The bad habits of pregnant mothers during pregnancy may cause "muddy amniotic fluid".

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers will pay attention to every move of the baby, and they will also care about their daily behavior.

During pregnancy, the fetus is in the mother’s belly. It does not need to breathe air or eat, but it can grow and develop. A large part of the reason is related to the protection of amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid is a kind of liquid in the uterus of the pregnant mother, consisting of more than 90%of water and inorganic salts.The nutrition and air required for the fetus during pregnancy is also obtained through amniotic fluid.

Moreover, when pregnant mothers undergo some external collisions or squeezes, they can give the baby a good buffer, which largely reduces the harm caused by the fetus.

Therefore, the quality of amniotic fluid also affects the health of the fetus to a certain extent.Once the amniotic fluid is turbid and polluted, the growth of the fetus will be threatened.

Some pregnant mothers are curious about this: amniotic fluid is in the uterus, and the uterus is a sealed environment, and it is not connected to other organs. How can amniotic fluid be turbid?

The turbidity of amniotic fluid is generally caused by the mixing of fetal fat or fetal dung in amniotic fluid.

The amniotic fluid caused by the simplicity of fetal fat is slightly turbid, and it generally does not have much impact on the fetus; if the tire dung causes amniotic fluid turbid, the pregnant mother should notice that the fetus will be hypoxic, which is critical.

The turbid amniotic fluid will cause hypoxia, affect the brain development of the fetal baby, and severely causes suffocation in the fetus. Therefore, the quality of amniotic fluid also needs to be paid attention to.

In fact, sometimes some of the bad habits of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will also cause the baby’s "life water" -thery to turbid the amniotic fluid and affect the development of the fetus.

1) Drink less water

Amniotic fluid is a liquid, part of which comes from the water supplemented by pregnant women.If pregnant women do not pay attention to drinking water during pregnancy, this will lead to reduced amniotic fluid, and some "pollutants" of the fetus will naturally deepen the pollution of amniotic fluid.

Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women should develop a good habit of drinking water. Do not wait until thirst and think about drinking water, or not drinking water in order not to go to the toilet. These are all wrong.

Only when the body consumes more water can the dirty things in the body be expelled, the quality of amniotic fluid will also go up, and it will promote the development of the fetus.

2) Don’t pay attention to hygiene

Some pregnant mothers are lazy when they are pregnant, and they will be negligible to the management of their personal hygiene.In fact, during pregnancy, the personal hygiene of pregnant mothers also affects the quality of amniotic fluid.

Especially in the hot summer, the epidermis of the pregnant mother will secrete a lot of sweat. If it is not cleaned in time, it will be infected with the body, and even enter the amniotic fluid, and the fetus will be harmed.

3) Pregnant mothers emotional instability

The emotions of pregnant mothers during pregnancy are crucial to the development of fetal treasure.Those anxious and negative emotions can also affect hormone secretion in the body and produce some bad substances.

These substances enter the amniotic fluid, causing the turbidity of amniotic fluid.

4) Dietary problems

The taste of pregnant women during pregnancy and some changes have occurred before.Especially when you need to do your best during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will feel very mouthful, and even secretly eat some foods that are not suitable for eating during pregnancy.

Those things that are not very good for the fetus will also enter amniotic fluid, causing amniotic fluid turbid.

Written at the end:

In short, the muddy amniotic fluid is very dangerous whether it is pregnant and fetal baby.In particular, pregnant mothers who enter the third trimester should pay more attention.If the amniotic fluid is turbid in the third trimester, the fetus is likely to be contaminated by amniotic fluid, causing a lung infection.Therefore, in order to not be guilty of the baby, pregnant mothers also restrict their living habits during pregnancy and create a good living environment for the baby.

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