nurse fixed my body, the anesthesiologist explained to me and said that you might dizzy for a while. If you can drink, the effect of the dizziness will be a little longer ……

A deep helplessness and fear slowly spread throughout the body, and I chose to close my eyes. The anesthesiologist walked away.At this time, I tried to hold back the tears that I was going to fall, because I knew what was about to happen.

I didn’t feel a little bit at all. Until I woke up, I felt a little painful my lower abdomen, and I heard someone talking to me faintly, and told me that the operation had been completed. When I heard these words, my tears againFollowed out, lost the anti -inflammatory medicine, and then went back.

The doctor prescribed the medicine for a few days on the same day.Although the body is okay so far, the pain in the heart can’t be calm for a long time!

After watching the Internet saying that abortion surgery, there will be various discomforts, but I feel that there is nothing uncomfortable except for the psychology. Later, I learned that it was because the doctor in the hospital had rich experience.EssenceI hope that the sisters who intend to be the flow of people will try to choose a good hospital as much as possible to learn from and protect themselves.

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