The arrogant young three pregnancy forced the palace.

A few days ago, I came to Lanfang to consult with the mother of two children Miss Su,

She has been in love with her husband for five years and has been married for ten years, but her deep emotional foundation still has not stopped her husband derailed.

And it wasn’t until Xiao San became pregnant, Miss Su discovered that Primary Three was a female subordinate of the men’s unit.

Two people have been derailed with Miss Su for more than three years, and after the pregnancy, Xiaosan started to want to force the palace upper position.

Ms. Su will find that her husband is derailed because Xiaosan deliberately put the pregnancy checklist in her husband’s car.

Ms. Su’s husband went to a business trip in a foreign country. Ms. Su found it when she used her husband’s car.

She took the pregnancy checklist to call her husband directly, and did not need to face face to face. Ms. Su felt her husband’s panic on the phone.

She already knew the truth. Her husband roughly explained her derailment experience on the phone and talked about the situation of Primary Three.

And I told Ms. Su that she would quickly deal with the work, and then rushed home to explain to Ms. Su.

Ms. Su called Ms. Su after the phone hung up, and Ms. Su interviewed Ms. Su.

Obviously derailed men answered Ms. Su’s phone call, and called Xiaosan to blame Xiaosan.

In fact, Lanfang does not recommend the original match and Xiao San chat, because the purpose of Primary Three is to stimulate the original match, which causes the original and derailed men to conflict.

However, there are very few original matches that can bear it. Even if Xiao San does not find the original match, the original match can’t wait to tear Xiaosan.

Ms. Su was the same, so the next day Ms. Su went to the appointment truthfully,

After seeing Xiao San, like most Primary Three, it is because of love as a reason to intervene in the marriage of others.

Then I talked about some emotional relationships with derailed men to stimulate Ms. Su, and then added fuel and vinegar to say that derailed men promised to have a child and marry her.

Ms. Su really didn’t hold back, she slapped Xiao Sanyi, and Xiao San cried on the spot and shouted that she wanted to find out the derailed man.

Ms. Su also knew that she would make the wind down, but in the face of Xiao San’s provocation and stimulus, she couldn’t help it.

However, because the derailed man is on a business trip, he cannot return for a while, Ms. Su feels that she still has time to deal with this situation.

But she has limited ability and does not know what to do, so she chose to find Lanfang for help.

After receiving a call from Ms. Su, Lan Fang learned about the specific situation. He first helped Ms. Su think of a set of words.

Xiaosan will definitely add fuel and vinegar with a derailed man. At this time, if Ms. Su contradictions with the derailed man,

It is very unfavorable to her subsequent separation of Primary Three, so it is important to explain why she was pregnant and made a derailed man who was a blind primary three.

The best speech is from the interests of derailed men. It can be said that Primary Three threatened the original match and did not divorce to the company to make a derailed man.

Ms. Su was thinking about the reputation and career of the man, so she played the Primary Three.

Of course, do Xiao San really say this sentence? Xiao San can add fuel and vinegar, and the original match can also be replaced by his person.

The derailed man does not need to completely believe in the original match. In a state of suspicion, the original match can start to persuade the derailment man to persuade Xiao San to smooth.

First of all, it is necessary to make a derailed man aware that the illegitimate child is really born, which is not good for him.

The original match wants to let the derailed man recognize this, you can do it from these aspects.

On the one hand, it is money, how much money does it take to raise a child now, and those who have raised children know, knowing that

Ms. Zhou’s husband did not have this concept because he did not care about the support process of Ms. Zhou’s two children before.

He does not know how much a newborn child costs a month’s milk powder. If you get sick, how much will it cost to go to the hospital once,

And now he has raised two children who have to go to an interest class in elementary school, and how much pressure to raise a newborn need to let him understand.

On the other hand, if the illegitimate child is really born, the probability of being discovered by others will increase.

Most of the derailed men are still very officially faced. The common man’s commonality, so it is found to be derailed.

Three and four are pointed by the people around you, all men are unwilling to see,

Therefore, many derailed men have not been staged to derail, and they will try to conceal their derailment.

But Xiao San can hide, but it is difficult to hide with an illegitimate child.

In addition, in addition to bringing economic pressure to the derailed men, the consumption of reputation will also cause the emotional problems between the derailed men and the Primary Three.

Especially for men who want to seek love outside the marriage, children have already available in their marriage.

It is actually not necessary to give birth outside the wedding. They look for the primary three for the so -called love. If the child will affect them to enjoy love,

Then they will not hesitate to let the young children be killed and continue to enjoy this love outside the marriage.

Therefore, in terms of economy, reputation or emotion, the original match can find the appropriate reason to persuade the orbiting man not to leave.

illegitimate child.

Secondly, after persuading the derailed men with various reasons, be sure to hit the iron while they are hot to let the derailed men negotiate with the primary three.

In fact, as long as the derailment man really goes to talk about the child’s problem with Xiao San, whether he is successful or not is good for the original match,

If it is unsuccessful, the original wife can add fuel and vinegar and derailed men to say that Xiao San does not think for him, and it is not true for his love.

Or let the derailed man think that the reason why the Primary Three is going to have a child is another purpose, these purposes are not good for the derailed men.

In the face of their own interests and the interests of Primary Three, derailed men are selfish, and they will choose their own interests.

Then there will be contradictions between the two people. At this time, it is easy to separate the primary three.

And if Xiao San really listened to the derailed man and did a miscarriage, in fact, he would have a grudge of the derailed man.

At this time, the original match can use the grievances of the younger derailed man to create the contradiction between the two people.

Xiao San is dissatisfied with the derailed man, so the words and deeds will definitely change a lot. The original match stimulates Xiao San, let Xiaosan and the derailment man quarrel,

The contradiction between the two people is heavy. At this time, the original match will intervene in repairing the relationship between themselves and the derailed man, and turn the Primary three into a cube.

Then to separate Primary Three based on this, derailed men will become the help of the original match, and the success rate is very high.

Finally, to be honest, separating this kind of pregnancy forced the palace, the original match must be played hard,

In fact, although the primary three in pregnancy seems to be arrogant with their children, as long as the derailed man’s attitude does not toward Primary Three,

Then the child’s child will not only become the help of Xiao San’s top position, but also become a stumbling block between Xiao San and derailed men.

So at this time, no matter how much you hate the derailed men, you need to find a way to establish an alliance with the derailed men.

Let the derailed man stand on his own side and let the derailment man come forward to persuade Xiao San not to do this child.

Not only can it solve the problem of forced the palace for Primary Three, but also take this opportunity to find a way to separate Primary Three.

When you are successfully separated from Primary Three, without the intervention of Primary Three, you are dealing with the problem of marriage and derailed men, it is easy.

If you are derailed and don’t know what to do, you can pay attention to Lanfang and talk about your situation privately.

I am Lanfang, an emotional mentor who tells the truth.

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