The aunt did not come to get pregnant, these situations may also cause menstruation delay

In many palace dramas, such plots often appear. After the emperor is fortunate, after a long time, if he finds that he hasn’t come to menstruation for a long time, he will guess if he is pregnant with a dragon species, and he will send someone to ask immediately to ask for asking.The Taiyi came to take the pulse, and generally to the veins, which is a lot of joy, will tell the emperor this happy event, the "delay of menstruation" has become the most significant "signal" in the early stages of pregnancy.

Gynecological diseases

There are many types of gynecological diseases, and most of them will affect women’s fertility ability, which is so in gynecological inflammation!Mild gynecological inflammation does not have much effect, it is good to treat it in time, but in severe cases, it will cause infertility.And there are many gynecological inflammation that causes menstrual disorders, delayed menstruation or even menopause. Therefore, once you find that you have irregular menstruation, you must be alert to whether you have a gynecological inflammation!

unstable emotion

In daily life, we see women who are "angry", and we will inevitably whisper "your endocrine disorders?"In fact, it also makes sense.Because endocrine is easy to be affected by the outside world, due to work pressure, family pressure, and often nervous nerves, and emotional unstable women are easy to endocrine disorders, and endocrine disorders are one of the important reasons for menstrual disorders.

For "beauty" excessive weight loss

Many women now pursue "thin" for beauty, even if they are fat, I did not expect that people who were already thin are still pursuing thinner!But do you know?If you lose weight in an excessive diet, it is likely to affect the period of menstruation.Therefore, the delay of menstruation caused by excessive diet also caused the "illusion" of many people to get pregnant. After checking, I found that it was an empty joy.

If you encounter a delay in menstruation, do not be nervous, so as not to aggravate the condition, because just now we also mentioned that emotional abnormalities will indirectly cause irregular menstruation.So the first thing we have to do is conditioning our own mentality!In addition, we can also eat some iron -containing foods and nourishing foods to supplement the nutrition of the body.At the same time, we should also maintain a good living habit

Menstruation delay is not necessarily pregnant!The delay of menstruation is not necessarily the "good news" of pregnancy, but also may also be the "precursor" of other diseases.Therefore, women of childbearing age must pay attention to. Once they find that their menstruation is delayed or has not come for a long time, they can first use the pregnancy test paper or the pregnancy test stick to detect whether it is delayed due to pregnancy.Go to a professional hospital for examination and treatment.

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