The banker tells you how miserable the bank’s grassroots employees are?Do you think it ’s a good job after reading it?

Many people are curious. What is the daily work status of employees in the banks in the bank?What is the work content?Are you busy at work?Is it easy?Today, someone asked me if he wanted his child to work in the bank, but he heard that others said that the grass -roots employees at the bank in the bank were very miserable in recent years.He also faced the pressure of salary reduction and huge work performance assessment. He asked me if the working status of the grassroots employees of the bank was like this?

What I want to say is that the working status of the grass -roots employees of the bank has been miserable in recent years, and it is really miserable.I have worked in the background of the bank before, and I work in the risk management department of the bank. I use me as an example to talk about how miserable the bank’s staff is.

I work in the risk management department of the bank. One of the most important tasks is to be responsible for docking the inspection of various external regulators. When the external regulatory agencies are conducted, they are responsible for welcoming the inspection and contacting the branch to retrieve the relevant related related to the inspection team.Credit files and other information, the uncle in the inspection team, when they are dissatisfied, they will always be at the president, and they will be criticized by the department leaders.

Maybe someone will say that it is not to do some communication nature, but everyone who has done it knows, what is the work of communication?Many branches do not cooperate with your work very much. Often, you can drag it, and you can fool it.

If it is just a simple docking inspection team, then it is also good. The key is that you still have a bunch of work to do.It is really normal to work overtime, and it is not 007.

More importantly, my bank technology system is very backward, and many reports need manual statistics.And some data that leaders take each time.It is completely based on your own ideas, and the relevant credit data cannot be directly extracted from the system.They are manual statistics. The workload is very large and very trivial. It has become a special table.

The grass -roots employees of the bank’s central and background departments often do the external regulatory authorities and superiors. The daily work is to report various reports and reports.

The regulatory authorities have inspected the rectification reports in the future, as well as the rectification report of various regulatory opinions of the Banking Regulatory Bureau and the People’s Bank of China. It is really annoying.Push, say that the problem is not their, communication is really difficult.

The key is that even after writing a week in advance, the leaders always take the time to see the reason for the time, and they have to go to the report to study. Research to study the last report. The responsibility is still their own.The most annoying thing is that the entire department seems to only write a report. When the report leader thinks of you as soon as possible, it is speechless.

In the middle and backstage of the bank, the leaders of many departments are not from business ports. They often do not understand business and like to work very much.

My department leaders are from the Ministry of Human Resources and Trade Unions. They do not understand risk management business at all. I don’t understand the management of credit systems and loans, and risk prevention and controlThe business can lead the task after each meeting, because it does not understand, it will not refuse.

When working in some banks, some of the leaders of the branch of the branch arrangement often arranged according to the subjective impression. For example, my department is the risk management department, so as long as there is two words on the document, the leaders often approve the risk management department directly.Never look at the specific content of the upper level, and the leaders of the department never take the initiative to communicate and coordinate.

Taking my previous bank outlets as an example, there are more than 20 people in total, and nearly 70%of the fresh graduates of college graduates who have recruited in the past three years.Yes, the resignation rate is so high. I have a authorized teller in my business outlets. I have been pregnant for 35 weeks. I still insist on work, because there are too few people in the outlets.not enough.

The bank is no longer an iron rice bowl, it is just a five -risk work.

I have no time to work and I don’t have my own time.

The bank outlets where I used to be in the morning, I had to prepare all the preparations for work at 8 am, and also had a morning meeting, which means that I will get to the unit around 7:30.

At noon business outlets, everyone who does not rest for a meal for 40 minutes.Looking at the closure early at night, in fact, there are still many jobs after closing the door. Meeting, product learning, and reporting the completion of performance. Sometimes the tasks of the outlets are not well completed. After get off work, they have to wait for leaders to train and supervise.

Several pregnant sisters were not merciless at all because of their poor performance.Even if you work at outlets, you have to get home at 8:30 in the evening every day.After get off work, it can be said that it is exhausted, and there is no free time at all.The resignation rate of newly recruited college students is mainly because they are too busy and do not have their own time.

For the bank’s grass -roots customer manager.Every day, I am also very busy. Often, I go out to marketing customers during the day. After I get off work at night, I return to the office to work overtime, organize credit files, and write loan investigation reports.When my bank is busy, the customer manager lives in the unit for a few nights every week.

Working in a bank, it is really difficult to promote staff to be submitted to the department. It is not the ability to see, but the opinions and relationships of the leaders.There are many, often who proposes and who takes the lead, and the more you do, the more problems you have, the more you do n’t have you when you are promoted.

The financial industry’s salary reduction is already a general trend. Do not mislead the average number of online employees by the average online salary of tens of thousands.The wage level of bank employees is very large, and the wages of leaders and ordinary employees are too different. The monthly provident fund paid by the leaders is higher than the salary of grassroots employees.

In reality, most of the salary income of the bank’s grassroots employees is between 3500 yuan and 5500 yuan. Many grass-roots employees are still more than 4,000. This is the salary income of real bank employees.The salary of the employees in the background departments is not high. Basically, it is about 5,000 per month. This is the entire income of the salary increase.

I can clearly tell everyone who is over 50 years old. Bank staff who are over 50 are generally arranged to sort out credit files and bind a business voucher.The department will not want you anymore, because when you are older, you wo n’t write things, and your computer will not be used. You can only do some physical work. When you are suspected of being abandoned in the department, you will let you go to the branch to sort outfile.

Therefore, I think the staff of the bank is really not so good, it is really miserable.

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