The bear child was pushed by the bear child on the stairs in the early stairs, but fortunately I helped the stairs firmly

Topics in this issue: Have you ever seen a vicious bear child?Let’s take a look at the complaints from netizens

Netizen 1: Bear children are really terrible.Personal.When I was pregnant for a few months, a few children came to my house to play.Run on the second floor of my house to play.I called up, and when I went downstairs, I pushed me behind me.Fortunately, I stabilized the stairs handrail.Otherwise, the consequences are unimaginable.Later I scolded a few words.The grandmother’s grandmother said that I was unreasonable.It is just that children are playful.No need to be so fierce.WOC Lao Tzu fried on the spot, and yelled loudly that Lao Tzu almost let your grandson push downstairs.You didn’t apologize, and he scolded me in turn.Sure enough, there is no tutor.Let me see you come to my house in the future.Lao Tzu bombed you directly.No matter who you are.I have never been to my house since then.

Netizen 2: When I was a kid, I made a very serious mistake. Cut the eyelids of the girls at the same table with scissors.I just remember that my mother covered my eyes and kept my eyes from seeing things.When I made a mistake, I was reprimanded by adults. I remember that I was afraid that I was not guilty. Slowly my mother always told me this matter and truth that I knew how much I made a mistake.I was really sorry for that girl, and then thanked God to make me just touch her eyelids.The bigger this matter, the more you remember.Lesson for a lifetime

Netizen 3: The boy of my husband and friend’s house especially loves to be hit.A few of us took the child for a meal, cried my daughter a few times, and hit several other children. My husband was not easy to speak. The child’s parents should eat and drink.My girl hit it back.Several other children also played together.As a result, the boy cried, and the child couldn’t sit still. He stood up and criticized other children that the children could not fight.Later, I also heard another friend said that his child hit someone else’s children and took a straw to the eyes of other people’s children. Fortunately, my friends saw it.We meet now, and the children pay special attention to the movement of the child together.I dare not imagine what this child will look like.

Netizen 4: My son’s class also has a class. Relying on his fatness, he bullied the classmates of the class.Holding my son up and falling on his waist, my husband directly told the head teacher that his parents must take him to apologize before school, otherwise he would help him teach his son!My husband is really angry!For the first time, there was no second time. In front of his parents and class teachers, he dare to bully my son and directly call a few senior students to fight him!See you once!Some bear children are really used to parents

Have you ever encountered bear children in life?Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area to discuss OYO OYO

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