The belly during pregnancy is too big, in addition to the big fetus, it may also be these three situations

After a woman is pregnant, she becomes a key protection target in the family. If she lives with her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law will change her best to pregnant women for the big grandson in her belly.

After women are pregnant, some women are swollen like a blanket balloon, but there are also some women who just have long fetuses and no meat. For example, those female stars are constantly growing, but their limbs are still very slender.

And many people think that pregnant women have a big belly, the fetus will develop better, and it will be heavier after birth. Is this really the case?The stomach of the pregnant woman is large and the fetus will be greater?In fact, the stomach is too large, it may be because of these 3 points!

It is related to the amount of amniotic fluid: after a woman is pregnant, the fetus will live in the mother’s uterus, and there will be amniotic fluid in the uterus, so the amount of amniotic fluid will also affect the size of the pregnant belly.

If the amount of amniotic fluid is more, the stomach of the pregnant woman will be relatively large. If the amount of amniotic fluid is small, the belly will be relatively small.

It is related to how much fat: Before pregnancy, some pregnant women are relatively fat, and some pregnant women will be very thin, so after pregnancy, the fat content in the body will be different, so the size of the pregnant woman will be different.The belly will be larger than those who are thin and thin, and they will be pregnant earlier.Therefore, the large belly of pregnant women does not mean that the fetus must be large, and it is likely to be fat.

It is related to the width of the pelvis: the width of the pelvis of pregnant women will also affect the size of the pregnant belly.It’s relatively large.

Many elderly people say that they hope to have a big fat boy. In fact, the fetus is not bigger, the fat, the better, the normal weight of the baby should be controlled at about 5-8 catties. If the baby weighs more than 8 pounds, it is a huge child. It is very likely that metabolic diseases, or obesity problems, will affect the normal development of the baby and are not conducive to the baby’s health.

For pregnant women, the weight increase during pregnancy should be controlled at 10-15 kilograms. If you exceed 15 kg, it is overweight, which may cause difficulty in giving birth and huge children.

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