The aunt and daughter -in -law questioned that the daughter -in -law could not work, and the mother -in -law taught them to be a person in minutes …

Do not imitate, what’s going on?You will not be happy to cook for your cooking so much.

No little girl, my husband, my back is very painful today, or you can cook today.I do n’t do it, I ’m so tired, I’ m so tired at home, but it ’s so difficult to make a meal?

I thought that when my mother was pregnant with me, I went to the ground to do farm work. I wouldn’t say that my daughter would not be as arrogant as he was when I was pregnant, right?

My mother is really back, I will definitely not be as confusing as her in the future.Don’t wait, the girl will teach her now and let her learn it well. The son went to the kitchen to take the two bags of rice over.

Mom, how big, no more, give me a bag.Girl, let you teach my daughter -in -law to be pregnant today.Otherwise, I would like to teach him, so I won’t thanks this bag of rice.

Take you two first, and then cook.Good mother, let’s go first.Didn’t you say that you want to eat corn crisps last time? I bought you something.Hey, dug a treasure snack, daughter -in -law, this corn crispy is crispy and crispy, independent small packaging, the taste is particularly crispy, so delicious, this is not cheap.Love to eat, as long as you like to eat such a box of 30 pieces, you need to eat it, and I will buy you more in the future. It is quite cost -effective.

Are you two meals?Both of us are exhausted, how can we cook?Then you also ask my daughter -in -law to make three dishes and one soup for you.

Mom, I also know that I was wrong. I didn’t expect to be so tired of pregnancy. You can not stand it at this moment, but my daughter -in -law was pregnant for 10 months and 10 months later.The pain, when the child is born, you just have an additional child called Dad, and you are just a nephew.

But my daughter -in -law had to use the responsibilities and shackles of his life to take on the child’s mother.

After pregnancy, the life of a man is still, and the life of a woman has changed dramatically.So please take care of your wife.

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