The American girl was not very disturbed, and her mother comforted her together to test her pregnancy but found that she was pregnant.

A young woman in the United States suspected that she was pregnant on time when she did not arrive on time, and felt a little panicked, so she went to her mother’s house to seek comfort.As a result, her mother said that she should not have come to the holiday, so the mother and daughter decided to conduct pregnancy together.As a result, the mother and daughter were surprised that the woman’s mother’s pregnancy was positive -she was pregnant with her sixth child.

According to the British "Mirror" reported on January 15, 2021, Rylee, a 24 -year -old woman who lives in Wisconsin, has not got married, but found on January 9, 2021 that she had not come for 2 days after 2 days after her holiday.So I was very worried and scared, and she was very low because she didn’t want to have children.

On the afternoon, Lelly came to her mother’s house to seek comfort and response.Her mother told her to let it go, and she happily accepted the physiological problems that happened to her, and also revealed to her that she had not come to a holiday for several days.Later, Leli’s mother proposed that they had a pregnancy test together at home and stated that if they were not pregnant, they would open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Lai Li and her mother tested themselves with the pregnancy test stick, put the pregnancy test stick in the bag, and opened the results together at the mobile phone lens.They were sitting in front of the dining table, facing the mobile phone, an excited expression.Lai Li said that she could not wait to see the result, she could be counted, and then she carefully dismantled the bag with her mother.

Just when Lelly checked her pregnancy test results, her mother screamed: "Oh my god! I am recruited, I am pregnant again. I want to cry without tears." Lelly laughed first.I laughed, thinking that her mother was joking, but then she saw her mother’s serious look. She couldn’t help but open her mouth and looked at her mother in surprise and said, "Oh, God, I want to have a fifth brother or sister!" It is reported thatLelly’s pregnancy test results are negative.

The videos of the mother and daughter revealed the results of pregnancy testing quickly became popular after they were reported to the social network. So far, they have been watched more than 10 million times, receiving 2.5 million praises and 18,000 comments.One of the users jokingly said: "In order to prevent her sad, her mother may secretly exchange their pregnancy test sticks while she doesn’t pay attention." Another user left a message: "This pair of mother and daughter will really play. Announce it.The results of the pregnancy test have a good sense of ritual! "Some people teased:" Good thing is that you can drink the full bottle of champagne alone. "

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