The actress has been aborted twice a year, and the second time is pregnant with abnormal tires.

Hong Kong singer Chen Baiyu quickly became popular with a "You Hidden Me", and he has been developing very well, which has won the support of fans and the public.

Not only did he develop well in his career, Chen Baiyu also went smoothly in terms of emotion. After 6 years of love running with actress Fu Xiaowei, he finally entered the palace of marriage.

On July 2, 2017, the two held their wedding in Hong Kong and became an enviable loving couple.

For Chen Baiyu, Fu Xiaowei always said very happy evaluation:

"This old man is my oldest friend!" "Every day I send me good morning with me, and I haven’t had morning tea."

"Playing all over the world, he always said that he took me to eat and play as my tour guide!"

… …

In the minds of fans and fans, everyone is particularly optimistic about Chen Baiyu’s marriage. Their husband and wife who have always been very happy have always been the immortal family in everyone’s minds.

In fact, everyone may not know that the two of them who are particularly happy in us also have trouble and distress from life.

Especially the problem from pregnancy and childhood children has always troubled the two, and Fu Xiaowei, who is the woman, is even more harmful!

On May 6th, the actress Fu Xiaowei shared the frustration and discomfort she experienced her second child on the social platform, and she showed a bitterness and suffering between words.

In the long article she released, Fu Xiaowei said that she had miscarriage twice a year in order to give birth to a second child!

For the first time, it was found that it was an ectopic pregnancy after 3 months of pregnancy, and an emergency surgery was needed, otherwise there would be a lot of hidden safety hazards.

The second time I found that the child might have the "Tang syndrome" during pregnancy. After the couple were preparing to accept the children with the "Tang family", they found that the child was not "Tang’s".

It is more serious "Edward Syndrome T18"!

The two pregnancy did not go well, and the children had a health problem. These experiences have seriously cracked down on the confidence of Fu Xiaowei’s wanting to have a second child.

More importantly, when I was pregnant for the second time at the beginning of this year, after inspection by the hospital doctor, the child’s Edward syndrome was particularly serious, not only the malformation fetus, but the left and right brains were not separated.

The child has no nasal bones, the intestines are exposed, and even the hands are lacking in the bones and the feet are curved!

Seeing that she was pregnant for the second time, Fu Xiaowei was particularly broken. In the end, she was responsible for the child and was in health problems. She helplessly chose to kill the child again.

Fu Xiaowei, who was embarrassed on the way she faced on the road of having a second child, announced that she had no confidence to get pregnant again.

After seeing her long text and her other dynamics, netizens and fans felt very distressed. After all, they encountered such things one after another, which was really puzzling.

Fu Xiaowei, a model, is a very beautiful actress. Since entering the development of the entertainment industry, she has been developing very well. Later, she came with each other after encountering Chen Baiyu.

The life of the two has always been very happy. He also gave birth to a cute big daughter. The couple often took a warm photo of a family of three on social platforms.

However, the husband and wife who were very happy have always wanted to have a second child.

It is worth saying that in order not to affect their career development, many actresses not only quietly pregnant, but even sneak the children to give birth to it.

Fu Xiaowei is completely different. Every time she is pregnant, she shares with you generously, and she will tell you without reservation.

Compared to those actresses who hid, Fu Xiaowei lives much more!

I hope that Chen Baiyu Fu Xiaowei will get out of the haze as soon as possible. Besides, they should not be too strong. After all, they already have a lovely daughter and should already be content.

In addition, they are still young, maybe they can conceive healthy children again in the future, and they should take their eyes longer.

We have to sigh when we see Fu Xiaowei’s bitter pregnancy experience: There are many things in the world that we really cannot force. For example, Fu Xiaowei has always wanted to have a second child, but he has never been able to succeed.

In many cases, in order to achieve the purpose or achieve our goals, we will try their best to do everything, and even do not choose. In the end, only the word "in vain" is obtained.

Therefore, we must do what we do when we do something, and we must do our best.

God has its own arrangements, just live well.

Everything let it go ~

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